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Sage Green Farmhouse Wedding with Heirloom Details

Sage Green Farmhouse Wedding with Heirloom Details

We’ll be honest – we’re feeling sparks after seeing Savannah + Josh’ sage green farmhouse wedding in lush acres of open Missouri land. Elegant wreath details, treasured family heirlooms and antique tableware are just a few of the magical elements you can expect to see below! Not to mention a long-sleeve gown with layers of ruffled tulle (and yes, we did a double take at this).
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil with black groom suit

These classic images from Erin Wilson Photography? They just keep getting better. Who knew wedding portraits could contain so much joy?!
heirloom engagement ring with letterpress wedding invitations
natural bridal makeup with soft pink lip and veil
Allie Rose Events worked closely with this Missouri couple to create an elegant affair that was 100% them. The proof is in the details people! Don’t miss the bride’s ceremony surprise to her groom 😉
letterpress wedding invitations with wreath illustrations
ruffled tulle wedding dress and mismatched pink bridesmaid dresses
Shannon’s Custom Florals cultivated a delicate arrangement of blooms for the bride’s bouquet (and then some)! Throughout the floral elements, you’ll see berries, roses, hydrangeas, peonies… there’s no shortage of classic flowers for S+J’s wedding day!
rustic chic barn wedding venue
classic flower girl dresses
wedding decor greenery wreath
Dive in with us as we hear the wedding story from the bride herself!
It was freshman year of college at Missouri State University. I had been moving into my dorm, Scholars House, that whole day, with my parents and grandmother helping me. As we were leaving to go get some items from Walmart and Target, I saw him. He was wearing a Bass Pro hat, and I kept thinking that he was way too cute to be living in the Scholars House dorm. He looked up at me, and I quickly looked away, embarrassed he had seen me looking at him.
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil with black groom suit
A week or so passed, and I hadn’t seen my mystery man for awhile. I went to every event Scholars House offered, HOPING he would be there too. When he finally showed up to one of the events, I was way too nervous to talk to him, so I thought I had missed out on my chance. Weeks passed, and my Facebook searches for this guy were proving to be futile, as I didn’t even know his name. Finally, after asking one of the women at the front desk about him, I found his name on Facebook and friended him. And that was the extent of our interaction…for awhile.
ruffled tulle wedding dress on blush hanger
As the semester went on, I dated a few different people, but Josh was always in the back of my mind. There was one night when talking with my best friend that I heard he was taking one of the girls in our dorm to her formal. I was beyond jealous, even though I had never talked to him before, so what claim over him did I have, REALLY? Fast forward to December, when I was sitting in my dorm room. All of a sudden, I heard a knock on the door, and the girl he took to formal was standing there, telling me that Josh had had a crush on me all semester but had been too afraid to approach me. Taking matters into my own hands, I left a note for him on his door the day before I left for home for winter break, and later on, I got a text from him. We’ve been together ever since 🙂
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil with black groom suit and bridal party
rose groomsmen bouttonieres with calligraphy cards
ruffled tulle wedding dress and mismatched pink bridesmaid dresses
This wedding was a joint effort between so many individuals in my family because there were so many DIY projects put into our wedding. The original vision I had was romantic, with lots of blush and gold accents, florals, and candles for the decorations. We incorporated wreaths a lot into the details of our day because I just find wreaths incredibly romantic. We used a wreath cake topper, invitations with wreaths, wreaths on the doors, and even our welcome sign had a wreath with an F in the middle of it. It was really important to me to tie everything together, and the wreath design really made it all come together nicely.
heirloom round ring box with cushion cut engagement ring
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil
If this voluminous gown from Essense of Australia appeared on Project Runway, it would come in first place. Every year.
light farmhouse wedding with white chairs and greenery
As far as the rest of the decorations go, I originally told my grandmother about wanting brass candlesticks for our wedding because I wanted to have a vintage feel to the tables, and one of our family members went to thrift and antique stores to track down over 80 brass candlesticks for us to use. The easel that held our welcome sign to the ceremony was given to us by our Aunt Barbara, which was unique to other easels I had seen on Pinterest. I also knew that I wanted to do name cards for each table, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted them to look like until I saw an Etsy store that sold cat name card holders. My husband and I have always been huge cat people, so I thought this was a cute and fun way to showcase our love for kitties. When I told my mom and grandmother about liking them, my grandmother took it upon herself to make them herself instead of ordering them off of Etsy. The guests absolutely loved them and took them home as favors!
