Nelle Handbags is launching a new collection in December and nothing better than a giveaway to celebrate! We will sadly bid adieu to our favoritest Just Bowtiful handbag collection, but we’re patiently looking forward for the next round of delicious clutches and accessories. But not to fret, because until then we’re giving away three of these coveted pretties.

bow purse wedding accessories

bow wedding accessories

vintage bow wedding accessories

This is a lighting quick giveaway! We will randomly choose the winners and announce them in our Weekly Wrap Up tomorrow. To enter, simply leave us a comment below letting us know which handbag from the Just Bowtiful collection you will choose if you win. Nelle Handbags is also giving free shipping for all items till the end of October to Ruffled readers. Just enter coupon code Ship4Free. Good luck!

***This giveaway is now closed***

Nelle Handbags is a member of Blue Label, our local wedding vendor guide.

  • i love the classic clutch!

  • Jade

    The just bowtiful clutch is darling!

  • I’ve got to have the Flora Clutch! Any color :)

  • Lori Corson
  • Cheryl

    I would pick the JUST BOWTIFUL CLUTCH in cream!!! Lovely!!!

  • I love these great handbags! I would have to choose the cream colored clutch! How perfect it would go with my wedding dress color, and my wedding colors! I am in love, Nelle Handbags, IN LOVE! Thank you!

  • Absolutely LOVE the Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch! The white, navy and marigold ones are my favorite!

  • Mandy

    I like the classic clutch.

  • Allyson L.

    The Just Bowtiful Clutch in black would be perfect for my bridesmaids! It would coordinate perfectly with the rest of their outfits and I know they would get a lot of use out of it.

  • Lisa Clark

    I would choose the Classic clutch It would go perfect with my dress

  • Emilie

    I would take any of them in grey! Beautiful!

  • Dana K

    The petersham Clutch is so cute

  • Amber delaminko

    Flora one is wonderful What wonderful bags

  • Andrea

    My sister is getting married I would pick the classic clutch so I can you use it on the big day

  • Robyn

    I love them all! I would choose the Classic Flutter Clutch in Sky with a Soft White Blossom.

  • Cassidi Ballou

    So cute!!

  • Mallory Day

    The Just Bowtiful Purse is so unique, yet still looks so classic. That in Navy would be a fantastic Something Blue!

  • Melodious

    I would choose the Just Bowtiful purse in the stunning apple shade. Combined with the black and white lining, I imagine it’s stunning!

  • Jessica Klein

    LOVE THEM ALL so hard to pick
    The Flora clutch is my fav

  • Jennifer

    These are just ADORABLE bags. For my big day, the Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch will add the perfect element of modern romance to my vintage inspired Antique lace gown and my champange glitter heels.

  • Ahnarose

    I would choose the lovely “just bowtiful purse” in sky blue! It is so quaint and adorable!

  • Raquel Muhar

    The Just Bowtiful Purse in sky is darling! I heart it.

  • Miranda Lancaster

    Ohhhh, Definitely the Bowtiful Clutch. So Pretty:)

  • I love LOVE love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in blush or coral or cream. ok ok ok how about one in every color!!!!!!! :)

  • Katherine

    I love the Just Bowtiful in coral or navy–my sister’s wedding colors. Would make a great accessory for my dress or a gift for my BRIDE!

  • Lydia Mee

    That clutch in Marigold looks truly vintage – I love it!

  • Melissa W.

    The Tuxedo Cherub Clutch!!!!!!! So cute:)

  • Mariana

    I would the Just Bowtiful clutch! I’ve had my eye on it for months now in the grey or coral colors, but have never been able to pull the trigger. Here’s to hoping!

  • Cathy

    The “JUST BOWTIFUL FLORA CLUTCH” is so pretty, I love it!

  • Morgan

    the perfectly petersham clutch is to die for!

  • The flora sash is chartreuse is fantastic! It would look so perfect for fall!

  • Bailey G

    Oh my!!! squeee! I ABSOLUTELY love these! so adorable. I would love ot have the Just Bowtiful clutch in soft white (or black) or any colour really!! So gorgeous!

  • Andrea Polanco

    these are so cute! The clutches are my favorite!

  • Sarah

    Hi! I would love to win the last clutch in the white! I think it would look so pretty with my wedding dress that has a big bow on the front! thanks, and I love reading the blog!

