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Rust and Fig Destination Wedding Inspiration in Monemvasia

Rust and Fig Destination Wedding Inspiration in Monemvasia

Greece Boheme

Fewer things make us more excited than discovering new destinations for weddings, so when Nikos Makrakos shared this beautiful editorial that took place in Monemvasia, Greece, we were sold. Designed by Adelaide Design, this destination wedding inspiration is rich in texture and a deep color palette that we can’t help but stare at all day. We’re filing Monemvasia under bucket list!

Greece Boheme
Greece Boheme

This wedding editorial was inspired by the history of the castle town of Monemvasia in Greece. A modern bohemian aesthetic heavily referencing the Byzantine period. Monemvasia is a small historic town in the eastern Peloponnese. Its name is a compound word, derived from the two Greek words Moni and Emvasis and is built on a limestone rock on the southeastern coast.

Greece Boheme
Greece Boheme

From Adelaide Design: In curating the table scape, the focus was on sourcing natural materials, such as wood, metal, cotton and ceramics. The linen was a natural linen and the runner sourced in Athens was an organic cotton. The antique chargers were brass.

Greece Boheme

The chairs were wood and the cutlery had a bone finish. Each brass charger was completed with ivory and handicraft wood inlay boxes with intricate geometry design. The stunning floral design was built from the color palette and from wanting to create lush, organic and wild florals with locally foraged greenery in a warm color palette.

The reception dinner table was to be one where everything was bountiful and overflowing, in keeping with the bohemian aesthetic, being earthy and wildly romantic while also being an authentic extension to the beautiful arch the table was set under. To bring in modern styling references, the models were styled in unconventional colors, nude and beige.

Greece Boheme
Greece Boheme

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Design and Styling: Adelaide Design

Photography: Nikos Makrakos 

Floral Design: Da Fiori Design 

Coordination and Logistics: Petite Pearl Events 

Assisted by: Bride Goes Wild 

Hair and Make Up: Joanna Stella Papathanasiou

Gown: Patricia Santos Officiel 

Stationery and Co-Host: Lele Chan 

Glassware: White Lilac Art de la Table Rentals 

Chairs: Zazoo Event Rentals 

Ribbon: Cfleurs Design 

Linen: Madame de la Maison

Ring Boxes: Voeu du Coeur

Models Agency: New Model Agency

Workshop: Boheme Workshops 

Workshop Host: Vasia Han Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab

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