To start your weekend off on a good note, we have a giveaway for you!

1. Loving these peach and grey bridesmaids dresses.

2. The Aisledash Wedding Blog Awards are upon us! If you are a fan of Ruffled, we would be so appreciative if you would nominate us! You can submit your nomination here. We were nominated by Wedding Channel “Best Wedding Style Blog”! Click here to vote for us!

3. Sora Designs, who creates unique handmade jewelry with a whimsical feel, is giving away a gorgeous necklace made of repurposed materials called The Scent of Lisabetta necklace. It features a beautiful peach rose cabochon and faceted aqua stones on an antique brass chain.
To enter the giveaway for The Scent of Lisabetta necklace, visit the Sora Designs shop, and leave a comment here with the name of your favorite piece. All entries must be in by Midnight EST on Wednesday, July 14th. The randomly selected winner will be announced next Friday. See something you like while checking out the offerings in the Sora Designs shop? Use the code Ruffled10 for 10% off your purchase.

4. Ryan Ray Photography is offering an amazing discount to Ruffled brides! Through August 31 2010, you will receive 10% off when you mention Ruffled while booking a package. Click here for more info.

5. Remember this sweet Missouri Farm Wedding? I can’t get over the adorable Mod Cloth dresses the bridesmaids wore. The Colleen Dress by Mod Cloth is so darling, and it’s just one of many bridesmaids dress options available on their site.

6. This is just a teaser for our next sweet intimate wedding we have to share, but you will have to check back on Monday to see the rest!

  • Sydney S

    I love the April Showers Earrings – blue agates, oxidized sterling silver in the Sora Designs shop!

  • Abbie

    I am absolutely in love with the P.S. I Love You – Envelope Pendant! Such a sweet piece of jewelry.

  • Elyse

    Love the lucky duo necklace! It’s so classic

  • I love the simple and sweet picture window earrings.

  • vann

    I looove the Flavor Burst necklace!!

  • Adriana

    I have fallen in love with the Blissful Days Necklace.

  • Elizabeth

    I love the prairie field necklace

  • I LOVE the bridesmaids dresses so much too – I included them in my Friday Favs!

  • Mariah

    My favorite piece is the Bleu Celeste – vintage Italian Lucite beads in turquoise. In fact, I like it so much I ordered it to wear on my wedding day! I discovered Sora Designs on Ruffled! They have amazing customer service! I have shared them with many of my friends (bridesmaids included)!

  • emily

    Ooh! I love love love “The Love Story” necklace! It’s so vintage and sweet!

  • I love the white gardenia ring by Sora Designs – so sweet!


  • great post! i love the big wish life size wishbone necklace in bronze.

  • Lauren

    I must say that my favorite piece of Sora Designs (although it’s so hard to pick just one!) is actually the one pictured: Scent of Lisabetta! It has such a wonderful blend of a vintage feel and strong feminine charm, and I especially love it in the peach orange and aqua blue colors!

  • I love the Live It Up necklace!

  • @lizziallen (liz)

    too cute! the ‘await the day’ ring is gorgeous! i may have to make a purchase for some upcoming showers :)

  • Cecilie

    Undoubtedly, my favorite piece is the prohibition necklace with the yellow poppy. The unique color combination is eye catching, but also so flexible.

  • Kristin

    *gasp* for the Fish Bottle Opener necklace!

    It is brilliant!

    kristin . s . hicks @ gmail . com

  • Stephanie

    I love the Lovelorn Ring!!!

  • I am loving the elephant parade necklace. U. of Alabama grad, so I like cute little things that have a touch of Alabama (like an elephant) rather than something overtly fan-ish.

  • Lindsey

    The give away piece, The Scent of Lisabetta, is actually my favorite. My wedding in October will be shades of blue and orange, and it is incredibly hard to find jewelry that has both colors incorporated. It would be a beautiful addition to my rehearsal dinner dress!

  • sarah

    The Jolly Penguin locket necklace kills me. In a good way.