  • Barbara

    The Bowtiful in gray! My colors are gray, navy, and shades of purple. It would be perfect! Fingers crossed…

  • carlymary

    i absolutely love the bowtiful clutches – black, dove grey and coral!
    i can’t seem to choose.
    cute and sassy, the perfect accessory!

  • Whoopsie-daisy! I’m supposed to pick a clutch! I would definitely love to take home the classic clutch in chartreuse. That color really pops and would be a great gift for one of my friends about to be married!

  • LOVE the grey Just Bowtiful Clutch!

  • I am getting married soon, next year.
    I would love a new cluth, so I won’t fear…
    Losing my cell phone and my precious lip gloss
    so I can concentrate on my man and the flower toss!

    I love all of these purses, especially cream & blue
    Thank you, Nelle Handbags, and Ruffled too!


  • Kelsey B.

    I’m absolutely smitten with the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Navy. It’s perfection! Just the right amount of girliness and vintage flair…a lovely addition to my wedding look!

  • Babs

    I would love to have the Just Bowtiful clutch in the grey…so pretty and a fabulous winter neutral.

  • Jessica

    Absolutley love the coral or black clutch!! So gorge!

  • Larissa

    I love the lines of the classic Shopper in Camel, but for my wedding the Just Bowtiful Purse in blush or marigold would add vintage flair and soft charm.

  • Miranda

    eeeek! ‘bowtiful clutch’ is fabulous. Silver is my choice .

  • Melissa W.

    Just bowtiful clutch in dove grey! I just realized that it had to be in the collection;) Sorry about that!

  • Kirsten

    I would choose the JUST BOWTIFUL FLORA CLUTCH in marigold. So pretty!!

  • Molly Jones

    JUST BOWTIFUL CLUTCH is so sweet The color I am not sure yet

  • Holly T

    Love love love the classic clutch

  • Cynthia

    I love the Just Bowtiful Flora Cutch! In cream it would just go with everything… :)

  • Sarah Y

    ooooooo…I would loooove to win the gray clutch…it would lovely with the silver beading on my dress!

  • Bride to be

    The flora sashes are so elegent I would pick those

  • Annie

    Such pretty bags! I’d love to have one.

  • Becca Campbel

    For sure I would pick the classic clutch would go with anything

  • Mike

    My fiance would love any of these but I would surprise her on our wedding day with a bowtiful clutch Thanks for a great giveaway

  • The Bowtiful flora clutch is fabulous. I’d take it in the soft white.

  • Caitlin

    Completely smitten over the Bowtiful Clutch in blush/cream. It would go wonderfully with my wedding dress with many uses to come.

  • Mandy Smith

    If i had to only pick one it would be the classic clutch so cute

  • Marie


  • Juli Wagoner

    These are totally adorable! I am always searching out cute, new clutches and handbags because they make perfect gifts for all the little misses in my life! Also, I am planning my wedding right now so these are definitely going to be kept in mind for the big day and gifts! I love the Just Bowtiful Clutch and the Tuxedo Cherub Clutch – I love the vibrant and chic colors. Gray, cream, chartreuse, and sky! Super duper cute!

  • Katrina

    for the record, the apple clutch is PHENOMENAL… for my wedding, the cream would be divine!! I love the whole collection!!

  • Kelly

    Mmmmmm… a bright, contrasting classic flutter clutch would make my day!

  • Marie

    just bowtieful coral clutch= gorgeous!!

  • Katie

    I love the just bowtiful clutch- so cute!

  • Katina B.

    LOVE the Bowtiful clutch in soft white!!!!

  • maki

    the just bowtiful clutch in soft white is SO cute :)

  • Michelle McAuley

    I love the handbag! I’m getting married in March and would love to give this to my sister–my Maid of Honor!

  • maki

    the just bowtiful clutch in coral is SO cute :)

  • Lindsay L

    I would love the bow-tiful clutch in coral to add a pop of color to an outfit. The belts are cute too!

  • The Just Bowtiful Clutch in marigold would be a perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. Love it!

  • Lizzles

    I would choose the Blush “Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch.” Its so delicate and pretty. “Just Bowtiful” clutch in Coral is a close second.

  • maki

    sorry, double entry :-S

  • christina

    i love the just bowtiful flora clutch in soft white/blush or the just bowtiful clutch in soft white/blush. simply stunning. thanks!! :)

  • Fun!! I love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Dove Grey or Marigold…so cute!

  • Sara P.

