Pluma, a handmade feather accessories company based in Brooklyn is this week’s giveaway sponsor. I was so excited when Jessica contacted us to run a giveaway! Her hair accessories have been featured all over the press, though it does not surprise me. Check out the shop and see for yourself why.

They created 4 unique hair pieces with the chic modern bride in mind. Using crystals, feather and sequins, their bridal collection was born. Aside from their designs being top notch quality, their prices are also affordable.

Feather headbands bridal wedding Pluma Accessories
Feather headbands bridal wedding Pluma Accessories

Pluma is giving away $100 towards any accessory in their shop. You can even buy two different headbands with your gift certificate, and give one to your maid of honor as a gift. As always, this giveaway is not just open for brides. Everyone is welcome to participate as Pluma also carries other accessories as well.

To enter, simply visit Pluma’s shop and come back to tell me what you would purchase if you won the gift certificate. Easy, peasy. You can enter once a day to increase your chances of winning.

Giveaway entries close on Saturday, January 23 at 11:59p.m EST. Good luck!

  • Lauren

    I would buy the Marlene, it’s classic black and white, goes with everything….

    and the Clotilde for that colorful flair and the wonderful excuse to buy an outfitt to match. :)

    They really have some lovely things.

  • Angelica

    oh, the evelyn is just breathtaking! but i also really adore the rachel; the simplicity of the big white plume would be lovely against my dark hair <3

    i love this blog!


  • I love these headbands! I think the Kathryn and the Lucy go best with our color scheme, but I also really love the Monica and the Mae styles … hard to pick a favorite!

  • TIffany

    Love the Evelyn – it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! Elegant and beautiful – the perfect accessory!

  • I am foregoing a veil in exchange for a glittery headband, so it would be so perfect if I won a giftcard for Pluma!

    I would get the Grace for myself and gift my Maid of Honor the Mae. So pretty!

  • Jaz

    The Evelyn Headband and the Billie Necklace – it’s a little over $100 – but SO worth the extra $!

  • Beautiful! I love headbands and these are so pretty. I really like the Grace.

  • Anne-Catherine

    These headbands would perfectly match with the style of our wedding and the dress that I choosed. I especially love the Grace in black and the Beatrice.

  • Sam

    There is so much gorgeousness to choose from! My picks are Grace or Jo. :)

  • I would love the Beatrice or the Grace on black. So pretty!

  • Kiara

    I’d pick the harper in white or the Rachel, both would be perfect for my wedding.

  • I would rock Grace at my wedding and my platinum-blonde toastmaster would look SO good in Lara! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pieces!

  • I would get the Viola headband. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • sarah

    I would wear the grace, which would tie together with my lace dress. I looove headbands :)

  • Jamie

    The Grace headband is absolutely adorable. Then again, so are pretty much all the other headbands as well..


  • Brandy

    i would choose the Billie necklace- i’ve been searching for the perfect feather necklace & no one has one as stunning as they do.

    and how fun would the headbands be for your bridesmaids? every one hand chosen to match their personalities?!

    its love.

  • Harper or Evelyn…how gorgeous! Tough choice

  • Lauren

    I would buy Evelyn, it is so gorgeous!! I would use the rest of the money for Clotilde, because it would look great with my red hair.

  • Catherine

    I would like the Christine and the Kathryn!

  • Oh, the grace of Grace. Elegant, sophisticated and sparkly – my favourite combination. She would beautifully complement my lace dress and my mother’s pearls.

  • Tara P.

    I just fell in love with the Viola headband. The purple beaded applique matches the bridesmaids dresses exactly. I also like the Grace because it can be worn by a bride but can also be worn to any other type of event. I like to see pieces like this that are so versatile.

  • Katie

    Marlene or Grace… It too hard to chose just one!

  • Thelma

    If I won I would buy Clotilde and Kathryn.

  • Haley

    I would probably choose Grace in ivory… it would be such a unique twist to wear as a bride! And my dress has rhinestone detailing that it would perfect with. I also love Beatrice because it’s a classic black headband that could be worn casually or used to dress anything up!

  • I would love the Rachel or Beatrice!

  • Christie

    Oooh! The Camilla for sure. I’d get one for myself in white, and one for my bridesmaid in blue. I LOVE the combo of vintage and modern, which would match my 1950’s dress perfectly!

  • I would buy the Grace to go with my wedding dress, and pay a little extra to get the Beatrice as well.

  • The “Mae” is so beautiful, I would wear it for my wedding!

  • sarah

    The Grace and the Beatrice are both beyond perfect. . . One for me, one for my sister (if she’s nice).

  • Lauren M

    I would get the Camilla and the Mae, Camilla for my MOH and the Mae to attach to a birdsnest veil!

  • I love headbands, her shop is beautiful! I really love the Viola & Marlene… versatile because you can dress up a casual look or do a serious head to toe glam. {PS, the feathers from her classic shop are all pretty too!}

  • The Camilla is so beautiful! I’d get the Mae for my maid of honor and bridesmaid

  • Heidi

    Grace would fit perfectly with the vintagestyle of my wedding dress. It is so elegant and stylish without being too much. And it is a lot more interesting than the hair clip I have bought. Brides always keep looking for the perfect piece for the dress, or what? Well, I think Grace just might be it.

  • Ashley

    Camilla Marlene and Grace!!! I would probably attach a birdcage veil as well. So beautiful!

  • I love the Grace headband for me and the Viola for the bridesmaids and I love the Camilla for a night out. The Noir collection is amazing! Thanks for showing me this collection. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this website!