  • Sara

    I LOVE the Scent of Lisabetta necklace. I plan to buy a few Blissful Days Necklaces as a gift for my bridesmaids. Such lovely jewelery!

  • I’m in love with the Blissful Days Necklace- so elegant and classy. :)

  • Libby

    What great jewelry! I’m love the “PS I Love you envelope” and the “Love story” necklaces!

  • YAY! YAY! YAY! I am so excited to see my wedding finally up there! Yay for MOnday! :)

  • it was hard to choose.. but my favorite was the birds eye view necklace. the sunny skies ahead necklace was a close second.

  • Jenna Elie

    Bunny in the Wonderland is by far my favorite!!! And that Icelandic wedding is just amazing!!

  • Kristin

    Oooooh! I think I have a new favorite Etsy shop now! It’s so hard to choose because I want them all, but I really like the “Bright Spot Yellow Gardenia Ring” and the “Prohibition Necklace in Blue” since those are my wedding colors.

    Beautiful pieces all around, though!

  • I adore Prohibition Necklace no. 3.

    …And pretty much everything owl-related.

  • Such fun jewelry from bows and flowers and sparkles … Oh yah! I can’t pick just one =) Great selection and very affordable pricing!

  • loving thos egrey and peach dresses too! jcrew is the

  • I love the life size wishbone necklace! LOVE.IT!! :)

  • Cydney Caswell

    I’m delighted with the jade green Gardenia Bobby Pins!

  • Kimberly

    I have two faves – the Lucky Elephant earrings and Await The Day ring. All the pieces are so cute. I just added this shop to my list of favorites on Etsy!

  • Terra

    Wow what a great etsy shop! I love love love Prohibition Necklace no.3 – sapphire blue, montana blue, white, black. It’s STUNNING!

  • Cameron

    I love the Trickling Pearls Necklace. So vintage and unique:) And thanks telling us about the shop, I love discovering new Etsy finds.

  • I’m totally smitten with the Lovelorn ring! And the FlavorBurst necklace. And the My Neighbor Blue Owl necklace. And the Sunny Skies Ahead necklace. What a fabulous collection!!!

  • Kristin Longenecker

    Oooo! Such pretty jewelry!!! I love the Sunny Skies Ahead Necklace!!!!!

  • La

    For my wedding: the Lisbetta necklace – unbelievably romantic. For fun: the fish bottle opener – gah!!

  • Jessica

    I love the Ice Cream Try a Bite necklace – a vintage brass spoon, with a coral red flower and aqua blue beads. Not only is it a unique vintage look, but it reminds me of all the tea parties I used to have with my grandma (who collected tea spoons) when I was little!! It’s all so lovely!

  • David

    My fiance would love Scent of Lisabetta!

  • Miss JD

    I love the Creamy Rose Necklace! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Okeoma

    Love the site! Also love the Scent of Lisabetta – dusty pink necklace. Would be a perfect addition to my wedding!

  • Irja

    I am in love with the bouquet in photo #4. IN LOVE!! So simple, yet super unique in design. Gorgeous.

  • Shanti

    Forbidden Fruit Necklace!!

  • Anna-Maria

    The Elephant Parade is fabulous!

  • ashley
  • Leigh

    the bejeweled bee necklace! the colors together are gorgeous.

  • Sara

    Love the just keep flying necklace… Beautiful!!!

  • Allison

    I absolutely love the Blissful Days necklace in ivory in the Sora shop!

  • carrie martin

    the scent of lisabetta captures my heart! so beautiful. what a great collection you offer!

  • Oh, the Flight of my Dreams necklace is so me! I must have it!

  • Megan

    I love the Swallowtail necklace!

  • Kimber

    I love everything about this store, but I think I would have to choose the Lucky Duo – custom initial double strands necklace:)

  • I love the paper white gardenia necklace

  • Squee! The P.S. I love you pendant makes me tingly. Lurve it!