    I LOVE the “Just Bowtiful Clutch” in silver. Such a beautiful color. Though, the black is also pretty, and would get so much wear!

  • Shawn

    oh my! the best giveaway yet – I absolutely loved this clutch when I saw it in the Martha Stewart catalog. I adore the bowtiful clutch! What color to choose? they are all so cute! I guess i’d have to choose soft white. it would be perfect for my summer wedding!

  • Courtney D.

    I absolutely adore the Just Bowtiful in Apple!! These are fabulous!

  • The clutches are TOO cute!!!! WANT!!!!

  • Bianca

    marigold is a color to die over! my choice would happily be any of the “just bowtiful” styles!

  • Ann

    Just Bowtiful Purse in Navy!

  • lauren price

    I would choose the mustard yellow belt!

  • Cara

    I just love the texture of Just Bowtiful Clutch in blush. So sweet, vintage, and modern all at the same time! Love love.

  • Rebecca

    The just bowtiful flora clutch is adorable! It matches the flower on my gown perfectly!

  • Hannah

    I looove the classic clutch. It looks so cute & versatile!

  • Sarah

    Probably the “Just bowtiful” clutch.. though I really like the classic one the best.. it’s just not in that collection!

  • rosemariee

    i love the classic clutch! in blush or coral!

  • Whitney

    These bags are gorgeous … I would love one in coral!

  • Audrianna

    I would choose the the bowtiful clutch in Grey! So pretty :)

  • Michael

    The Just Bowtiful Purse in Sky Blue would make a gorgeous gift for a friend of mine this Christmas. It matches a great outfit she has perfectly!

  • Ashleigh N.

    The just Bowtiful Flora Clutch is gorgeous, and would be such a colorful “pop!” to any outfit! It’s a perfect accessory!

  • Ana Preciado

    If I was chosen the winner I would pick the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Navy. :)

  • As I scrolled down the page I simply fell in love with almost all of the purses! Which is why I am unable to decide but I narrowed it down to these four:
    -Just Bowtiful Clutch
    as seen in Martha Stewart Wedding
    -Just Bowtiful Purse
    -Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch
    -Blush Chevron Handbag(wish it wasn’t sold out)

    Thanks for this chance to win something so gorgeous!


  • Melissa

    What a great giveaway! I would LOVE the Just Bowtiful Purse in Marigold. So pretty (and such a fun color)!

  • Sarah K

    absolutely adorable! LOVE the Just Bowtiful clutch in marigold or blush!

  • Leanne

    I love the just bowtiful clutch in silver/gray!

  • The Just Bowtiful Clutch, of course! It’s so cute! I would probably get them in navy to match my wedding colors. :)

  • Robbie

    I love the just bowtiful clutch! :) I love the marigold, soft white and black colors a lot! Such a lovely giveaway!

  • Lenna Walimaa

    Such a hard decision! The Just Bowtiful purse in Marigold is my favorite! Lovely!

  • Madison Reiner

    I would choose one of the Just Bowtiful clutches. The style is amazing and all of the colors are great!

  • maiko

    i would love the just bowtiful purse! super cute! :)

  • Gabrielle

    The Just Bowtiful Clutch in Blush is absolutely lovely! The soft pink paired with the playful bow would be the perfect accent to my blush, blue and marigold inspired wedding! This nostalgic clutch reminds me of my ballet days :) How wonderful!

  • Sarah

    Clearly I’d choose the Just Bowtiful clutch in soft white. Perfect for a wedding! And MY wedding!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amanda

    I absolutely would love the silver handbag! Would be so perfect to have for my wedding, love it! What a great giveaway!

  • Kimberly

    They’re all so cute but I love the bowtiful purses!

  • Haley G.

    The just bowtiful clutch is soooo adorable!

  • Sleach

    The purse in the light teal/turquoise is my favorite of that style, and the clutches in coral and gold and adorable too! I love the colors, and all of the other styles on the site!

  • Laura

    cream coloured clutch is adorable!!

  • Camryn

    ooooh my word, the clutch in coral! that would brighten up any gloomy michigan day:)

  • Lauren P

    OMG! I am swooning over the Just Bowtiful Clutch in dove gray, coral or navy! Dee-lich!

  • Madelynne Miller

    I just ADORE the tuxedo cherub clutch in sunshine yellow! It would go so well with my yellow, grey, green, and white color scheme. I’ve been wanting to win a clutch for my wedding day SO bad! I hope I get it!

