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Vintage Slip dress Rodarte for Target

Hello engagement session outfit. The designer label Rodarte just launched a line exclusively for Target with several unbelievably gorgeous vintage inspired items. Although I think it’s unfortunate that they only have smaller sizes, this vintage inspired slip dress is so romantic and fashion forward I want to live in it. And oh, it’s $39.99 (it’s sold out online but you might have better luck finding at your local Target).

  • mary jo

    gasp! so cute! i’m on my way to target right now :)

  • Cathy Empey

    Oh my. I am in love. Oh, how I wish we had a Target here in Canada. GORGEOUS!!

  • OMG I LOVE this!

  • Unbelievably pretty!

  • Slickbyrd

    My breath is literally taken away, I want to live in this too. Thanks for all you do, I absolutely LOVE your blog!

  • Julia

    Thank you! I went out and found myself one. I just love the cream color!

  • Nichole

    UGH! I had the ivory one in my hand today. BUT I PUT IT BACK. Because I’m shopping for my family and friends…not me :( And I now immediately regret that decision after revisiting them on your blog just now. Maybe I can go into work late tomorrow….hmmmm…

  • I love it so much, wish I can find one like this piece on my shopping trip later.
    Thanks for sharing..

  • Gretchen

    loved it. walked away from it. had to run back 2 days later. then, to my serious dismay, decided i didn’t love to fit after all. the small was baggy in some areas and clingy in others. not at all what i envisioned.

  • Tamari?ka

    Do you know…maybe… if can I still buy this dress anywhere online?
    Thank you*

  • Be

    I bought that dress last week in a vintage shop.Brooklyn(Beacon’s closet.