Printable Vintage Valentine Cards

I will be spending most of the day tying up loose ends for our launch of a new blog feature (which I can’t wait to share), but I wanted to share this beautiful printable that my friend Carolynn from Two Brunettes has designed. This vintage Valentine’s card comes with a matching envelope, ready to print and spread the love!

Free vintage valentine's day card and envelope template download printable
Free vintage valentine's day card and envelope template download printable

Download vintage valentine

  1. Oh, thank you for posting this!! I will print this out and add my own touches, to make my husband’s Valentine’s Day card!!

  2. This is just utterly divine. Thanks so much for all the time invested in creating this and your generosity in sharing it. I write love letters to my little girls every Valentine’s Day and this is just the perfect thing for this year’s letters.

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  4. Love this card and would like to share it on my weekly inspiration post. This week I have a special Valentines post going out. I will of course link back to your blog for people to print out the card and visit your blog.

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  5. Hi

    I have recently started doing the are of paper cutting and i am looking for designs that i can use when i came across your website. I wondered whether i could use your vintage valentines card as a template which would then be framed and sold.

    kind regards

    Elaine Wassall