  • fallon


  • emily

    Oooh, lovely! I would definitely get the Grace. It would go wonderfully with my vintage lace dress with silver beading. And then I would go for the Beatrice, which I would where pretty much all of the time. :) Love!

  • the rachel…I just love it!

  • Alicia

    I love the Grace headband – so beautiful!!

  • Laura

    I would get the mae. So simple and sweet!

  • Elizabeth

    I would buy the Rachel, its so white and pretty!

  • Mary

    Clotilde and Lucy!

  • I would pick the Billie necklace and the Evelyn hairband. Gorgeous!

  • Jessie

    OH HEAVENS! I am so so happy this blog exists! I’ve been racking my brain (& my checkbook) trying to find a way to justify spending nearly $300 for a headband by a very popular (and mind you, decadently priced) designer. The bridal salon where I bought my dress was so kind to put one on my head & I’ve been mourning the fact I would just not be able to afford it. ALAS, these are even more beautiful and even more my style and (YIPPEE) even more in my budget! The Grace is most stunning thing I think I’ve seen in all my bridal daydreams… I just have one attendant & Viola matches her dress perfectly. Thank you for introducing us all to Pluma!

  • I would definitely go with the Grace headband! Perfectly vintage!

  • I heart Grace & Evelyn but they’re all so beautiful!

  • Holly

    They are all so lovely! I would definitely go for the Lucy and Viola! Gorgeous headbands are a must when you have short hair!

  • Tia

    I love the Beatrice and the Grace! Super giveaway!

  • Clotilde is by far my favorite…what wonderful colors!

  • Heather

    Pluma was my great-grandmother’s name! And a very special person in our family. When my boyfriend and I tie the knot I will get one of her wedding rings passed down to me.

    I love the Viola and Mae!

    Thank you!!!

  • Susan

    I love Grace. It’s beautiful sleek and perfect for the wedding. Thanks!

  • Ashley

    I would purchase the “lara” and the “rachel”. Beautiful stuff there!

  • Laura

    I’m definitely switching to a headband for the reception, and I’ve been looking for one for ages – thanks for alerting me to this store! I absolutely adore the “Grace” headband, it’s the perfect mix between modern and romantic.

  • Kellie

    I love the Viola.It would be the perfect accessory for my bridesmaids.

  • Since I have dark hair, I love the Rachel. I also really love Grace for a wedding look. Hope I win.

  • I would buy Beatrice. It would look great against my hair, if I do say so myself. :)

  • Tabitha

    I love the Mae and the Grace! Any of these pieces would look wonderful with my vintage-inspired dress, actually, so I’d be happy with anything!

  • Mariana

    I love Grace and Evelyn. I’d take them both home! :)

  • mindy

    i just love the monica thanks

  • Rosa

    I love the Marlene (my mom’s name) and the Grace (my sister’s name). Now if there were only a Rosa (my name) I’d be all set!

  • I’d totally would buy GRACE! so pretty.

  • Meg

    I love Grace and Billie, but really everything at this site is gorgeous.

  • I love the Clotilde and the Jessica. So beautiful!

  • Oh man. I am loving these hair treats. I would take the Mae home with me.

  • amy

    I would get a Grace and Mae, the perfect combo for a wedding and reception! Thank you for offering readers a chance to win! Pluma is awesome and so are you!

  • Katelyn

    I love love Grace and Beatrice! Especially Beatrice it is simple but effective. Any one of them would be beautiful.

  • Kiki H.

    I would pick the Grace and the Rachel! They are gorgeous!

  • Cyndi

    i’d buy camilla & jessica!

  • Greta

    I would buy the Grace, Evelyn or Jo for my wedding. I’m doing a 70’s style wedding so the Jo headband would be perfect, but the Evelyn and Grace would also be good because they have a the shimmery white and silver which would go perfect with my wedding dress that has silver and white beading of leaves on it. I could also wear them again to dress up any outfit! They are all so cute! Or I would get the Clotilde because my wedding shoes are a turquoise color, so that one would go great. They are all so cute, it was hard to decide!

  • The Grace is beautiful!!

  • lisa

    Hands down…Camilla and Mae, stunning!

  • Jenny

    I’d love to get Grace for each one of my ‘wedding party’ since we’re not having one…as a way to recognize their beauty they bring in our lives.

  • Can’t pick! I love the Evelyn, the Viola, and the the Jo! SO precious! Perfect for my summer wedding :)

  • Kelaine

    I love the Grace!! The one with the black headband would be perfect for our wedding in October. This is a wonderful giveaway, thanks!

  • Jennifer P

    I love the Grace and the Lara! Beautiful!

  • Sara

    The colors of the feathers in the Clotilde headband are stunning! It would be difficult to choose one above all the others, but this would definitely be a contender for me.

  • Erin KT

    I have to say that I love the Grace too. But I love the feather one’s too.

  • Stephanie

    I’m a GRACE girl all the way!

  • lindsey k

    What a great shop. I love everything. I would definitely get the Beatrice.

  • Nice giveaway!! I love love love the Camilla in turquoise!!!

  • gena

    oh boy! i’ve been looking at these for weeeeeeks! i adore the grace. the waist of my dress has beading much like it. it’d be so perfect. uggggh so pretty.

  • flutter

    Camilla from the Noir collection is STUNNING. I would definitely go for that!

  • I simply adore Grace!

  • Allison

    I absolutely love these headbands. It’s just so hard to choose. However, if I HAVE to I’d go with the Rachel for myself and the Kit for my bridesmaids. Just gorgeous!

  • Gabrielle

    I would get the Jessica green pheasant feather headband and the Grace crystal headband. both are so elegant and chic!