  • Nicolina

    I absolutely adore the Cherish no2 multiple strands, pearls, sapphire, smoky quartz necklace

  • Joline

    I desperately want, no need the Ice Cream try a bite, SOS spyglass, and the Song For You harmonica necklaces. Oh my poor wallet.

  • Hannah

    I love the await the day ring!

  • Kelsey

    what a beautiful shop! i love the gardenia rings :)

  • Sara

    I absolutely love the mini green tea gardenia locket! I have been searching high and low for a locket for my bouquet to hold pictures of my great grandparents (whose wedding date I am sharing) and this is one is PERFECT!!

  • Arlene

    In LOVE LOVE LOVE with the “Sunny Skies Ahead Necklace”!!! The turquoise, red coral and white beads are such vibrant colors are so fantastic. What a great Etsy Shop FIND! Thanks for introducing it to us (your readers).

  • Elizabeth

    Although it was super hard to pick-I was really drawn to many of the rings but the Gardenia Ring was my fav. This store is amazing!!

  • Krissy

    Free as a Bird! Yes that’s it!!

  • Caroline Trotter

    The delicate and whimsical metamorphosis necklace is beautiful! It could really make an outfit.

  • carla aiello

    IT would be a hard decision
    Sunny skies ahead and Prohibition are probably my fav!!!! wow gorgeous!

  • Allison Bailey

    The Forbidden Fruit is my favorite, it’s so adorable but so simple! I love it!

  • Taryn

    I adore the “Await the Day” ring!

  • Erin

    It’s tough to choose a favorite among all the wonderful pieces! But, the Bewitched Garden necklace–if I’ve got to have one, that’s it (:

  • Jenna Elie

    Ok, I think the Owlie Chronograph, Out of the Blue, and Travelers Treasures are also pretty unique. So hard to pick a favorite!

  • sara

    I love the sweet owl necklace!

  • I love the lucky duo double strands necklace!! But it was really hard to choose, all their stuff is so cute!!

  • Jessica

    I just loved the Snow White Gardenia Ring!!

  • Jen

    I love the My Neighbor Blue Owl Necklace, it’s so unique and versatile!

    I also voted for you, because although I love all of those blogs, your’s is the one I truly love the most and actually added to my RSS feed! I love all your DIY tips and unique posts. :-)

  • Jamie

    I love this etsy store. I have a thing for chunky, quirky rings so I LOVE the White Squirrel Ring and could probably rock that at my wedding. And I also love the prohibition necklace in burnt orange and montana blue. Love Love LOVE this store…

  • Amanda Glick

    My absolute favorite piece is the PS-I Love You – Envelope necklace. I’m really thinking of purchasing it for my daughter – for either a gift to thank her for being our flower girl, or for her birthday. Oh pay day… you can’t come soon enough can you!

  • Cherie

    I love the Keepsake Ball Lockets Lariat necklace. Love lockets and this one looks very unique!

  • Ana R.

    I love the P.S I love you pendant,I love Swallows and it’s such a lovely piece of jewelry.

  • jen

    Wow – she has beautiful pieces! My favorite is the PS I Love You pendant … so cute!

  • So many favorites!! I love the Chain of Clouds maybe just a little more than the others. I’ll be visiting this shop in the future – thanks for the tip.

  • Kim

    I love the featured necklace, the Scent of Lisabetta. Peach roses are something special to me, as they are my sorority’s flower. And matched with the blue, it really looks like amazing vintage goodness.

  • Shannon

    I lovelovelove the scent of lisabetta…so pretty!

  • Jessica

    i love cherish creamy rose necklace, so cute

  • Alison Z.

    The ‘Falling in Love’ necklace is my favorite! Thanks for such a cute giveaway!

  • Kari G

    It was really hard to choose, but my favorite must be Gardenia Earrings – aqua, mint

    Kari :-)

  • I actually had to stop going through the pages because I already picked so many favorites it was becoming impossible. I narrowed it down to the “Love Ice cream-Try a bite” little vintage spoon necklace. It is absolutely adorable and reminds me of a little spoon brooch my grandma gave me!