  • Tara

    Love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in marigold! What an awesome all year color.

  • KC

    Ooo, I’d love the Just Bowtiful purse in any color! I mean, I love the paler blue and the brighter pink, but realistically, a white one or a mustard colored one would work better with outfits.

  • tara

    definitely the coral clutch! love it!!

  • Martina

    I would Love Just Bowtiful soft white Clutch :)))

  • Jenni

    I Adore the yellow purse. The bow is so unique in this collection and adorbs! :)

  • The clutches are so cute!

  • Kristi

    The black Bowtie clutch is adorable! It reminds me of being both a young girl and a grown woman. Awesome!

  • Wendy

    I’m getting married in Nov. 2012, and I absolutely love this site!
    I would love the Bowtiful clutch in marigold as my colors will be of a yellow/grey/blue scheme.

  • Sarah Nicole

    LOVE the Just Bowtiful clutches. :-)

  • Elysse G.

    What a fabulous collection! The Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch in Navy would be a lovely addition for my wedding day- Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Kristin

    These are absolutely adorable!! When I was growing up my grandfather used to wear these yellow bowties to church every sunday with a gray suit. He lost his battle with cancer a few years back and in his honor all the men in my wedding are going to wear gray suits with yellow accents :) I love the vintage throwback to these cute little bags! If i were to be chosen to win, I would choose the Marigold Just Bowtiful clutch in the bottom picture!

  • Nicole N.

    I would love the classic clutch in ivory! :)

  • The Just Bowtiful Clutch in coral!

  • The Just Bowtiful Clutch in Black is exactly what I’ve been searching for to complete my wedding day look!

  • Christina

    I’m torn between the Shopper in Camel or the just bowtiful clutch in gray

  • Mer

    can’t beat the classic! thanks for the opportunity!

  • Christine

    I absolutely LOVE the turquoise bowtie. My fiance would really wear it well on our wedding day!

  • Jessica

    Just one? They are all absolutely GORGEOUS!!! How fun. But if I HAD to pick just one, I would go with JUST BOWTIFUL CLUTCH in Coral! Just too amazing!!!

  • Alexa

    The Midnight Cherub Clutch in Sky. It would look great with my dress for the anniversary dinner.

  • the bowtiful clutch in dove grey would be my pick, or the shopper in grey. lovely!

  • I’ve been looking for a belt like the Flora Sash in coral! Thanks for the link!

  • I absolutely love the Just Bowtiful clutch in grey! So pretty and so many great color choices.

  • Alysha Ragusa

    LOVE these hand bags! So cute. I like the red one… and the yellow ;)

  • Denise

    Just bowtiful Flora clutch is gorgeous but I also love the Perfectly Petersham clutch…but that one won’t match my dress. Thanks!

  • Oh I would love to win the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Blush. It would make a lovely birthday present for my mum :)

  • Annalee Storey Wood

    Gosh! I love these! Gray or yellow PLEEESE??!!! I hope I win! :)

  • The Just Bowtiful Clutch is so darling, I’d love to bring this with me to the next wedding I attend! I also love the black shopper for everyday use, although it seems like it was so popular it sold out already.

  • Carolyn

    I absolutely LOVE the Just Bowtiful clutch in soft white. They’re all so beautiful it’s so hard to choose!

  • Stephanie Benhart

    the Just Bowtiful Clutch in dove grey

  • Oh! That Just Bowtiful Clutch is simply… beautiful! Love the cream/soft white and also the silver… both are so elegant, yet casual!

  • Cecilie

    Of the specific Just Bowtiful collection, my favorite is absolutely the Flora Clutch in Marigold. I also adore the classic clutch in chartreuse and the Perfectly Petersham clutch. All three are so great and classic with a perfect little twist to make it modern.

  • I’m in love with the ‘just bowtiful clutch’ in coral!! (:

  • Kelly

    I love the Just Bowtiful Flora clutch in coral!

  • Lauren J

    Love the bowtie clutch in either the cream, or blush pink. so cute :)

  • Vanessa Otero-Grant

    Gorgeous – All of it! I would go with the JUST BOWTIFUL CLUTCH in either coral or gray, can’t decide.

  • These are all so cute! I can’t decide which one I like best. But I could get some good use out of the Camel Chevron Handbag.


    erica @ tinseltwine . com

  • Melanie

    The Just Bowtiful cluthes in Navy or Coral (my colors :) are gorgeous- I can just imagine seeing my bridesmaids’ faces when they open up their gifts! Love!

