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DIY Contest

DIY Contest

It’s that time again – I’m beyond excited to announce our next DIY Contest! If you think the last one was popular, hold on to your chairs, because this one is going to be off the charts. Our DIY Contest participants will have carte blanche to create their do-it-yourself projects (vintage, modern, it’s all game!)…which means that there is nothing stopping you from coming up with the best DIY projects.

ruffled wedding blog diy contest

Because DIY projects take some time to prepare, we’re giving extra time to participants. You will have till Sunday, October 3rd to send over your submission(s). That gives everyone plenty of time to put their crafty gloves on and get to work! Your project can be anything wedding related with the exception of wedding invitations where the core of the project is graphic design. You can submit as many projects as you can handle!

This time around we will be awarding First, Second and Third places prizes.

  • First place will receive $500
  • Second place will receive a $300 gift card to ModCloth
  • Third place will receive a Silhouette Machine, a $299 value

We will be posting our favorite entries starting on October 4th. Once we start publishing submissions we will not be able to accept new ones, so make sure to beat the deadline! This time around we’re adding a panel of DIY expert judges to choose the finalists, which will compete for the prizes. For general guidelines and policies, click here. Everyone is welcome to enter: brides, Etsy sellers, event designers, …everyone with a good idea!

ruffled blog diy contest projects

Source: instructions for the project pictured above – DIY Teacup Cake Topper, washi tape via PuglyPixel

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  • I’m so excited! I took several ideas from the last DIY contest for my wedding but I’m afraid to look this time because my nuptials are 10/10/10 and I’m sure I’ll be tempted to take on more projects in the final hour!

  • Ah! This will be so fun! I wish I could think of something to do, but to tell you the truth I get all my DIYs from here!!

  • Hi!

    Are you no accepting DIY invitation projects merely because you’d like to exclude graphic-design-based projects? If so, would a more craft-based invitation project qualify?

    I ask because I letterpress-printed and bound hardcover books for my invites…


  • Hi Paola,

    I think as long as other people can peruse your project to make something similar, it’s fine. It just needs to be something that you created with your own hands, without the use of software/computer/etc.

  • Julia —

    You should definitely try to send us a project! Loved your last projects, in case you didn’t noticed 🙂

  • How exciting is this?! My fiance and I are another 10/10/10 couple, and we’re starting a lot of our DIY projects now. We’re having so much fun together. I can’t wait to submit a few!

  • I am soo excited about this contest. This site was a source of inspiration for me over the last year preparing for my 10.10.10 wedding and encouraged me to be a DIY Bride. I have worked on so many DIY projects over the last year in prep for the wedding and I am so excited to have a venue to share them. Hopefully some of my DIY projects make the cut so you can see what I have been up to the last 12 months!

  • Ohh silhoutte machine !!!
    But I have two left hands and poor creativity, but I share this link with one friend 😉

  • Do we get a confirmation email when we have submitted? Not sure if I missed the green box or if it didn’t go through…

  • Hi Dormain,

    Just a message will appear at the top of the page when you hit “send”, and it will say whether it was sent (in a green box) but a confirmation email is not sent. If you would like, you can send me directly at (you can just copy and paste what you wrote in the form!)

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