Sapphire Engagement Rings from EraGem

Sapphire engagement rings have always been one of our favorite alternatives to a traditional diamond, and we have the Duchess of Cambridge to prove it! Today we have EraGem‘s stunning collection of sapphire engagement rings to share with you this morning. Be still my heart:

sapphire engagement rings
purple sapphire engagement rings

Aside from being gorgeous, sapphires are durable for every day wear, which may also account for them rapidly increasing in popularity! The spectrum of color found in different sapphires is amazing, from classic vibrant blue to indigo and deep purple to yellows and pinks.

sapphire engagement rings

They carry antique to modern engagement rings. EraGem offers a 60 day money back guarantee and free shipping worldwide. So if you’re across the pond reading this, you may have realized that the exchange rate only sweetens the deal! If you live in Seattle, you can see the rings in person at their retail location. Check out more of these gorgeous sapphire engagement rings from EraGem and invite a little sparkly color to that left hand of yours.

  1. Beautiful rings, my fiance custom-made mine with sapphires too! Happy to know another cool vendor is in my town:)

  2. Sapphire engagement rings are incredibly popular recently, and are by far the most in demand of all of all gemstone rings as engagement rings, and as this article points out, that’s in no small part due to the hard wearing nature of the stone. We have found that customers are more interested in vivid blue and paler blue stones, and the darker sapphires are less in demand. Sapphire engagement rings also prove to be popular with those who are looking for more color, and are interested in something other than the usual diamond solitaire rings.