  • Emily J

    LOVE the grey/silver clutch!

  • Amber Fielder

    Im entering the hangbag giveaway! These bags are amazing! I love the blue bag (my fave color), plus I still need a something blue for my wedding. Im wishing myself some luck!

  • Kelly

    I would choose the Just Bowtiful Clutch in soft white

  • I would love that pretty dove grey Bowtiful clutch — OR the Perfectly Petersham clutch (very pretty!).

  • Melanie

    A Classic Flutter clutch needs to be mineeeee :))

  • I LOVE the Just Bowtiful clutch. I would get it in the Coral color.

  • Ellen W.

    Just Bowtiful Clutch, definitely! Too cute to pass up. I’d probably go for dove gray, but it’s so hard to choose!

  • Natasha

    Thank you for the beautiful giveaway! I would love to win the Classic Flutter Clutch in that pink colour!! *fingers crossed*

  • Virginia

    I love The Shopper in black….Thank you!!

  • Felicity

    Just Bowtiful Clutch in Soft White. Simply perfection.

  • Heather

    Classic clutch in Black

  • Marthalynn

    They’re all so beautiful, it’s hard to choose! I think the classic Clutch is perfect. It would accompany me not only to weddings and soirees, but to church and brunch as well!

  • Holly D

    Bowtiful clutch These are great

  • Jen Smith

    Love the Classic clutch

  • stephanie


    I would love the “shopper in black” bag or the “just bowtiful” clutch :)

  • Holly P.

    The just Bowtiful clutch in cream is to die for! So cute! Would be perfect for my wedding day! Thanks!

  • Heather Polosky

    Sashes are so adorable

  • Kristin Andrew

    Just LOVE the cream coloured clutch! Would be the perfect bag, would use it a lot!

  • Brady

    just bowtiful purse

  • Julie

    The Dove Gray Just Bowtiful Clutch is just wonderful!!!! It would fit right into my wedding ensemble!

  • Iohanna

    Soo cute… I just love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Coral. Fingers crossed now!

  • megan

    i think the Perfectly Petersham clutch is fabulous!

  • Lauren

    I would absolutely take the Bowtiful Clutch in Coral!

  • Jenette

    I really love the Shopper in Camel

  • Chelsea

    Bowtiful Clutch in Cream. :) Swoon! so neutral and versatile.

  • Marcus EZ

    My soon to be wife would be so happy if I won this for her She thinks I am not a creative type but I am. She would probably like the classic clutch in white

  • Bryana

    Flora clutch a must

  • Taylor

    The sky or apple green bowtiful purse. Beautiful craftsmanship!

  • youngji

    shopper in grey! love!

  • Frances F.

    Love the cream clutch. The bows are very architectural… nice design!

  • Diana

    Classic clutch in ivory or pick love them so nice

  • Kelly

    The Just Bowtiful clutch in dove grey is to die for!

  • Katie W

    I would pick the Just Bowtiful clutch in coral. It is to die for. What a feminine pop of color!

  • Mallory

    If I win… I’ll have to choose between the navy, marigold, or coral. Now I’m not sure if I want to win ;)

  • love the bowtiful clutch!

  • Kati

    I would love to show off with the marigold one! Greetings from Austria :)

  • Alyssa Ray

    I am so in love with the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Apple. It would be the perfect accent piece to so many outfits in my wardrobe!

  • Leah Kathryn Mills

    I love the Just Bowtiful clutch in Marigold!

  • BVJ2

    The Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch in blush or cream would look beautiful on our girls at our destination wedding

  • Natalia

    Bowtiful clutch in Coral!

  • Oh, wow! I’m in love with the Just Bowtiful Purse! :D

    Miki I.

  • I LOVE the Just Bowtiful Clutch! So adorable and timeless.

  • Stephanie

    The just bowtifil clutch is amazing- in the cream one is to die for!!

  • Bit

    Shopper in black! So cute.

  • Melissa Weintraub

    Absolutely LOVE the salmon colored clutch!
    Loved seeing your outfits in CO, you visited all my normal spots!

  • I’m liking the perfectly petersham clutch… probably in a fun color like sunshine!

  • TK

    The just bowtiful purse. I love all the colors too!

  • Stephanie

    I would pick the Perfectly Petersham Clutch in either soft white of blush!!! So pretty!

