Newlywed Brunch Registry Essentials with Macy’s

Building your wedding registry has all the potential to be one of the most exciting aspects of your wedding, especially when you choose a retailer that quite literally has everything you could possibly need for your married life. Macy’s wedding registry is poised to cover all your wants and needs from cookware to home decor to seriously chic serving dishes.


By using Macy’s wedding registry, you’ll be all set for any party, dinner, or get-together that comes your way, but you’ll also be prepared for those cozy mornings at home that we all love. We’ve highlighted some of our top picks to have the perfect newlywed brunch, bringing you the essentials plus a few key, fun pieces to get the ideas brewing so you can make sure your registry is unique and personal to you.


The second we saw these cute heart-shaped pancake molds, we knew we had to give them a whirl! The result was even cuter than we expected, and they’re absolutely perfect for those first few months of newlywedded-ness, anniversaries, or even every day. The zebra and giraffe salt and pepper shakers are another favorite, for sure. We expect they’ll be a staple at all our meals!


The pop of color these melamine bowls offer is totally irresistible, plus they’re dishwasher safe and perfect for mixing, serving, and storing. This Anolon muffin pan is another genius choice, as it comes with its own cover. Stale muffins no more!


A KitchenAid mixer has been a longtime staple of the wedding registry and the well-stocked kitchen, and we absolutely can’t resist this version in a copper metallic finish. A copper mixer is a great segue to incorporating other metallic accents into your kitchen and dining room, like this set of copper canisters and these great mugs, plates, and more with brush stroke details too.



Banana Pudding Breakfast Parfait Recipe (adapted into a skinnier version from My Baking Addiction)

2 vanilla wafers, crushed
1 6-ounce container plain Greek-style yogurt
1/4 cup granola cereal
honey or agave syrup
1/2 large banana, sliced
whipped cream (optional)
cinnamon powder to garnish (optional)


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