  • Gretchen

    I fell in love with the Grace headband with the black band. It is perfect for my 30’s inspired Art Deco Wedding. I would use it after the ceremony when I remove my veil for the reception. Perfect vintage glamour!

  • Gaye

    I would buy the Grace and the Beatrice headbands – they are simply stunning for any occasion.

  • Jane

    I love these headbands! I would get the Grace to wear on my wedding day, and Viola to wear at all other occasions I could think of.

  • Natalie

    Oh! The Evelyn is beautiful!

  • Regina Baptista

    Hooray, my long search for the perfect headband is finally over! Pluma designs (Grace or Evelyn) are truly perfection and the epitome of vintage whimsy coupled with modern chic which is what my bid day will be all about! I would put the rest of the $100 towards royal purple bands for my 5 maids too!

  • Cindi

    I love the Mae…It is stunning!!! It is exactly what I had been looking for, but never knew was there!! Thank YOU for introducing me to this website…:)

  • kirsten

    great giveaway! I would purchase the grace!

  • Alexis

    I love the Grace. So … well, graceful!

  • Caz

    Since you’re offering the $100.00, I would get two ;)
    The Evelyn, and
    The Monica

    The Evelyn for its simplistic grace for the ceremony, and The Monica as mustard has become a sort of obsession for me, and will contrast brilliantly with my reception outfit change! Bright, fun and warm all in one colour.

  • Amy

    I would definitely get the “viola”! Their stuff is so cute!

  • Sara

    I would totally rock the Grace, sigh…it would be perfect for my bridal ensemble!

  • Cait

    I would purchase Grace, or maybe Evelyn, or the lovely feathered Rachel! I’m a bit of a headband addict.

  • Jackie

    oooh what a great collection! Grace is beautiful! :)

  • Kacie

    I would get “Grace”. It is a beautiful and classic design!

  • Jaklyn

    They’re all just lovely but the Grace is a showstopper. I see from previous comments that I’m not alone on that one!

  • Cassandra

    Those are gorgeous!

    If I were to win, I think I would purchase the Marlene ($45) and the Harper ($45). I’m still debating on which one I would keep and which one I would give to my MofH! They are both equally beautiful and so vintage-looking!

  • Oh wow. All of these headbands are absolutely gorgeous!

    I love the veiling detail on the Marlene.
    Also, Harper is so delicate looking.

    The model also makes you want to stare at the pieces all day!

  • i would definitely get the clotilde and anila headbands!

  • Tif

    There’s so many gorgeous ones to decide!

    Right now, Mae, Grace, and Harper are standing above the rest!

  • Kate

    I am having a 1920’s art deco wedding, and would love to wear the Grace or Evelyn, as I’ve been trying to find something that matches this picture of a Jenny Packham model wearing a very similar headpiece:
    My bridesmaids could easily rock the Beatrice with their black flapper-esque dresses. Beautiful!

  • they’re all so amazing! its hard to narrow it down. i love the beatrice and the viola!

  • P L U M A spells GORGEOUS! I would buy Evelyn and Jo like that *snaps fingers*

  • Rachel H

    I am in love with the Evelyn and Mae.

  • Tyneal

    Getting married in June and I have been looking for a great piece for my hair. I have opted not to wear a vail but I would definitely buy a vintage-esque piece like EVELYN and/or GRACE from Pluma!

  • MissNeriss

    Oooh! They are all gorgeous! I would definitely go for Grace or Clotilde, maybe both :D

  • Courtney

    Camilla + Marlene (and Lucy, b/c it’s too darn cute to rule it out)

    Love this designer!

  • bunnyb

    I love the Harper clip!

  • Eliane T.

    What a lovely shop! Beatrice is so gorgeous!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Henley

    Hi- just pretty!!

    I would purchase Beatrice because it’s simple and classic :)

  • Dovile

    I’d purchase the Grace and the Lily headbands. Thank you for the chance!

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Aik

    I love the Grace headband!

  • Jennifer Barr

    I like the rachael headband

  • I’d definitely take the billie necklace.

  • Abie

    I’d purchase the Evelyn in white for sure. Not sure about what to do with the rest. I’d put it towards one of the other headbands, as they are GORGEOUS.

  • If I won, I would purchase Harper in black and Lara from Collection Two

  • Garima gupta

    I really liked GOld & blue anila headband



  • Sabrita

    I love the Beatrice headband .Thank you.

  • I’d get the Grace headband. it’s lovely. Very princess like!

  • Morgan

    I love the camilla piece. so. perfect!

  • Jessica

    Can I answer ALL OF THEM!!! They are beautiful!

    I would definitely buy Jo and Grace for their delicate elegance.

    Thank you for pointing out this amazing talent!

  • Anna

    Um omgosh I can’t even explain how excited I am about this giveaway! We just set the wedding date and theme last night, it’s been in limbo for years! and the white version of the harper would go perfectly with it all! Or maybe see if I can get a custom for the full amount! but they’re all so cute!!! <3<3


  • I would buy the Marlene and the Beatrice.

  • ooohh the Beatrice is beautiful! What a great giveaway!! I love these headbands

  • Molly

    I would hands down get Grace! It’s perfect and JUST what I’ve been looking for!

  • Tabitha

    The Grace or the Evelyn, definitely!

  • Nina

    I’d definitely choose the Grace headband!

  • ooooooo i would love to own the harper!! :) its gorgeous!!

  • lindsey k

    This is such a good giveaway. I need some glitz for my upcoming engagement party and the Grace would be perfect!!!

  • Catherine

    I think I would have to go for one feather headband (Lara!) and one beaded (Grace!). They are all awesome!

  • Lindsay

    these are all really lovely, but I absolutely adore both Grace and Mae! I can just picture them for “the big day” for my Matron of Honor and myself.

