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Stylish Dresses Your Bridesmaids Will Be Dying To Wear Again

Stylish Dresses Your Bridesmaids Will Be Dying To Wear Again

dark red sequined bridesmaid dresses

All that glitters is gold… and yes that’s true. But can we also talk about blue, charcoal, cabernet and rose gold? Revelry’s sequin bridesmaid gowns have become a bit of a fashion staple where strutting down the aisle is concerned. And we can’t say we’re surprised! They’ve got a knack for flattering silhouettes and dreamy color palettes. In 2018, they’re really bringing out the glitter guns and we are eagerly awaiting all the bridal party fashion inspo to come.

dark red sequined bridesmaid dresses

pink sequined bridesmaid separates

Why are these beauties from Revelry on the up + up, you ask? It’s all in the range. These gowns come in over 12 colors across 9 different styles – even some mix and match separates! You’re probably exhausted by now hearing that “you can totally wear it again!” and if you’ve been a bridesmaid once, twice or ten times, you’ve earned the right to have your doubts. But the truth is, these gowns offer such versatility in the overall look that you truly can wear them after the wedding. The proof in the pudding? The black + cabernet combo below was spotted at post-wedding winter event. Sequins are always the life of the party, so whether you turn heads at your next cocktail party, holiday event or even spontaneous dance party with your girlfriends to Love is a Battlefield – you’ll be glad you have this option in your closet.

black sequined bridesmaid top with deep red tulle skirt
Photo by Brandi Allyse Photography

silver sequined bridesmaid dresses

One of the cherries on top of ordering bridesmaid dresses through Revelry is the comfort and ease of selection. They offer a swanky service through their Sample Box that lets you try on as many options as you’d like, wherever you’d like. You don’t have to visit a brick + mortar boutique to have a fashion show party with your bridesmaids. And if your tribe dots the country geographically speaking, have a virtual try-on sesh with bubbly to boot!

blue gray bridesmaid dress separates

navy sequined bridesmaid dresses

Now that you’ve had some time to ogle alongside us, you may be wondering about the bang for your buck. The truth is, these sequined beauts are amongst the crème de la crème where price and quality are concerned. Every dress is made to order, and with 4 different length options plus sizes ranging from 0-32, this is a pretty great feature. So if you’re in the market for some sweeping skirts and sparkly designs that you can totally wear again, Revelry is a top notch place to start.

gold sequined bridesmaid dresses

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