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Register with Crate and Barrel!

Register with Crate and Barrel!

For newly engaged couples, the real fun begins when boxes and packages start arriving at your doorstep of all the beautiful things you registered for. New pots, pans, toasters, lamps and bedding start making their way into your kitchen, bedroom and living room. You will cherish these gifts for years to come and what better way to entertain and register than with !

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With so many rooms to decorate and everyday items needed, Crate and Barrel has incredible household items you can’t help but love. Not only is their selection of high quality goods vast, but Crate and Barrel has created a wedding registry with exclusive items designed for them by talented artists, designers and local artisan communities across the world. These artisans are helping keep alive the traditions and crafts of their regions while sharing them with you! Crate and Barrel’s collection of housewares and furniture is completely unique in this way, and with free shipping on registered gifts, you will fall in love with their exclusive gifts even more!


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Not only can you register with Crate and Barrel, but they also want to celebrate you! Join them for one of their beloved and private store for a one-on-one attention and advice event engage couples can receive from Crate and Barrel’s dedicated registry experts. Find a store nearest to you and learn great tips and trick on what and how to create your perfect wedding registry. You can also access your registry on Crate and Barrel’s mobile app, return items easily and conveniently and they guarantee the best price for their guests. They even have registry bonus gifts from more than 14 brands!

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Create your ultimate wedding registry and start your engagement off with  today, and check out their amazing and inspiring collections!

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