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New Vera Wang Papers Album Launch

New Vera Wang Papers Album Launch

No need for introductions here, as we can all agree that a Vera Wang number has been at least once in our dream gown collection. Now take all that dreaminess and transfer them to wedding stationery. That’s what essentially is. It’s that delectable and timeless couture design in the form of invitations. They recently launched their second volume of gorgeous wedding suites, trust me when I tell you that you will want to take a look at the whole album:

Curated by the experts, the is designed with the fashion-conscious bride in mind. Inspired by Vera’s bridal and ready-to-wear lines, the stationery collection reflects the modern aesthetic that has made Vera Wang a household name in the wedding world. Modern and unique, the album is filled with wonderfully surprising details. The rich lush textures such as dahlia and zinnia touches are captivating and the fresh color palette gives an instant airy feel.

Your selections will offer guests a taste of the event to come and with options such as hand-drawn monograms carefully designed by Vera Wang Paper’s Senior Art Director and fresh motifs you will have invitees swooning over your . Make a dramatic statement with an oversized eight inch square and select from the new available ink colors, envelope linings, ribbons and papers. We are head over heels for white ink engraved on a timeless black invitation.

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Go above and beyond with Vera Wang haute couture stationery components, including everything from gift tags and maps to cards detailing scavenger hunt instructions. Get inspired and check out the Vera Wang on Weddings Volume Two lookbook .

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