  • Kellie

    I would chose the Viola for my 2 bridesmaids. So beautiful. It will be tough to give them away and not keep it for myself.

  • Nicole B

    I love the Viola in purple for my MOH (she’s wearing a purple dress), and the Grace in white for me. I love these!
    Funny, because I just the other day decided I wanted to wear a headband like this, and have been researching whats out there. Perfect timing!!

  • Jillian

    I would definitely get the Grace… it is simple, yet elegant and would compliment any hairdo to make it just stunning!

    The Harper in white is a VERY close second (especially for my sister/MoH)!!!

  • I would buy the Viola and the Christine! Love the colors!

  • Ashley H.

    I would put my gift certificate towards the Evelyn in white & the Viola in purple. All items are beautifully crafted and elegant, great work!

  • Thelma

    I would have to say Beth and Rachel.

  • Minerva

    I would choose the Grace and Harper. Thanks!

  • veronika

    i love the grace headband.

  • Hannah

    I love Mae. How perfect is that to wear during the reception, as I plan to wear a birdcage during the ceremony!!! Gorgeous

  • Hillary

    the grace would be so perfect with my whole look! i LOVE it!

  • I think the Lily is my favorite…although I reserve the right to change my mind if I win…because they are all so pretty!

  • Laura T.

    Beautiful! I love the Grace headband!

  • Julia

    I would choose the viola and clotilde headbands!!

  • Nicole

    Can they all be my favorite, because they’re all so lovely?
    No? Okay then. Beatrice and Grace take the cake for me!

  • Amber

    They are all so beautiful but my absolute fave is the Mae!

  • kari

    I like the Grace headband. Chic!

  • Hayley

    I would absolutely buy the Grace headband (with the white band), also featured in your blog. It is stunning, a great alternative to the tiara & can change a simple hair do into something so elegant! I want it badly!!

  • Haley

    Grace in ivory, FOR SURE! The rhinestones and little bit of glitz would be amazing with the small sparkly detailing on my wedding dress. And I also LOVE Beatrice. Classic, black, and chic. Can’t go wrong there!

  • Claudine

    I would pick them all and wear a different one for each hour during the wedding!! haha! since we’re having “The Godfather” movie/ 1940’s theme, I would pick GRACE or CAMILLA since it has elements that resonates the design of my wedding gown.

  • Jennifer R.

    I love the Viola headband!

  • Ali

    Definitely the Camilla. There’s something SO Edwardian about it, and I’m obsessed with the idea of “something blue” being a feather.

  • Carly

    I would choose Mae to fasten my birdcage veil and viola or marlene to wear at the rehearsal dinner!

    GREAT work!! thanks for the giveaway =)

  • Marci

    I pick the Billie necklace and the Marlene.


  • Sarah

    Camilla, for simple, classic beauty paired with the striking touch of great colored feathers. Classic with a funky/modern kick in the pants! Then I am torn between Grace and Jo. I am reconstructing my grandmothers vintage gown for my wedding and it is SO Grace, yet the hippy in me says JO JO JO!!!! I love so many things about each one. Then there is good ole Evelyn, so striking……

  • These are so fab. I would definitely choose the Grace headband and the Kathryn for less formal occasion. I love love love them all though!

  • Tanya F

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Anila” in the Classic Collection!! Our wedding colors are orange, yellow & red & that piece would look so amazing with my dress. I also love the “Harper” in the Noir Collection in Black! These pieces are SO beautiful & so reasonably priced! Thank you for the giveaway! xxxxx

  • Carla

    The viola headband is simply stunning. It is so elegant and chic. I am absolutely blown away at this collection. Thank you sooooo much for this amazing giveaway!

  • Judith

    I would love the harper for me, and I think my sister would deserve the camilla after all the hard work she’s put in for me.


  • Maggie

    Evelyn for sure!!

  • i’d choose the clotilde & anila headbands :)

  • Lauren

    Ooh, I would definitely get the Clotilde headband, the colours are beautiful!

  • jen

    I LOVE the viola!

  • jessica

    I love the Harper in both black and white. the gold sequins are tasteful and contrast beautifully with the softness of the feather!

  • sarahsohns

    i would buy the clotilde for my moh and the lara for myself! absolutely gorg!

  • Laura J

    Wow, beautiful!! I would purchase the Grace (my fave!) and the Marlene

  • I like grace

  • I would choose Beatrice and Viola.

  • Wendy

    I would chose the Grace headband in white or two viola headbands for my bridesmaids.

  • Denise

    I’d totally get the Rachel and Grace designs!

  • Lindsay

    The Mae clip is gorgeous!

  • Lily

    I would choose the Marlene and Beatrice headbands!

  • Alli Faye

    I love the Evelyn and the Harper. Both so unusual but so classic at the same time.

  • Julia R

    I love the Rachel in Ivory (not shown on the site) and think it would be perfect to walk down the aisle wearing. For the reception I’m switching out of my diamond white sash into one with a kick of color. I’d then switch to the Clotilde!

  • Danielle

    Beatrice and Grace, both elegant!

  • I love Viola. My sister is ever the fashionista and it would go perfectly with her MOH outfit.
    Thank you!

  • susan

    I just love Grace in ivory so pretty, it is a classic look.

  • Silvia

    Oh wow, they do have some beautiful accessories! I would probably choose Beatrice or Camilla in their Noir collection. So elegant and different!

  • Suzanne

    Absolutely the Evelyn – just gorgeous! I’d put the leftover towards a Kit as well just for fun, make a great addition to my outft for our International Night party .. Have to compete with all those stylish Scots!