  • I would pick the last clutch! How chic is that and who doesn’t love a good bow! Each color is just adorable!

  • Carla

    Just bowtiful clutch in navy ! :)

  • Jess

    They are all so gorgeous, but the grey shopper is super lovely!!

  • Kate Fisher

    So hard to choose a favourite. They are all beautiful! I guess I’d have to say, the classic clutch in soft white.

  • I’m dying over the Just Bowtiful Clutch in marigold. So darling.

  • Love the Just Bowtiful Clutch…it would make great photo props, too!!

  • Lanie

    I would love the Marigold. It feels vintage and new at the same time :)

  • Diani

    I think the Bowtiful clutch is divine!!! I would select the navy colored one. Silver and Navy are my wedding colors! Can’t wait for the big day and this beautiful handbag would be a to die for accessory.

  • MBA

    Love the yellow clutchs! so perfect with a navy blue dress ;)

  • Falon

    I would LOVE the Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch in Soft White! <3

  • ejstafne

    The Just Bowtiful Clutch in coral or soft white…LOVE!!! :D

  • Caley

    Soooo hard to choose… a tough toss-up between the belts and the clutches. But I would choose the Flora Clutch in Navy to go with my maids’ dresses!

  • Alexandra

    The Just Bowtiful Clutch for sure, they are just beautiful in every single colour!!

  • scarlet

    Oh the Just Bowtiful Purse is so gorgeous! I also love the belt and their new Chevron bags are to die for as well! Can’t wait to see the new collection!

  • Jasmin Russell

    All the clutches are beautiful. But if I were to choose, I would give the Just Bowtiful Clutch in marigold to my Maid of Honor.

  • Brittany

    I would dieeeeeee for the mustard yellow clutch! so perfect! :)

  • kfloveinme

    Omg! Definitely the Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch! So pretty, classic elegant just like I hope our wedding to be! :-)

  • Jessica T

    Oh! How could one pick just one! I love the coral and the mustard clutch. But the floral clutches are so cute too!

  • oh my, i’d love the bowtiful clutch, although i’m pretty sure i’d have a hard time picking a color!

  • Sara

    These are so pretty. I’d pick the Just Bowtiful Clutch in navy :)

  • Arianna Ninneman

    I love the bowtiful flora clutch! So cute for a garden wedding! I would love the sky color to match my wedding!

  • tiffpaolive

    If I won, I would definitely love to have the BLUSH CHEVRON HANDBAG! It is so beautiful! I haven’t bought myself a new bag in 2 years because my hubby bought me a beautiful one for valentines a couple years ago — but I think this one would be a great new bag! Especially because I think he’ll like it too. :)

  • Sarah

    Love the classic clutch in cream. So pretty.

  • Olivia

    The Just Bowtiful Clutch is pretty awesome:)

  • Rhian

    I would totally get the JUST BOWTIFUL PURSE!

  • Gavi

    I would want the classic clutch in cream for my wedding!

  • emily manny

    the just bowtiful purse in dove gray!! it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Kristin Abbott

    The soft white flora clutch is amazing! :)

  • If we’re sticking with the Just Bowtiful name, I’d choose the adorable purse – probably in Dove Gray, it’s so pretty!

  • Linda L

    the just bowtiful clutch is great! thanks for the chance to win one of these!

  • Mary

    The purse! I set things down and leave them so I need a lovely handle!

  • Shopper in Black!

  • Anna

    Would LOVE the marigold clutch!! They’re all so pretty though…hard to choose just one!

  • hazel

    LOVE THESE! The bowtiful belts would be a perfect way to add some color & personality to my bridesmaid dresses!! Fingers crossed!!

  • Whitney Slade

    So sweet and beautiful! I love following you on pintrest, some of the best wedding ideas and romantic pictures! I love your site!

  • Holly

    oh man, I’m in love with the Just bBowtiful Clutch

  • Aimee

    I would choose the Perfectly Petersham Clutch or the Grey Chevron Handbag!

  • Lara

    Holy moly! Nelle is discontinuing the “Just Bowtiful” collection?! I was hoping to have my bridesmaids carry the Just Bowtiful clutch instead of a bouquet, so I’d love to win one!

  • afton

    just bowtiful clutch – in coral!

  • Mara

    I would be all over the silver Perfectly Petersham clutch – it’s structured and sweet at the same time. How do you even pull that off??

