First things first: today’s shoot has some beautiful photography by Charla Storey, no doubt about that. Secondly, we completely understand why Grit + Gold wanted to get first dibs on having an inspiration shoot in The BRIK on the verge of their grand opening. This place has such a lovely blend of industrial, modern, and vintage, and those wide open spaces are perfect for crafting whatever tablescape styles to your heart’s content. Which is exactly what they did! With superb floral work from Oh Deery, they transformed this textile mill-turned-epic wedding venue into a romantic spot, complete with a vintage-style wedding dress, gauzy fabrics on anything that would stay put, and yummy eats.

vintage wedding dresses - photo by Charla Storey

From the wedding planner, Grit + Gold: When this team hears about a new venue on the brink of opening, what do we do? We pull a fab team together and christen the place. The BRIK, an old textile mill with raw wood floors, shabby white brick walls, and huge windows lends the perfect formula to create the most romantic of settings. I wanted to style several food displays in the shoot to really give the images living and breathing qualities rather than just perfectly staged displays. I wanted it to feel as though each image was interactive with the audience. Something that the person looking at it would relate to. Possibly the reminiscence of a grandmother or watching mom prepare a table at home with a great spread of food. Then taking those emotions and infusing them into a bride’s most important day.

traditional wedding invitations - photo by Charla Storey

romantic wedding dresses - photo by Charla Storey

boho wedding hairstyles - photo by Charla Storey

pink and red bouquets - photo by Charla Storey

candle wedding decor - photo by Charla Storey

white and red centerpieces - photo by Charla Storey

sweetheart tables - photo by Charla Storey

place settings - photo by Charla Storey

wedding details - photo by Charla Storey

wedding veils - photo by Charla Storey

signature wedding drinks - photo by Charla Storey

wedding desserts - photo by Charla Storey

wedding cake tables - photo by Charla Storey

low wedding dress backs - photo by Charla Storey

decadent wedding cakes - photo by Charla Storey

wedding centerpieces - photo by Charla Storey

wedding backdrops - photo by Charla Storey

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