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Printable Table Numbers

Printable Table Numbers

This week Carolynn from Two Brunettes designed these delightful table numbers. You can print them on full label sheets then wrap them around vintage bottles or print them on thick cardstock to stand on their own. Table numbers go from 1 to 20 with four different colors to choose from. Enjoy!

Printable wedding table number template

Download printable table

We have a lovely wedding coming up soon to tie in this week!

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  • I am so excited about the table numbers with the wine bottles idea! We were engaged in Paris, and for some reason I knew I wanted wine bottles incorporated in the decor. I have been saving the red wine bottles that are pretty, in hopes of something like this came along :)Merci beaucoup!

  • LOVE these numbers, perfect for my wedding! Would love to have some matching name cards, are they available?? Thanks so much!

  • These are so pretty! I love the colours but my wedding colour is light pink. Would it be possible to add a light pink template as well?

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