  • Catherine

    I like the Christine and the Kathryn.

  • Caitlin

    I love the Grace, with the black band. It looks gorgeous against brunette hair!

  • Heather HS

    Pretty! I like the Kathryn.

  • carla

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! but the Harper, Camilla and Kathryn really stuck out to me! I would wear these on a daily basis!!

  • LOVE the Grace headband for my wedding day. What a beautiful accessory!

  • Kiki H.

    The Grace headband is full of just that, grace. Gorgeous!

  • Agustina

    I really love Clotilde headband, peacock is the best!

  • Karrie

    I am a fan of the Nior series. The Grace and the Beatrice would be the two I would purchase with the gift card.

  • Melissa

    I LOVE the Grace headband. Beautiful!!

  • Meredith

    i love the Marlene! thanks for the opportunity!

  • Holly

    They are all so gorgeous! But if I had to choose, I would go for the Lucy and Viola!

  • Micki

    I love the Camilla piece. So pretty! And I think I’d get it in purple. I love purple.

  • Karen

    I would choose Marlene for beautiful polka dot bridemaids that i have planned and Evelyn classic beauty!

  • Jessica

    Definitely the “Grace” although I also love the Jessica :). What an awesome giveaway!

  • Abigail

    After much thought, I’d go with Grace with a black. I’ve always been a little unsure if I could pull off the embellished headbands, but these pieces are just so beautiful! I’m sure I could wear any of them and feel fabulous and confident!

  • Leslie

    I would get the Grace in black. It’s so gorgeous! I would probably get the Viola for my MOH as she loves Purple!

  • Jamie

    I really love the Evelyn, with a black headband. I love the quirky shape, and the elegant emellishments. It will perfectly compliment my 1930s bias cut gown. I would love to get the Eve piece for my MOH, to coordinate with her emerald green gown and gold accessories.

  • I’d love the Grace in black to blend in with my dark hair on my wedding day which is coming up in just 5 months. Its perfect because I plan to leave my hair down (I’m not much of an updo kinda girl). We’re having a rustic/vintage/barn reception and I think this would fit in quite nicely :)

  • Jen L.

    If I had $100 to spend at this beautiful shop, I’d buy the Viola and the Beatrice headbands.

  • I would get this fabulous little headband-

  • Marlene and Camilla! Talk about vintage charm with modern flair!! So pretty.

  • Julia

    I love the Grace and the Beatrice. Such beautiful pieces!

  • Josie G.

    I would absolutely LOVE to buy the GRACE headband in ivory and the BEATRICE headband. There are so many beautiful choices!

  • Josie G.

    I would love to get the BEATRICE headband and the GRACE in ivory. What a lovely giveaway!

  • NOT EASY PEASY AT ALL!!!! they are all soooo beautiful, how can one choose??? I am an event planner and I always “gift” something to my brides before the wedding. I know that one of my brides is in LOVE with your stuff…she has emailed me Mae and Grace before…So if I won…Well this would be perfect!!! PERFECT!!

  • Renee Richardson

    I would buy the Beatrice, it is so beautiful. I would also buy the Billie. When I first went to the site I was going to pick something for my sister-in-law who is getting married but everything is so nice and I got selfish, LOL!!! Thanks for the great contest :)

  • Rebecca

    I love the grace in black and the viola..not sure which one i’d wear and which to give away, i love them both.

  • Aimee Bernard

    The Monica. One for me and one for my sister. :)

  • Laura

    I would have to pick the Grace headband! So exquisite!

  • I keep asking myself “could I have a truly “old hollywood” wedding without a perfectly retro creation in my hair (and all my bridesmaids hair)?!” so given that that the answer is “absolutely not,” it would be so thrilling during this tough financial time to save a pretty penny! The Grace is *EXACTLY* what my Faux bob needs to make my “So You Think You Can Dance” style Waltz really shine. Oh how a girl can (and will) dream….

  • Jenn S.

    I would buy the “Grace” in black. I love the vintage charm– goes perfectly with my black lace and navy blue vintage inspired wedding! Not to mention that the piece is awesome and could be used again and again. LOVE it!! With the leftover, I’d get “Beatrice.” It’s beautiful- perfect for a rehearsal dinner, night on the town, or most anything you could dream up. I love this entire collection!!

  • Alexis

    I would get Mae and Harper in white.

  • I would go with the Lara in turquoise/black and Jessica in green/black. They’re very pretty!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I like the Evelyn the best in white.

  • What a lovely shop! I love the Viola headband. So pretty!

  • lola

    I would get the Evelyn in Black!

  • I’d really love Grace in black, or Evelyn in black. They’re really lovely. It’s hard to find the perfect hair accessory but… I think that I find it =D

  • I really like the Marlene headband! :)

  • Jamie

    The more I look at these accessories, I finally decided if I had $100 to spend, I would buy both the Viola and Camilla headbands though they total to be a tad bit more than the original amount.

  • Given the opportunity, I would buy the Grace for my MOH and bridesmaid, and then the Evelyn for myself. Both are so beautiful, and I think that the Evelyn especially would look fabulous paired with a veil. I’d end up spending double the girt certificate, but it would be totally worth it to have beautiful gifts for my attendants!

  • Greta

    I love the Jo, Grace, and Evelyn! :)

  • brenda helgeson

    i’d pick the beatrice headband

  • Mary P.

    I would choose the Mae headpiece. So classic and simple.

  • Oh the Grace headband is so Grace Kelly! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Jessica

    instantly drawn to the beatrice headband! classic and unique at the same time :)

  • emily f

    Ooh! I love love love the “Grace” headband. It’s simple, but has just enough sparkle! Gorgeous!

