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Sara Lynn Photographic

Sara Lynn Photographic

Sara Lynn is a Fine Art photographer that specializes in creative, romantic portraiture using natural light, intimate posing and film techniques. At the age of age of eight, her parents gave her her first film camera and I used her first roll of film on capturing images from her older sister’s wedding, which she was a flower girl for. Sara Lynn doesn’t remember anything from that day accept the images she made with that camera. Art has always played a heavy role in her life, especially photography. Her art took a drastic turn when she took formal photography classes and immersed herself in the art of film photography. After graduating from the University of South Dakota with her Bachelor in Fine Arts, she headed to Colorado with her now husband and their first pup. And the rest, as they say, is history. Although she photographs primarily with digital capture, she still owns and uses film formats, and her art is still influenced by film, natural light, romance, creativity and fine art techniques. After almost ten years of photographing and having her work featured on multiple publications and magazines, and named one of Denver’s Top Wedding Photographers, she still loves photographing every unique and special wedding.



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