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Engagement season is upon us, and soon registry season will follow. Your registry is one of the best parts of wedding planning. After all, you get to shop for items that will make your house (or apartment) a home! But what if you didn’t have to make a decision as to which stores you had to dedicate your registry to? If you are one who prefers having just one Registry for all stores and experiences you’d like to register for, then you need to check out .

Wedding Registry with Blueprint Registry |

Say you and your partner already have everything that you need for your home, with Blueprint Registry you can head over to their “Experience Room” and choose from the following five categories; . There are many ways to tailor your registry to you and your soon to be spouse. If your house is equipped with all the items you need, registering for a Fund of your choice is a great way to go. You get complete control over the price, title and description of each gift and with the lowest cash fees in the industry at 2.45% + 65 cents, Blueprint is sure to appeal to your guests and their wallets.

Wedding Registry with Blueprint Registry |

Do you and your darling have a house or apartment that needs some love? Shop Blueprint for individual or aggregated gifts from top retailers like Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel and Amazon. You can easily add gifts from each retailers website by clicking on the “Add to Blueprint” button. You can even shop by room! Create your own . Another great feature of Blueprint is group gifting. This allows multiple family members and friends to inclusively contribute to gifts on your registry. Making your registry convenient and enjoyable for both you and your guests is key.

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Wedding Registry with Blueprint Registry |
 Wedding Registry withBlueprint Registry |

With all the options that Blueprint has to offer you can rest assured that your gifts are tailored to you and your fiancé, and that the gifting experience for your guests is fun! Allowing your guest to visualize where their gift to you will be used in your home is a great way to show them how they will be contributing to your everyday (married) life. Customize your own registry page, explore all that has to offer and let the fun begin!

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