There were a few things I knew I wanted to incorporate from the beginning. Mason jars have always reminded me of home. My mother has a large collection of vintage ones around the house and I love how versatile they can be. Of course, this was before the mason jar wedding craze but it is an element I have stuck with. I was lucky enough to meet a fellow San Diego blogger who has given me her VERY large collection of jars. She designed our insanely incredible stationery too (it’s crazy who you meet through blogging!). We are also incorporating old bottles that I’ve either had around the house or found via eBay and Etsy. I discovered that buying online can add up very quickly (shipping!) so most of the shopping will be done at thrift stores once we get to the east coast. My mother has been furiously gathering vintage dessert plates and making burlap table runners. I had a vision of making 150 napkins myself but scratched that off the to-do list when I spotted these napkins at IKEA that were VERY close to what I had envisioned.

Multi Bottle Vases Mini Centerpiece groupings single anemone ranunculus garden rose in vintage bottles tea tins milk glass
Multi Bottle Vases Mini Centerpiece groupings single anemone ranunculus garden rose in vintage bottles tea tins milk glass

photos via Daydream Lily

  • Beautiful! What type of flower are the red ball-ish ones in the first photo?

  • Album Boutique Team

    I love the look of single stem flowers in vases and jars. I’m sure yours will be amazing!

  • Beautiful! I especially love it because I do this at home… flowers everywhere!

  • love these looks! especially the pink peonies!

  • love the flowers and these images are very inspiring… perfect for the weekend!

  • The flowers in the first photo are beautiful!

  • so love this blog :)

  • Perfect! I especially love the painted watering can.

  • Ellen

    Wow, your taste is very similar to mine. I’m doing the flowers in the vintage bottles but I’m planting my own succulents into vintage Arnotts biscuit tins that I’ve been collecting form thrift stores!

  • Claudette

    The red ball-ish flowers are called Dalias.

  • Wow, I love the mismatched flower containers! I need to start collecting these…

  • Lilian

    Love the look.
    Those porcelain tea cups are adorable.


  • This post has significantly decreased my productivity today…because I just want to stare at these gorgeous photos all day.

  • The flowers and roses are just sooo beautiful!! And so is your blog! Have a nice Sunday!


  • I am also using those towels for our wedding reception! They’re my favorite dish towels at home, so I figured we could just cut them in half so they wouldn’t be so so big! I’m folding ours into a rectangle and binding with a ribbon to make a simple bow to sit atop the plates.