  • Hannah M.

    Just Bowtiful Clutch in silver–love the classic look of these clutches and silver would be great for any event!

  • The tuxedo cherub clutch is amazing!

  • Cynthia

    I love the clutch!

  • Marlys

    I love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in silver! Fingers crossed!

  • Lisa-Renee Weaver

    Decisions, decisions… id take any colour! But i guess the Ivory will work best with my champagne coloured dress!

  • I LOOOVE the just bowtiful clutch in blush or soft white!

  • Jenny Sue

    the bowtiful clutch is lovely in cream! :)

  • Catherine M

    I love the just bowtiful clutch in a bright color! These bags are so cute!

  • Ashley L

    Love Love the Just Bowtiful Clutch, especially in the soft colors like blush or soft white!

  • Jess Hall

    I love the Bowtiful Flora I would get it in blue to match my flower shaped sapphire engagement ring!!

  • Anna Beth

    That Bowtiful Purse with it’s adorable chain would be so pretty at my June wedding next summer.

  • Neetha

    I love the elegance of the Just Bowtiful Belt, something about the crisp lines of the bow seem as though they would add just the right touch to a simple bridesmaid dress, and then be used again in a variety of unique outfits. I could imagine the marigold color brightening up a neutral-colored dress, or the navy being really modern and classy . . . but I’d probably go with the latter!

  • Trena Berkner

    Loving the bowtiful belts! I’ll totally rock one if I win! :)

  • Melissa Wright

    Bowtiful purse in soft white for me!

  • Megan Drummond

    I would get the Just Bowtiful clutch in Marigold.

  • Emma Converse

    I love the bowtiful clutch! My fiance will be wearing a bow tie for our wedding and I think it would be pretty awesome if we matched in some little way!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    I love the clutches!!! These would be great on our wedding day!!!

  • Suzy

    Love love the black shopper! Gotta have it.

  • Eek! I have three bridesmaids and the Just Bowtiful clutch in sky would be perfect for them!

  • Emily

    I’d definitely go for the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Coral :) So lovely!!

  • Meghan

    These are so cute! I love how structured these bags are, but soft at the same time! My bridesmaids would love them!

  • Definitely the Just Bowtiful in Marigold! Love!

  • Catharyn Crosby

    OMG, the coral bag without a doubt!!!! It will match my vintage summer wedding PERFECTLY!

  • Joy

    Adorable! I am lusting after the just bowtiful clutch in marigold for my ladies!

  • Liz Piccione-Volger

    Oh how about…… Just Bowtiful Purse in Silver. Yes, Please and Thank You! How cool would that be??

  • Kelsey Keddington

    I’d choose the Marigold clutch because the color is unlike anything I have in my closet, however, it’s the perfect color to go with almost any color!

  • yolanda

    the flora clutch is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!

  • AMGarten

    Bowtiful indeed! Clutch in cream is dreamy.

  • Louise Messenger

    In the words of my favourite orphan from Annie – “oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my GOODNESS!”. these are all adorbz. I am so in love with Just Bowtiful Purse. have no real colour scheme, so any colour would be wonderful to win! However I’m probably most partial to the Apple and the Marigold :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win these Nelle and Ruffled!

    Louise :)

  • Eunice Kim

    I would choose the classic clutch! Love them!

  • Paige

    Classic clutch!!

  • I want the camel shopper, but it’s sold out!
    So instead the bowtiful purse in apple. :)

  • Rebekah G.

    I love the “Just Bowtiful” and “Perfectly Petersham” clutches!

  • keri

    love the just bowtiful clutch!!

  • Alyson

    I’d have to go with the Shopper in Camel. Been on the lookout for a lovely tote!

  • Daniela

    I LOVE the gray clutch! but all of the bags are great! I would be happy with any of them!

  • Brittoni

    I would choose ” Just Bowtiful” clutch in blush!!! It would be perfect for my wedding next year :)

  • kelseyp

    The just bowful clutch in that cute coral combo would work well w/ my bridesmaids bright flowers and champagne dresses. too cute!

  • The coral or marigold clutch are ge-orgeous. My wedding is a year away, I check your website daily for so many ideas! Thanks!

  • April

    I love that “Just Bowtiful Clutch” in marigold. Hurray for giveaways!

  • Melissa

    Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch!

  • I love the Just Bowtiful clutch in dove grey…adorable!