black groom suit with patterned tie
modern and whimsical wooden wedding signage with painted calligraphy
Mod meets whimsy in this wreath-clad welcome sign from Chicago Factory!
wedding guestbook with lace table linen and mirror signage
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil with black groom suit farmhouse wedding
farmhouse wedding reception with antique tableware
When it came to table assignments, two of my theatre friends gave guests their “Broadway tickets” that said their name and what show they would be going to see. Each table represented a different musical that was important to me, and on the actual table number, there was a love lyric from each show. What was extra special about these tickets was the fact that my dad and I worked on them together, from the logos to the font, to make sure they were perfect. Not only that, but he printed all of the paper goods (except for the invitations). My dad was pretty integral to the wedding in the fact that he also made the guest bench for people to sign, and he made the pipe and drape that set behind us at our sweetheart table.
farmhouse wedding reception with antique tableware
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil with black groom suit and bridal party
textured wedding cake with peonies
Textured cake with patterned frosting edges from Cake Worthy Design. YAS!
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil with black groom suit
farmhouse wedding sweetheart table with blush draping backdrop and sage green velvet sofa
Perhaps the most meaningful part of our entire day was the ceremony. Before I walked down the aisle, I had three dear theatre friends of mine sing, along with a theatre friend playing the piano. When I walked down the aisle, a track recording of myself signing “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac played. Because I’m a musical theatre person, I wanted to incorporate my voice into our wedding, but wasn’t sure how to do it exactly. That was when I came up with the idea to have a recording made of “Songbird,” a song that we both love. One of my friends did the recording for us, and it was such a fun experience that I’m glad I got to do. I was nervous beforehand about how my voice would sound coming through the speakers, but it was such a special moment and a gift that I wanted to give to my husband on our wedding day. As far as our officiant goes, we used my Uncle Paul, who was very open to all of our suggestions for our ceremony. I told him a month before the big day that I wanted us to look out at all of the guests before our I Do’s, to feel and see all of the love that surrounds us as a couple. When we did this during our actual ceremony, I started to swell up with so much elation over how many of our loved ones were there to celebrate us. There truly is no better feeling than seeing everyone you love there to support you on such a wonderful and special day.
farmhouse wedding reception with antique tableware
ruffled tulle wedding dress and mismatched pink bridesmaid dresses
Savannah’s stunning makeup from Stephi Z Makeup achieves a perfect balance of bold and day-to-day. Her half-up/half-down hairstyle from Honey and Hive Salon, on the other hand, is a look we could only aspire to on the daily.
farmhouse wedding reception with brass candlesticks
black groomsmen attire
farmhouse wedding reception with antique tableware
My advice to those planning their wedding now? While I would definitely recommend using a wedding planner for the big day, I also cannot say enough about my wonderful family, especially my mother, who set all of the wedding planning into motion. Because she lives in a different state, she didn’t get to come to all of the vendors meetings, so I would send her pictures and tell her about those meetings almost every day. She was the one who would spend hours upon hours at home, researching things to add to the wedding, going so far as to order 8000 petals on Amazon. She was also the person who had the amazing idea to use family heirlooms at the reception as well. For our place setting, Josh and I used my great-grandmother’s china, a great-great aunt’s drink glasses, and my granny’s silverware. The blue floral ring box was also my great-grandmother’s, and I felt like she was there that day with us. Although there were times of high stress, she was the one who was always bringing me back to what was important, and making sure we had everything on our checklist checked off to make it the perfect day for the both of us. So use a planner and your family as your wedding go to people because the result will be both meaningful and beautiful to you.
textured wedding cake with peonies
ruffled tulle wedding dress and veil with black groom suit
Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Erin Wilson Photography
Event Planning: Allie Rose Events
Floral Design: Shannon’s Custom Florals
Venue: The Barn At Stone Valley
Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia
Makeup Artist: Stephi Z Makeup
Hair Styist: Honey and Hive Salon
Catering: Simply Delicious
Wedding Cake: Cake Worthy Design
Invitations: Minted
Vintage Stamps: The Vintage Post Office and Vintage Post Shop
Welcome Sign: Chicago Factory
Song Recording: Berkley Studios

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