  • I love the Prohibition necklace and earrings in Blue!

  • Katelynn

    I love the coral sunset ring… so pretty!

  • I love the Chatting Garden ring in dark green! So lovely and simple!

  • Karmen Wood

    I looooove the Enduring Love key necklace! I have been collecting key items for a while and haven’t seen one like this!

  • nicole grace

    i LOVE the “just keep flying” necklace! its simple, but bold and the color is gorgeous! very very hard to pick just ONE!

  • Leslie

    It’s so hard to pick just one but the white & antique brass Gardenia Ring is my fav! Classic!

  • Amy M

    I adore the Bleu Celeste necklace. It’s totally my style…and is the colors of my wedding. I have to get it!! Thanks for the great site!

  • Tristen

    I absolutely ADORE the My Sweet Owl Necklace! I love that he’s got blue eyes – my favorite color. :o)

  • Lauren

    My absolute favourite is the Flavor Burst necklace, but it’s very closely followed by the Scent of Lisabetta necklace. Both so beautiful in different ways!

  • Grace

    mmm I love the Travelers Treasure Trove necklace. I adore the chest!

  • Tia

    I absolutely love the coral sunset ring! So pretty! I would wear it ALL the time!

  • LOVE this shop. I’m dying over the Flight of My Dreams necklace and the Out of the Blue necklace.

  • Christy V

    My favorite piece is the “Oh My Daisy” necklace. Very spring-y, fresh, and adorable. There are SO many wonderful things that I love, but the daisies are special to me. :)

  • Allison

    I love The I Do necklace! And the name is perfect too!

  • Noelle

    I think the “Blissful Days” necklace is delightful!

  • Jillian

    I love the “My Sweet Owl” necklace. It would be the perfect gift for my aunt who just threw me an amazing shower. I love this site and am definitely going to be making some purchases for my bridesmaid gifts.

  • judith

    I love love love the bejeweled bee necklace! It’ s so ….unexpected.

  • I love the ‘Flight of My Dream’ Necklace. They are ALL so beautiful though! Great shop and giveaway!!

  • Megan

    I absolutely adore the scent of lisabetta necklace! i looked through all 16 pages, and this is still my favorite! it’s stunning.

  • livi

    I adore the Live It Up (yellow roses with apple green turquoise) necklace!! All of their stuff is SO cute, but that’s definitely my favorite!! :)

  • Michelle Parada

    I love the elephant earrings. They are adorable.

  • Bryana

    My absolute favorite is the Flavor Burst Necklace (orange and turquoise) for its’ fun colors and vintage appeal. The Secret Love necklace is simple and beautiful all at the same time, and the fact that you can customize it with your initial is also a plus! :)

  • kira lee

    I absolutely adore the Prohibition necklace in burnt orange. Such a great colour combination. The entire shop is fantastsic!

  • Laura James

    I love the prairie field necklace

  • Kaelin Tillery

    I just adore the Bleu Celeste – vintage Italian Lucite beads in turquoise. So yummy!

  • Nina

    Lovin’ the Elephant Parade vintage coral necklace! But they are all so beautiful and dainty. I LOVE all of that stuff!!

  • Mikelle

    ohhhhhh it’s so hard to pick just one, I love them all so much. The little details here and there really make the pieces unique and so pretty!

    I love the Mini Green Tea Gardenia Locket Necklace.

    It’s to DIE for!

  • Julie Bayliff

    I LOVE the Gardenia Earrings. The coral (fantastic color) with the pearl is to die for!

  • Oh my daisy love – That bouquet is SO amazing!

  • misty

    my favorite is the prohibition necklace in burnt orange & montana blue. The colors go so well together and it has that lovely vintage feel.

  • Anxhela

    OMG why did you guys have to pick a store with such pretty stuff. I loved everything. So hard to choose. Since I have been into earrings latley I choose the Naked Fruits – Limited edition vintage daisy and orange earrings I love the pops of color and perfect for summer.