  • Ria

    The Grace headband is exactly the headband I’ve been looking for! So, so perfect.

  • Camille

    I love the Lily for everyday, but the Evelyn is amazing!!

  • Toni

    The Rachel. The Rachel. The Rachel. So elegant for a wedding. Something to share with family and friends for their future weddings.

  • CathyH

    I saw so many things I like. Definitely I would chose “Harper”. love the vintage look and also Beatrice.

  • Q

    Love the Evelyn! Would be a great item for my wedding.

  • Denise

    I like the grace

  • Rachel

    I ADORE Evelyn… I think I might buy it even if I dont win, haha!

  • rachel

    I would buy the “Grace” for my wedding and the “Marlene” for my bridesmaids! Beautiful!

  • Alissa

    I would use the $100 to purchase the Rachel for me (to wear during my reception) and the Kit for my maid of honor (it’s her favorite color!).

  • Alicia

    Ooo la la, what a great selection! However will I choose? Well, if you’re twisting my arm, I would have to narrow my choices down to the Grace and the Camilla. *Swoon*

  • Alexis

    Grace and Beatrice would be perfect for my wedding!

  • I would definitely get the Evelyn and the Grace for me from the Noir collection, they would go beautifully with my ring!!! I JUST got engaged!!!!! I have been reading the Ruffled blog for months and I am so excited to start participating!

  • Meggles

    I’d choose the elegant and classic Beatrice headband. I’m getting bangs this Friday and it would be a sophisticated touch to try with my new do! The second choice would be the Mae piece…which would be drop dead on my sister at her wedding this winter :)

  • Vanessa

    great stuffs! everything is so beautiful :)

    I would choose Evelyn in Black


  • Maria

    I would love to be the proud owner of the Evelyn in white for my wedding as well as the Grace in white. The shapes they create are exquisite. Love them!

  • MariaV

    Evelyn! It’s perfect for my wedding!

  • Sara

    If I had to narrow down the choices it would be the Grace headband for me and the Camilla for my maid of honor, so beautiful!

  • Lu

    I like Viola and Beatrice headbands!

  • mim

    i love the beatrice headband!!!
    and after that i like the grace and viola headbands…not sure which i’d pick. so pretty!

  • Vickie Riddle

    :) I would choose Viola in both the black and the purple if I won the gift certificate.

  • i would buy the grace and the harper in white!

  • Danielle

    Mae is amazing! That’s the one I would get!

  • Ashley

    Ah, I love the Grace! It would be perfect for my wedding look. In everyday life, I am an earthy tones kind of girl so the Kathryn would be exactly me!

  • Evelyn’s my favorite, for sure!

  • Nina

    The Beatrice Headband is also stunning!

  • Entering again: If I won, I would purchase Harper in black and Lara from Collection Two and I’m sticking to it!

  • bunnyb

    I want the Lara headband too!

  • Carol

    I like the Monica.

  • crystal

    My favorite headband is the Beatrice would go with anything!!

  • I like the Mae hair clip. Beautiful!

  • Alissa

    Here I am again. I love these headbands!

  • Teresa

    What a beautiful shop!

    I´d get the Kathryn headband… I´m a wedding photographer (in Europe) and for some elegant weddings, all the ladies wear hats – but I can´t wear a large hat or I won´t be able to use the camera! So I think this headband would be a gorgeous alternative.

    And, as I really like all of them, I´d also get “Grace”. The crystals are from Austria, I´m from Austria, and I have really short dark hair, so I think we´d be the perfect match!

  • I really love the Anila headband. These are great!

  • I love these!! I would go for the Lara for my wedding in June. It’s in a converted stable in Kirknewton, Scotland…. so pheasant for a very scottish wedding xx

  • lindsey k

    I love that we can comment once a day because I find a new one I would buy each time…..I’m really loving the Marlene today.

  • Haley

    The grace headband for sure!! And i also love the beatrice. Classy, black, and chic. Can dress anything up or be worn with jeans, a great blouse, and black patent flats.

  • Loving the turquoise camilla.

  • Ashley H.

    I love the style of these accessories. If I won a gift certificate I’d put it towards the white Evelyn and the purple Viola. They both definitely demand attention.

  • Thelma

    I would love Grace and Evelyn.

  • meg

    Love them all! The Grace is my favorite, after that I think I would choose the Kathryn, because the polka dot black and white feathers are what I would like to add to my bouquet, and my girls bouquets as well. Thanks. :)

  • Hillary B.

    the other piece i would love is the all white rachel. that would be great to throw on for the reception!

  • These are perfect to go with the Brooch bouquets
    I have brides ask for hair brooches all the time
    they are cute for everyday wear also
    Great idea they look comfy

  • OH. MY. LORD.

    So gorgeous! I just can’t get over it.

    I lalalove the Harper and Marlene, I’d totally wear them everyday.

  • Jessie

    I would definitely buy the grace or the evelyn!

  • Tazim

    I would love to have: Black beaded appliqué with diamond shaped
    center on a black satin headband.

  • angie

    I adore The Beatrice Black headband! Wow…it’s stunning!!


  • i’d get the clotilde & anila headbands :)

  • Ooh– so beautiful! If I won, I would choose the Grace for myself and the Evelyn for my little sister, who is my maid of honour!

  • After buying an adorable Viola, I’d definitely have to come back for a couple of the classic headbands… brown & blue! So many gorgeous ones to choose from.

  • Jessica

    I love the Grace and the Rachel!!!! Either would be perfect for my wedding day. And for my MOH, definitely the Camilla in turquoise.

