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Choose Platinum for your Wedding Rings

Choose Platinum for your Wedding Rings

Most people know that platinum is one of the world’s most precious metals, but did you know it’s the best metal to use as a setting for your diamond ring? It’s a naturally occurring white metal, so it will never change color or fade over the years. It will remain just as beautiful as the day it was given to you, which is a nice analogy for your love, isn’t it? Platinum Guild International has everything you need to know about this precious metal.

Platinum’s density makes it highly durable and strong, causing it to be the most secure setting for diamonds and precious gems. In fact, platinum is 30 times stronger than gold! Not having to worry about the safety of your diamond as the years go on is a beautiful thing. This characteristic also makes your platinum ring an ideal heirloom that is sure to last as you pass it on from generation to generation. Despite being worn daily for 2 generations, my grandma’s platinum wedding band from 1920 is still gorgeous almost 100 years later. Platinum is also ideal for those with sensitive skin because its purity makes the metal hypoallergenic. With the prices of gold rising, platinum isn’t as pricey as we think it is despite being the most precious metal. Check out engagement ring settings and wedding bands starting from $1500 here.

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When you are shopping for your engagement or wedding rings, keep platinum in mind since it will not change color or fade over the years, nor will it lose its shape or wear away. Platinum doesn’t reflect color into the diamond, but will enhance the brilliance of diamonds and other gemstones. You can learn more about the qualities that make platinum the finest heirloom quality metal at

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  • I had this doubt whether to buy diamond on gold ring or platinum. But i think the white color of platinum gives the spark for diamonds. I’ve designed a ring with my diamond jeweler for the engagement. It’s a 5.0 ct, cushion cut diamond ring. I hope the brilliance will be spectacular.

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