  • Sara

    I am IN LOVE with the wandering wisteria necklace–it is so romantic!

  • Nina

    I love Swallowtail Fantasy! So simple yet beautiful! :)

  • alyssa marie

    i simply ADORE the “Jolly Penguin Locket” necklace. I simply love the little penguin on it.

  • felisha

    My absolute favorite item was the “Lucky Duo” custom initial double strands necklace. I’ve been looking for a necklace with my guy’s initials for some time now but haven’t found I liked until now!

  • Melissa

    I LOVE the scent of lisabetta necklace. it’s beautiful in EVERY color!

  • Kristen S

    I love the P.S. I love you – envelope pendant!

  • I absolutely adore the Free as a bird necklace! So simple and elegant.

  • Samantha Bouton

    Without a doubt, the porcelain white poppy Await the Day ring is my fav. I’d wear that everywhere. Classy enough for work, but quirky enough for evenings out. Perfection!

  • I LOVE the Prohibition Earrings – lemon yellow! So pretty with the yellow flowers and the sapphire beads!

  • ere05

    The “My Neighbor Blue Owl Necklace” is beautiful, delicate and timeless, a real winner!

  • Louise Bolin

    I love “My Sweet Owl Necklace” is absolutely adorable!

  • Farrah

    I am just in love with the Scent of Lisabetta necklace. They are my wedding colors! Couldn’t be more perfect!

  • love all of these, but my fave image is the one of the bridesmaids with the yellow flower rings – sweet!

  • Christin

    I LOVE THE ELEPHANT PARADE NECKLESS! I’m obessed with all things India and elephants are wise, holy creatures:) I’m not Indian but I’m going to have Indian colors in my wedding. This neckeless would be a great bridesmaid gift except I want one for myself:) Love all your stuff, I’ll totally be using the 10% off code soon!

  • Jenny

    My fiance and I really love the “P.S. I Love You- Envelope Pendant”. We were actually looking through the Sora Designs shop a few weeks ago and thought this would be a perfect gift for my fiancé’s daughter on our wedding day.

  • Laura

    Wow, I love the Bleu Celeste necklace in turquoise!! Beautiful jewelry!!

  • I love the Prohibition Necklace no3 sapphire blue. It’s such a fun, vibrant color.

  • Nicole W.

    I am obsessed with the “Live it Up” necklace–exquisite!

  • Evie

    I absolutely love the First Light necklace- that yellow and the blue brooch on it is fabulous! Also the scent of Lisabetta earrings are amazing too! What a lovely etsy jewelry store!!

  • Caitlin

    I love the Dawn’s Break Necklace, but everything is so beautiful I had a really hard time deciding!

  • Melissa

    Let’s Cook – miniature pan, fork, spoon, knife necklace!!!! Lordy, that’s a cute necklace:)

  • Michelle

    OOOH!!!!!!!!!! I love the Scent of Lisabetta necklace in dusty pink! I would wear it to my wedding because it matches my colors perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!! As a very close runner up is the bleu celeste necklace which is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  • Hillary

    wow! i LOVE the await the day ring. i am going to have to shop on this site for my bridesmaids!!

  • what a pretty shop! i’m loving the enchanted peacock necklace. and good luck on the aisledash awards, i’m voting for you!

  • Jamanda

    This is such a cute shop. I love the “Elephant Parade” necklace in vintage coral pink.

  • I just love the Flavor Burst necklace!!

  • Abigail

    I love: Dawns Break Necklace – vintage German Lucite.

    All are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  • Mallory

    I LOVE the Blissful Day necklace. The floral charm reminds me of the flowers on the lace of my wedding dress, and the bird charm reminds me of my sorority’s mascot, the dove.

  • Gabby

    Swallowtail Fantasy Necklace.

    Thankyou so much for sharing!

  • I love this entire shop. And I am in love with the Summer Morning Necklace. I adore inlaid bird image!

  • Emily

    I really love the Paper White Gardenia Necklace, but the Elephant designs are wonderful, too! Love this shop!

