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Romantic Halloween Inspiration at this Historic Barn in Colfax

Romantic Halloween Inspiration at this Historic Barn in Colfax

This romantic Halloween inspiration at a historic barn in Colfax, WA is all about the Hitchcock vibes with crows, masks with the addition of stunning flowers with proteas, dried grasses and feathers. The rich fall color tones in the bride’s bouquet and stunning location just confirm our love for this season.
Romantic Halloween Inspiration

These raw, moody images from Spokane wedding photographer, Shutterkey, are sending chills up our spines.
Romantic Halloween Inspiration
Romantic Halloween Inspiration
Halloween Barn Wedding 005
Halloween Barn Wedding 006
And this foraged bouquet from Flowers, Decor & More is filled with such marvel-worthy finds as feathers, pampas grass, hypericum berries and a King Protea bloom.
Halloween Barn Wedding 007
Halloween Barn Wedding 17
We’re feeling pretty delightful after spotting this industrially vintage backdrop styled by Palouse Knot Barn themselves!
Halloween Barn Wedding 008
Halloween Barn Wedding 009
We won’t be getting over this sexy crochet meets tulle wedding dress from Willowby Watters anytime soon!
Halloween Barn Wedding 010
Halloween Barn Wedding 20
Halloween Barn Wedding 21
And holy cow, this cake from Goose House Bakery mimicks the pattern on a butterfly’s wings!
Halloween Barn Wedding 011
Romantic Halloween Inspiration
Romantic Halloween Inspiration
From Kyndall Elliott of Shutterkey: I worked with a handful of local vendors for a darker Fall/Halloween inspired shoot for the autumn season! I wanted to play with the idea of birds and feathers, as well as a darker color palette, and how it can tie in to Halloween and Fall in a chic, classy way. The dress is a gorgeous number from Willowby by Watters and I knew when I saw it at our bridal boutique Honest in Ivory, I had to have it! The Palouse Knot Barn was incredibly trusting and put a lot of faith in me that I wouldn’t burn the barn down with smoke bombs. I’ve shot here a couple of times before, and I loved the way the light came through the slots in the wood in the late evening golden hour. I wanted to highlight it in a unique way that would really exaggerate the light that was coming in.
Halloween Barn Wedding 19
Halloween Barn Wedding 014
Halloween Barn Wedding 015
Halloween Barn Wedding 23
Romantic Halloween Inspiration
Halloween Barn Wedding 22
If you’re looking for more romantic Halloween inspiration, you might love this Gothic Wedding Editorial.
Wedding Vendors:
Photography: Shutterkey
Floral: Flowers, Decor & More
Venue & Styling: Palouse Knot Barn
Hairpiece: Sara Gabriel Veils
Dress: Honest in Ivory, Willowby Watters
Furniture: Bully for You Vintage
Cake: Goose House Bakery

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