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Registry Experiences with Better Ever After

Registry Experiences with Better Ever After

Whether you’ve already got everything you need for your home, don’t have room for more stuff, or simply want something different, a Better Ever After registry could be a perfect fit for you. They allow you to register for fun, unique experience gifts that let you create amazing memories, instead of taking up room in your closet. They just launched in New York City and their gifts range from cooking classes to painting lessons to hiking trips, and many more things in between!

Creating your registry is easy, just chose the experiences you want, add them to your registry, and share your personal registry page with your friends and family. And since they have a wide range of gifts at every price point, all your guests will be able to find a fun, creative gift in their budget. They’ve partnered with some awesome local businesses to make sure you always have a great time on your experience. Use your gifts to start a date night tradition! Try something you’ve always wanted to do like kayaking on the East River or learn a new skill with gourmet cooking classes. Your Better Ever After gifts come packaged in a gorgeous gift box with your guests’ personal notes printed on their custom stationary. You can even display those wonderful well wishes as a wedding keepsake!

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As of now, Better Ever After is only in New York, but they will be expanding to new places soon. If you want them to come to your city just let them know here! Sign up today and start registering for all the things that make you excited to live as newlyweds in New York!

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