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Sacramento Barn Wedding

Sacramento Barn Wedding

Looking at this incredible venue, you’d never guess that the groom himself actually built the barn from the ground up only 11 months before he married his bride, Katie. This allowed the couple to exchange vows in the venue of their dreams on the grounds of Steve’s parents’ home. Let’s jump into this beautiful wedding captured by Kris Holland Photography:

sacramento barn wedding - photo by Kris Holland -

From the bride, Katie: We wanted to get married in a barn, but we were torn because we also wanted to get married at Steve’s parents’ home. Instead of settling we made all of the above happen. Steve built a barn on his parent’s property to host our wedding. With 3500 square feet of beautiful post-and-beam construction and 11 months of back breaking work we had a dream barn completed just in time for our big day. The barn was a beautiful symbol of the possibilities that love can create.

rustic wedding invitations - photo by Kris Holland -

bride and groom - photo by Kris Holland -

bride getting ready - photo by Kris Holland -

blush pink bouquets - photo by Kris Holland -

rustic wedding ideas - photo by Kris Holland -

pets at weddings - photo by Kris Holland -

indoor processionals - photo by Kris Holland -

indoor wedding ceremonies - photo by Kris Holland -

indoor wedding recessionals - photo by Kris Holland -

My mother sewed 150 napkins out of various mismatched fabrics. This made the table setting really fun and different. We then used the scraps of fabric from the napkins along with hundreds of different ribbons to create a huge “ribbon canopy” that suspended from the barn rafters. The canopy was accompanied with market lights to create a dramatic centerpiece overhead. With all of the different textures and colors haloing the event throughout the evening this element turned out to be one of the most memorable parts of our wedding.

barn wedding venues - photo by Kris Holland -

wedding reception lighting - photo by Kris Holland -

indoor reception decorations - photo by Kris Holland -

pink bridesmaids dresses - photo by Kris Holland -

barn wedding receptions - photo by Kris Holland -

burlap table numbers - photo by Kris Holland -

indoor weddings - photo by Kris Holland -

wedding gift areas - photo by Kris Holland -

chair back decorations - photo by Kris Holland -

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Our plans to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by a barn reception had to quickly be changed as the rain clouds moved in. We moved everyone inside the barn for the ceremony. There was something so romantic about having our friends and family gather close together to witness our vows. The sound of the raindrops outside, the glow of the candles, and the cozy feel of 150 friends and family all under one roof (a roof that we built) created an incredibly intimate ambiance for our ceremony. We purchased market lights as opposed to renting them. Because we wanted to hang them so high up in the barn, this turned out to be a much less expensive option. When the wedding was over we gave some of our friends and family a strand of lights for them to keep. We love going to their homes and seeing the lights from our wedding hanging in their backyards.

indoor barn receptions - photo by Kris Holland -

silver pitcher centerpieces - photo by Kris Holland -

rustic place settings - photo by Kris Holland -

vintage wedding rentals - photo by Kris Holland -

teal pink cakes - photo by Kris Holland -

pets at weddings - photo by Kris Holland -

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Wedding Location: Sacramento, CA / Photographer: Kris Holland Photography / Event Planner: Stephanie Teague Events / Flowers: Botanica / Wedding Venue: Pritchard Barn (residence of the Groom’s Parents) / Wedding Dress: Claire Pettibone / Wedding Shoes: Kate Spade / Hair and Makeup: Alexis Von Bergen of 3 Ways Beautiful / Wedding Caterer: Magpie Catering / Wedding Cake: Freeport Bakery / Band: Rockridge Bluegrass Band / DJ: Non-stop Music Entertainment / Reception Decor and Rentals: Forever Vintage Rentals / Photo Booth: The Traveling Photo Booth / Videographer: Matthew David Cinema / Stationery: Hello Lucky

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  • wow…..stunning, although I think I’ve just upset my hubby by asking him why he didn’t build us a barn for our wedding!! x

  • What a gorgeous wedding! Love to see Sacramento weddings on this site 🙂 Freeport Bakery cakes are amazing!

  • This wedding is fabulous but is only 1/2 as beautiful as the bride!!!! What an incredible barn for an incredible couple!! Everything is just perfect. I would have died to be there! (I actually was….)

  • How can I rent this for my wedding? This is only an hour and a half from where I live and hour from where my fiancĂ©’s family is from. It would be perfect!!!! Please let me know.

  • This is fantastic. Great job. So cool to have family involved in actually creating the vent, such as the hand-sewn napkins. Well done!

  • I hope the bride still checks this site because I would love to get in contact with the family to try and rent this barn. It is beyond amazing and everything I’ve ever dreamed of!

  • I know others have already asked and I have the same question because your wedding is exactly what I want haha. Can I please rent it out for my wedding? 🙂

  • I have an event coming up and need to rent a barn around that area! Is that a possibility? Is this a rentable venue?

  • This is beautiful!! Please let me know if this is available for rent for weddings. I am having trouble finding a barn in Sacramento area that is as beautiful as this one

    Thank you

  • Hi Everyone! This the bride. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments. I never check this site so I apologize for not replying sooner. Unfortunately my in-laws STILL don’t want to rent out their barn for events.

  • My soon to be sister-in-law is in love with your fabric tied streamers and chandelier. I have managed to tell her I would make something very similar to yours for her. Any details on how you made this would be greatly appreciated!!

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