Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? The creative team behind today’s styled shoot, including Love & Light Photographs, Gilded Lily Events, and Blue Jasmine Floral created this beauty inspired by the romantic sunsets that come just as summer turns into autumn, using an appropriate color palette of peach, yellow, and dusty mauve to accent it all perfectly. Top it all off with a 1971 VW bus dressed to the nines, and we’re all set to go!

September Sunsets Wedding Inspiration with a VW Bus - https://ruffledblog.com/september-sunsets-wedding-inspiration-with-a-vw-bus

From the designer, Gilded Lily Events: As September rolls around, it signals fall for many people; however this shoot was inspired by the “local summer” where the air is a bit crisper but the beach is peaceful and beautiful. There is almost nothing like a September sunset for me and those nights were the inspiration for our peach, butter yellow, and dusty mauve color palette. Blue Jasmine Floral absolutely amazed us with the colors and textures of the flowers they created. None of us could get enough of that incredible bouquet. Even a monarch butterfly kept stopping by to taste their sweet nectar! The highlight of this entire shoot though was the 1971 VW bus turned photo booth. We can just imagine hopping in the hopping in the bus and chasing those summer sunsets.

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Make sure you catch the behind-the-scenes film from Between Sleep & Awake:

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Love & Light Photographs
Planning and Design: Gilded Lily Events
Floral Design: Blue Jasmine Floral
Wedding Dress: BHLDN
Hair: Boho Salon
Makeup: Shimmer and Spice?
Wedding Cake: The Vintage Cake
Linens and Chair Rentals: Party Rental LTD
Tabletop Rentals: The Tabletop Company
Crepe Paper Flower: Harley Rose Studio
Paper Goods: Mary Kate Moon
Videography: Between Sleep & Awake
VW Photo Booth: VW Booth Bus