  • Wow…I just LOVE the Evelyn!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    The Grace is pretty too but I like Evelyn the best.

  • if i won i would buy grace!! it is so elegant and beautifully detailed! then with my leftover amount i would buy viola ;) thanks for the opportunity!
    xo. danni
    ohhellofriend @

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Grace headband! beautiful!

  • Genevieve

    I love the Grace headband. Such a classic piece!

  • Kelly

    I’m digging the Marlene –love that it sort of has a teeny-tiny veil.

  • I really liked the KIT headband

  • Damla

    I like the Grace from Noir:

  • Alexis

    I would love Mae and Harper in white

  • Sara

    Entering again my choices are the same: Grace for me and Camilla for my maid of honor.

  • OMG what a awesome giveaway. I love the black Grace headband!!

  • Holly

    i would have to go the way of lucy and viola! they would really dress up short hair!

  • Liz

    I would get the Grace and the Rachel!

  • Maggie

    I would buy Harper and Grace! They are BEAUTIFUL!!

  • Logan

    Definitely viola… and definitely purple!!!

  • Julia

    I love the grace and the beatrice! Gorgeous!

  • Greta

    I love the Grace, Evelyn, and Jo!!!

  • The headbands featured in this post are by far my favorite. Grace for the bridesmaids, Evelyn for me… perfect!

  • Kiki H.

    I adoooooore the Grace!

  • Julia

    They are all so stunning, but I love the evelyn.

  • these are gorgeous hairpieces! i can really see myself in one (or more!) of them when i get married (in the far, far future!).

    i think it would get camilla if i won. i especially like that there are choices for feather colors!

    amii_chong [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • If I win, I’d probably buy Jo and Grace =) .. so lovely

  • I like the Lara headband too!

  • Aik

    I’m so in love with the Grace headband.

  • Tabitha

    The Grace or the Evelyn, please!

  • The Kathryn headband is also lovely! It’s hard to choose!

  • Alissa

    Me again!

  • Sarah

    camilla, jo, grace, viola, how do you choose!!! love the giveaway, you are just to kind.

  • I love the Grace with the Black band

  • lindsey k

    Here we go again….Today I love the Beatrice best.

  • Haley

    I JUST LOVE THESE!! pick me! pick me!! Haha. I would probably go with Grace for sure. It’s the perfect little bit of sparkle to add to my vintage lace wedding dress. I also love the Beatrice- classic, simple, yet chic.

  • j.c. loh

    I’d choose the Billie necklace and the Viola headband, so pretty!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Hillary B.

    now that i’ve chosen two possibilities for the wedding, i now choose the marlene, which would be so perfect for my rehearsal dinner! it would also be great for my bridesmaids!

  • I’d get Grace! Very pretty and feminine!

  • shiki

    I think Lara is really lovely. The pattern on the feathers are gorgeous!

  • abysinnian

    I’ go for Grace or Evelyn. Probably Grace though since it is smaller and more intricate!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Amy

    If I won the gift certificate, I would not hesistate to buy the Billie necklace and (pay extra to also acquire) the Clotilde hairpiece.

    Thank you for this giveaway!


  • I adore the JO necklace :)

  • Kassie

    I love the Lara!

  • Jessica

    LOVE the GRACE!!!!!!

  • Thelma

    I love Lara and Lily.

  • Kathy

    Beautiful! Too hard to decide!

  • Lindsey

    This one is hard! I’m immediately drawn to Lara, even though my colours are brown and pink. My best friend is getting married two weeks after me, so this would be nice to have for both of our weddings. I’d probably end up picking up two of the Rachel ones for us. Soooo gorgeous!

  • Tyneal

    Grace and Evelyn for my wedding please!

  • Alexis

    I would love to have Mae and Harper in white

  • I love the Viola & Harper!!!

  • I also love the Marlene clip.

  • I would use the rest of the certificate to buy Grace. A lovely, vintage look to go with my simple, sleek Alfred Angelo gown.

    Thank you!


  • Julia

    I am totally in love with these! The Grace, Evelyn and Beatrice are my faves, and it would be hard to pick from those three.

  • Jesse

    I would love to win this gift certificate for my fiance. I just know she would love these, especially the Grace.

  • Audrie

    I would love to have the Camilla clip! It’s absolutely beautiful and would go perfectly with the vintage jewelry my grandmother gave me.

  • I’d get Evelyn and Jo. Please and thank you!!!

  • Catherine

    I like the Christine and the Kathryn!

  • Rhonda

    The Camilla and Grace are both so wonderful!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    The Evelyn is my favorite but the Lara is pretty too.

  • sarah

    Beatrice and Grace. . . two of my favorite names, and two of my favorite headbands. It’s a sign.

  • Amy

    ooh so pretty! I would love to purchase the Mae, it’s so vintage chic and I love it!

  • Grace and Harper! BEautiful!

  • mauramae

    PERFECT timing. i’m just starting my search for a vintage-y rhinestone-y hair thing. these are adorable. i’d have to say, mae. ’cause it’s my middle name, and it would look lovely on top of a low chignon. or grace. it’s just so feminine and pretty.

  • Tabitha

    The Grace, please!

  • Kendall

    I love the Marlene and the Kit headband! Marlene to wear on the days I wear my hair half up and the kit for those days when your bangs just don’t want to cooperate!

  • Jo

    Decisions decisions! I think I would have to go for Grace, but maybe Beatrice, or maybe Jessica. Oh, but they are all beautiful

  • Ronit

    I would get these 2 beauties:



    But everything is stunning!

    Btw, I listed this giveaway in my blog. Here’s the link:

  • Ashley H.

