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Right now on Ebay!

Right now on Ebay!

I think keys offer so much potential for wedding decoration/theme possibilities.  You could use an image on a key on all of your stationary, wedding monogram, and throughout the wedding day and ceremony!  With sweet sayings like “the key to my heart” or “the key to happiness”.  There are so many options.  Plus you can make it as subtle or as obvious as you like. 

Then you could purchase some lovely antique/vintage keys off of eBay and incorporate them into favors, table settings, or programs! While perusing anything vintage on Ebay I found these beauties:  (and this is just the tip of the iceberg)

Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Keys on eBay

Skeleton Key with Heart-like Detail

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Skeleton Keys on eBay

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What other ways could one incorporate these lovely pieces of history in to their wedding?

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