I am excited to introduce you to a great sponsor – Royal Steamline! They offer many invitations to suit the needs of vintage brides, from 1800s to 1940s styles and beyond! How adorable is this customizable “telegram” style invitation for a 20s or 30s inspired affair?

 vintage 1930s 1940s wedding invitation ideas

Below, to the left, is the new By George, a British Regency follow-up to the popular Victorian design they call Steamside, and is just the first of many new vintage designs you’ll see this Fall. They’ve even teamed up with myweddings.com to offer free wedding websites to match the theme of your vintage invitation!

 royal steamline by george wedding invitations
 circus inspired royal steamline invitation

For even more Royal Steamline products and new designs, check out their blog!

  • These are SO unique. I especially love the last one – the red and white background. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are simply divine. Love them

  • Nice. Thanks for blogging about them I’m going to check out their website now.

  • I adore Royal Steamline!! So happy to see them featured on Ruffled!

  • Angela

    Oooo so unique! I’m going to have to check them out!

  • Allison

    Royal Steamline carried my dream invitation. But it was just too expensive in the end. Still shed a tear over the one that got away…