    I love the Evelyn in white and the Viola in purple! Thanks :)

  • Harper Wray

    I love love the Evelyn!! It’s my favorite!!!!

  • Jennifer

    I love, love, love Harper and Grace.

  • I like the Grace (on black) headband!

  • Caitlin

    Harper and Clotilde capture the elegance, yet pop that I’m looking for to accessorize my simple gown. Absolutely stunning works of art.

  • This is so hard to choose from. I would get the Christine and the black Grace. I think I’d have to also splurge and add on Marlene and Harper.

  • definitely grace in black!

  • Becca

    Anila and Lily – simple, sweet, and stunning.

  • id for sure pick the clotilde and anila!!!

  • Breanna

    I would definitely buy the black Grace! It is beautiful!

  • Caroline Trotter

    The Marlene feather clip is perfect! I love the balance of browns and blacks with the intricate feathers and beading.

  • Joanne J

    I’d love to get Marlene and Viola.

  • Michelle A.

    that grace popped out at me right away! love it!!!

  • Kiki H.

    Grace, please!

  • I’m get the clotilde and lara. i love these!!! so cute for “short hair wedding ideas” ;)

  • Harmony

    I noticed that these lovely pieces have beautifully flowing feminine names! It is pure, sweet cleverness to see that my favorites, Anila and Clotilde (meaning “air or wind” and “heroine”), bring to mind glimpses of a goddess. And why not? Nothing says beauty like a woman in all her glory!

  • I plan on having a vintage themed wedding and would have to say that wearing the beautiful ‘grace’ headband would be wonderful. I can already envision a birdcage veil with that headband!! Stunning… I could also see the ‘rachel’ on my maid of honor, how fun.

  • Alissa

    I would absolutely love to win this. I’ve been in a rut, planning-wise, and it would be great to get some good news.

  • lindsey k

    Did I mention I love the Camilla in black yet?

  • bonnie

    All the items are beautiful it is hard to pick just one. I love the Evelyn and the Grace

  • Thelma

    I like Marlene and Beatrice.

  • Such a great giveaway! I love the Camilla still in turquoise

  • Hillary B.

    Today I am loving the Beatrice!

  • Haley

    I just still am so in love with Grace and Beatrice! Both are just so fabulous, and Grace would add the perfect sparkle to my wedding dress!

  • I also loveee the Rachel…so poofy and pretty!

  • Corrie Gompf

    I really like the Harper and the Viola.

  • Christine

    I love the Clotilde – beautiful!!

  • Jessica

    The Grace! And the Jessica!

  • the clotilde & anila :)

  • I would get lara from Collection Two and beatrice from Noir. These are so fun!

  • Janell

    Personally I love EVERYTHING, but if I had to choose my favorite it would be the Beatrice and the Camilla would look fabulous on my bridesmaids.

  • Maryann

    I have a short pixie cut hairstyle and I think that the Harper is so simple and elegant and would love to wear it in my hair on my wedding day.

  • Catherine

    I’d like the Christine and the Kathryn!

  • I can’t get over Viola. I would love to give this to my MOH. Our colors are plum and gold and she would look gorgeous with this on! Thanks!

  • I love the grace and rachel. beautiful.

  • leigh

    I like Grace with the black headband!

  • Kristin

    The Harper please! It strikes the perfect balance between sparkly and soft.

  • Michelle A.

    Thanks for the chance to win…I love the Grace!

  • Oh my, how pretty are all of them! This is impossible decision… well, at least I would start with Jessica!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    Evelyn is beautiful but I like the Harper too.

  • I like the KIT feather headband! ADORABLE!

  • Sara

    entering again: still Grace for me and Camilla for my moh!

  • Kym

    Oh my gosh! PLEASE!!! Totally gorgeous! I love the Rachel! The Mae! The Evelyn! The Grace!!

  • I really like the Clotilde headband.

    The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Michelle A.

    daily entry for that one! :)

  • Kym

    I love the Camilla! I want one of everything!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I’m entering for Evelyn today

  • Molly Capel

    I love the Marlene & the Christine.

  • Joanne J

    I’d love to get Marlene and Viola.

  • Angelo

    i like Grace in black

  • Thelma

    Christine and Kit!yay!

  • The Marlene headband is a dream! Love it!

  • lindsey k

    After much deliberation all week, I will end with the Beatrice as my favorite. So Beautiful! Love it!

  • OOO last day, so hard to choose. I’m going with the Grace with the black band. Love them all. Great giveaway.

  • Michelle Frame

    I would buy the Viola. Everything is beautiful.

  • Kiki H.

    Grace please!

  • Grace and Harper!

  • Haley

    GRACE!!! for sure. It’s the perfect amount of wedding sparkle! I also love love love the Beatrice- black, simple, yet chic.

  • I would get the Clotilde and Viola :)

  • Catherine

    Christine and Kathryn, please!

  • Greta

    I love the Grace and Evelyn in the white. The Jo would be perfect for my 70’s style wedding though! Thanks for the opportunity to win these beautiful headbands!

  • Katie

    There are too many beautiful choices! I finally decided on the Beatrice and Grace.

  • Jessica

    Welllllll, for ME, I would choose Evelyn (exquisite!) OR 2 Violas for my two Maids of Honor

  • Ashley H.

    Thank you for this lovely opportunity. I would choose the Evelyn in white & the Viola in purple. I’m glad you shared the Pluma line with us!

  • Amanda

    The Grace headband is amazing. Sophisticated and elegant. Lovely.

  • Ohhh, I would choose the “Mae”. They are all so beautiful and original! :)

  • Kelly Ann T.

    Today’s entry for Evelyn

  • Kelly Ann T.

    Todays entry for Evelyn