Last month we partnered with to bring you Fall inspired looks. This September we are thrilled to bring a little history on a beloved wedding tradition. We are all familiar with the English wedding rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” It’s one of our favorite ways to bring a little tradition to any modern wedding, so today we are sharing unique ways to use blue in your wedding day:

blue wedding ideas

blue wedding ideas
Use varying shades of blue throughout the decor. View feature + DIY captured by Emily Chidester

So what does this tradition really mean? Something old represents continuity, while something new brings optimism for the future. These good luck charms are a great way to add more meaning into your wedding day. We love antique lockets with a loved one’s photo tucked inside – a lovely way to include a special family member who cannot be physically present. Add your own luck by including the keys to your new home in your bouquet or buying yourself some sparly .

blue wedding ideas
Blue wedding idea - globe guest book
Globes and maps are a fun way to sneak in some blue in your wedding :) View the feature, photo by Kelly Benton

Tradition says to borrow something from a happily married wife in hopes of borrowing some of her happiness, too! Isn’t that darling? This is the perfect opportunity to get some advice from someone whose marriage you look up to. Whether it’s your mother, aunt or a dear pal tell them how much their own relationship means to you when you ask to borrow a token of luck. There are no rules, however. If you dad offers you his handkerchief or you college roommate has the perfect – borrow away.

blue wedding ideas
Use an indigo shade of blue to tie your bouquet for an off-the-beaten baby blue path. View full feature here, captured by Morgan Trinker

Blue is the color of purity, love and fidelity, and sapphires are the queen of pretty deep sea blues. online tool allows you to design your own wedding ring and pick your favorite precious stone or mix and match gemstones. Your sparkly something something blue could also be earrings, a dainty necklace or a statement bracelet! If wearing your something blue isn’t for you, we picked a few ideas on how to incorporate blue in your wedding day in unique ways. Take a look at our Pinterest boards for more ideas for your !


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