  • Prohibition Necklace – burnt orange, Montana blue is pretty fabulous. Great color combo, so pretty!

  • Wen

    Thanks everyone for posting their favorites. I love doing giveaways!
    Good luck to the award. I voted for Ruffled Blog!

  • c_tyler [of]

    The Big Wish Necklace is great! Can it get much better than a life size wishbone dangling from a chain? I think not. Crossing my fingers.

  • devon

    it’s really hard to choose, but, i love, love, LOVE the Metamorphosis Necklace.

  • Ashley
  • Luky Pongquan

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bunny in the Wonderland – vintage watch face – a great gift. What a beautiful vintage piece and classic for every outfit.

  • Mary Kay

    I love love love the Scent of Lisabetta necklace. Its gorgeous in every color! I must say the Dawn Breaks necklace comes in a close second. The dark teal with grey leaves is gorgeous!!

  • Ginger

    I love the take flight ring!

  • Lauren

    I am in love with the Lucky Duo – custom initial double strands necklace. I would love to wear my initial along w/ my fiance’s initial. Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

  • Lindsey

    I love all the bird necklaces, but I think my favorite would have to be Enchanted Peacock!!

  • Alanah

    Keys have always been one of my favourites on jewelry, so this one’s my fav:

  • JJane

    This is cute…I would love to see my mother wearing it on my wedding day. :)

  • Christie
  • Jenni

    AMAZING necklace! I love the Coral Sunset Ring from her Etsy shop to match it!

  • Thelma

    My fav piece is the Sunflower statement ring.Thanks for the giveaway.

  • L Dub
  • Whitney

    I looked through every piece in her shop, and I kept coming back to “Sunny Skies Ahead Necklace -Yellow, white, turquoise, purple, antiqued gold” It would look so perfect with a simple black dress… I LOVE IT!

  • Amelia

    The Scent of Lisabetta, all the way.

  • I think the Chirp if you are chic necklace is adorable!

  • Donna

    I luuuurve the Prohinition necklace, pretty, dainty, classic! Beautiful

  • Calla

    The asymmetric necklaces are amazing. Sunny Skies Ahead is my favorite. I wish I could find more jewelry in these vintage colors.

  • Blissful days necklace, spyglass necklace…every ring..oh my! So beautiful.

  • Chelsea Mueller

    Loving the “Prohibition Necklace”!!

  • I’m pretty much in love with all of her rings, but the Gardenia Ring in mint green is probably my fave.

  • I love pretty much everything by Sora, but I especially love the Little Lady Harmonica. Small, cute, and playable! Definition of versatility, for sure!

  • Jeanette

    Oh everything is so darlin’!! I especially like the necklaces with big jewels!

  • I love the Flight of My Dream – vintage marbled turquoise and brown Lucite, coral red necklace. So pretty and interesting!

  • Sarah C

    Love the Elephant Parade – vintage coral pink elephant necklace!

  • Lindsay

    I really love the Little Lady harmonica necklace–functional and adorable.

  • nicole b.

    So much to choose from! I think my favorite is the Awakening Every Day necklace! Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

  • Jennica

    I love love love the Just Keep Flying pieces, this site is going to be a weekly musthave.

  • Jessica

    I love the “Elephant Parade- marbled ivory” piece because it reminds me of my grandmother who passed away a couple of years back. When I was little she would show me one piece of here elephant collection each time I saw her. She let me put it on a shelf in her room and throughout the years the collection grew bigger and bigger. When she passed away she gave me her entire collection which is now on display in my home. My favorite elephant in the collection is the white ivory elephant.

    Sora Designs has some amazing pieces of jewelry and I think there is something that everyone can relate to on there- absolutely talented and inspired work. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kate C

    My favorite is actually what you’re giving away. All versions of the Lisbeta necklace are gorgeous!

  • Treva

    Scent of Lisabetta – dusty pink is totally gorgeous! Also the Refreshing olive. There’s just something about a little sparkly.