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Lush Floral Wedding Backdrops with Vivid Colors

Wedding Design

It’s all happy here as we gush over these show-stopping floral wedding backdrops in prismatic colors. There’s a sense of harmonious randomness in the vivid blooms, and we’re loving the tropical foliage accents just as much as the marbled pastels. The bride is adorned in 3 distinct wedding day looks throughout the scenes, and we’re crushing hard on every single one! Prepare to be hypnotized by blooms.

asymmetrical tropical floral arbor and gold embellished v-neck wedding dress
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Make This Giant Floral Frame with a DIY Hula Hoop

Home Decor DIY

Raise your hand if you keep a mental (ahem, Pinterest) list of DIY projects you want to make! This giant floral frame with a diy hula hoop was one of them for me. I wanted to make a frame that I could use to dress up this giant round mirror I have, but nothing permanent that’d ruin the frame. Something I could use for a party or shoot and hang on its own too.

That’s what I’m sharing today! This giant floral frame using various silk flowers from Afloral is everything I love and look for when I consider creating a DIY: easy, breezy, beautiful. Flower Girl.

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

What you’ll need:

Large piece of cardboard
PEX pipe
Pipe connector
Fiskars Pipe cutter
Duct Tape
Hot Glue

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop Floral frame

Diy Hula Hoop

I created a giant floral frame that fits onto my giant round mirror. It perfect fits around the frame of the mirror so it’s easily removable. I can use it to decorate my mirror or as a giant wreath, so this twofer project is totally worth it and definitely doable.

How to make a giant hula hoop

Guys. GUYS. This is how to make hula hoops, in any size you want! Get a roll of PEX pipe and connectors of the same size. Cut the length you want, connect the ends and use duct tape around the connector. Done and done. Giant hula hoop coming right up!

The DIY hula hoop served as the frame that fits around the mirror.

With a large piece of cardboard (I used the box that mirror came with), I free-style a large round frame with scissors.

Get hula hooping out of your system. It’s mandatory you hula hoop before you continue. Hot glue the cardboard frame on the hoop.

Floral Frame Recipe

You’ll want to look for bundles so you get more flowers per bush that range in large to medium size. I used a lot of leftover flowers I was saving from the DIY bouquets I’ve been sharing, so you can reuse all clippings you save for this.

You can use the small buds from these brushes to fill in the gaps.

Here are the flowers I used:

Pink peonies (I used 3 bushes)
Ranunculus in orange
Ranunculus in yellow
Rose in yellow
Ranunculus in white
Roses in cream
Protea in orange
Peony spray

Cut flower heads and randomly glue them onto the frame. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, just cover the whole frame!

Photos by Sophie Mathewson.

This post was sponsored by Afloral. Concept, styling, opinions and ideas are all of our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors! Visit them here for all thing silk flowers and supplies.

Love on the Rocks: Aspen Wedding with Modern, Tropical Vibes

Bohemian Weddings

Aimee and Tim are killing it in the adorable couples department. We’re not quite sure joy has ever been so infectious! Their outdoor Aspen wedding combines the organic beauty of nature with quirky details that make the couple them, and we are overjoyed to be sharing their “love on the rocks” fete with you today!

neon wedding signage backdrop
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