We have a gorgeous wedding that we’ll be sharing today, but first I’d like to introduce you to Red Ruby Rose clutches. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you must be living under a rock! Their sleek designs are comprised of their own patterns and top of the line materials, not to mention that each of them is made by hand. Rowena also accepts custom orders, so you can use your own pattern or swap lining/exterior.

Below are some of my favorites…I am loving particularly the second one. It can be used either for a 1930’s Art Deco wedding or for a modern fête. Plus, it doesn’t scream bridal, so you can continue to use after the wedding day. The print on the last one is a vintage telegram, you know I couldn’t resist sharing!

Red Ruby Rose Clutches

From Rowena:
I make every clutch from start to finish, which I think is a nice thing for buyers to connect with, as it’s a handmade artisan product which has a bit of soul, rather than being outsourced using cheap labour. Also, some of the clutches are made using their own textile/leather designs which means it’s a unique product that can’t be found elsewhere.

Many of these fabrics are printed with Rowena’s original designs. Inspiration comes from her photographic and alternative-process techniques including photogram and pinhole photography, and also her collage work which draws on layered organic images from natural forms such as petals and feathers. All the clutches are lined with beautiful dupioni silks and linens for a little added ‘secret’ luxury when they are opened.

Don’t forget to check out their store Red Ruby Rose on Etsy!

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  • So happy to see Rowena getting some well-deserved props on Ruffled. The woman is a purse genius! I’ve been a huge fan of hers for awhile now. I like that you mentioned how many of her designs don’t “scream” bridal — I couldn’t agree more. What better way to rock serious personal style at your wedding AND be able to use your hot new clutch after your special day?!

    Love it!

  • I WILL be ordering one of these very soon. The peacock clutch is going to be perfect with my bridesmaid dress in an upcoming wedding.. and I’m thinking one will be a perfect wedding gift to my best friend AKA the bride! Thanks Ruffled for featuring such a great Etsy find.

  • I LOVE these. The last one is especially fun. These would be perfect for a bridal that doesn’t want the traditional white satin or as a super fun bridesmaid gift. I would have loved to have passed out personal custom designed clutches to my bridesmaids. How fun.