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New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve Party

The girls at HEYLOOK sent over a NYE party kit that is as fabulous as it is simple to decorate at home, just in time for tomorrow! Here are four easy DIY projects that are a must for a New Year’s Eve party:

DIY streamer letter

1. Gold fringe wrapped numbers:

For the NYE “2012” decor you’ll need:
– cardboard (we used some boxes leftover from Christmas gifts)
– a tinsel door curtain (available at party supply stores like this one)
– glue and scissors
– numbers (or letters) printed on paper to desired size.

NYE DIY streamer lettersNYE DIY streamer letters

NYE wedding ideas

Trace number outlines to cardboard and cut out. The font used on the numbers is called Bebas neue and can be downloaded free here. Then place some glue on the cardboard cut out and wrap a few strips of the foil curtain around it. Continue in this way until the entire cardboard number is covered with foil strips. You can cut off excess strips or simply let them hang off loosely, depending on what look you’re going for. If you like the look we created, make twist the strips a few times while wrapping and attaching them to the number. If you like it more neat, attach the strips evenly.

These numbers, although fairly large, are very light-weight and can be hung from the ceiling on nylon string with a bit of tape.

We completed the look by hanging strips of foil curtain from the ceiling in several places. This entire decor is done with one single curtain, so the costs are really low.

NYE wedding ideas

NYE DIY confetti poppersDIY confetti poppers

2. Confetti Poppers:

For the confetti poppers you’ll need:

– tissue paper
– toilet paper rolls
– glue, scissors
– erm…confetti
– glitter dots (you can use a hole punch to make your own)
– double sided tape
– sewing needle and thread
– streamers
– nylon fishing line

Brush a thin coat of coat of glue on toilet paper rolls and wrap tissue paper like in the photo above. Using a sewing needle, pull the thread on one end of your popper. This will be the bottom of your confetti popper. Once you threaded one end, make sure to make a knot large enough on the inside so the thread stays put. Add confetti, and tie the other end of your popper with fishing line to hang from the ceiling. Embellish with tissue paper, glitter dots, double sided tape and loose glitter sprinkled on.

NYE wedding ideas

3. Tinsel “sparkler” cake toppers:
You can make some cake decor and drink stirrers with tinsel garlands. We simply attached a piece of tinsel to gold wire and stuck them into our rather imperfect (but yummy!) coconut cream cake.

NYE wedding ideas

4. Wishes for the New Year:

They also created a printable for Wishes for 2012, an idea worth perusing in lieu of guest books for your weddings! Guests can write their wishes for the new year and hang them on streamers. Print out the cards for the New Year’s wishes and cut them out.

Bebas neue from dafont, which can be downloaded here
Old Script, which can be downloaded here

Thank you HEYLOOK for sharing these tutorials with us!

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Download 2012 New Year poster and wish cards

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