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Simon G Engagement Rings

Simon G Engagement Rings

Of all the worthy investments in a lifetime, good jewelry is near the top of the list. With the right pieces, you’ll be wearing it for decades to come and passing it down to future generations in your family. Simon G. Jewelry knows how important quality pieces are, and they make it their goal to create jewelry that’s worthy of your life’s most important moments.




When it comes to engagement ring shopping, or an authorized Simon G. Jewelry retailer is a fantastic place to start. They have a collection of eye-catching creative designs, but also have plenty of classic pieces to choose from, all with some of the finest gemstones and highest quality workmanship. Simon G. Jewelry is a family owned company, and once you purchase a piece of jewelry from them, you become a part of their family. Being part of the Simon G. family means having a strong appreciation of beauty, and understanding that creating jewelry is more than just a business. It is about making your world brighter, about creating a ceremony of memory, and of building something that will last.




One of the greatest things about jewelry is how closely it can be tied to memory. Whether it’s an engagement ring, earrings as a graduation gift, or a dazzling birthday necklace, looking at the piece should conjure up all sorts of powerful memories of amazing life moments. Simon G. feels that the jewelry you wear should be just as meaningful to you as the occasion it commemorates, and we couldn’t agree more. The artisans at Simon G. Jewelry makes it their goal and their honor to make your moments just a bit more memorable.




Simon G. says it best: “We know that a photograph only tells part of the story – that paper fades, film gets erased. Even memory begins to alter with time. We want to distill that perfect moment into something you and your family can hold on to forever.” Choose your jewelry with care, and rest assured that your most precious pieces will be crafted with love, attention to detail, and ingenuity with Simon G.

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