  • Jackiw

    I love the just bowtiful clutch! with the bow on it, not the flowers (although those are pretty too!). i’ve been looking for a special clutch for my spring wedding — this would be perfect :)

  • I would take the Just Bowtiful Cluth in the mustard color….but then I would have to get the belt to match <3

  • Kate

    Oh my goodness! Ruffled, I had never heard of this company before but I’m afraid that now that I have I have to have one!! Bow are my thing and those Just Bowtiful Clutches are everything I want in a clutch. The bow, of course, is perfect. I also love the way I could dress them up or down. I think the blush clutch would go best with my wedding. However all of the colors are amazing. I would LOVE to win this clutch. This is one of the best giveaways!

  • Patricia Hawthorne

    Love the classic in Ivory – I’m MOB, but us older ladies love to look stylish too ! Hawthorne/Nelson wedding May 26, 2012

  • Oh these clutches are lovely!! I would choose the Marigold clutch is I was so lucky as to win one :) Thank you for the chance to win!


  • Maggie

    Just bowtiful purse in sky :)

  • Ryane

    I love the just bowtiful clutches! The classic clutches are nice. Such sweet little bags.

  • Lisa

    I would choose the Perfectly Petersham Clutch in soft white. So intricate, u could accessorize with some pretty ribbons in your hair!

  • Tara

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the soft white clutch!! It would match my dress perfectly!!!! The blush would be pretty too!

  • Jynnibelle

    OMG I lovelove the Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch in any color pretty much.. but black or apple are my favorites!

  • Keely

    Just Bowtiful Clutch in navy – too cute!

  • Nikki Angelov

    The Bowtiful Clutch in cream. So pretty!

  • sharon

    Love the just bowtiful clutch in coral…so pretty!

  • Nikki Jones

    Ahhhh, soooo cute! Any! All! YES, PLEASE!!!!

    But ok, if I have to pick just one i’ll go with the Bowtiful clutch!! Grey? Sure, absolutely!

  • Would love to use this bag for a wedding, a spring dress, or in a week with my harajyuku halloween costume :)

  • Janet

    I’m in love with the marigold clutch!

  • cecily g

    I love the Bowtiful Clutch — the silver color is perfect for everything, inclusing my rehearsal dinner ensemble! Just because we haven’t planned the wedding yet doesn’t mean I don’t have my rehearsal dinner outfit picked out!

  • Tanya

    I want one of the clutches!

  • i’m really loving the just bowtiful clutch!! its so adorable!

  • Katie

    Just Bowtiful Purse in soft white.. so romantic and beautiful, I’d love to wear this on my wedding day. :)

  • Davonne Head

    aww these are the cutest clutches ever! i love the JUST BOWTIFUL CLUTCH! in marigold! just the right kinda pop to go with a wedding dress <3

  • alexandra holliday

    just bowtiful in blush… it’s just perfect and precious and i love it!

  • Kate

    Loving the marigold clutch! These bags are amazing!

  • Elisabeth Coniglio

    I love the white/off-white handbag-it would go perfectly with my pure raw silk Rivini!!

  • i’d choose the purse in marigold! a pop of colour to enliven those dull winter wardrobes.

  • Jayselle

    I’m seriously in love with the coral bowtiful clutch…I should marry it!! Thanks for showing these, ruffled!

  • The Midnight Cherub Clutch in chartreuse.

  • Megan

    The Tuxedo Cherub Clutch in Chartreuse :) Gotta make a statement.

  • Shila Amore

    I absolutely adore these! I would pick the Just Bowtiful Purse in Marigold :) So sad to see this collection go!

  • Sandryte

    Extremely beautiful clutches! These are very interesting: Midnight Cherub Clutch (I would choose Blush color).

  • Lindsey

    I love the Just Bowtiful clutch in black! What a great giveaway!

  • Mel

    Oh these are exactly what I imagine in a dream bag! One Just Bowtiful Clutch in Marigold please ;)

  • Sarah

    Definitely the Just Bowtiful clutch in cream for me! It’s GORGEOUS. (Also, must convince someone to buy me one of the big purses for Christmas!!!)

  • Maple

    I would love to win the Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch in Blush!

  • kelsey little

    Bowtie clutch in yellow. so cute!

  • the navy or black Midnight Cherub Clutch as seen in the Oprah Magazine.gorgeous!

  • anna

    I love the perfectly petersham clutch! So classy, can fit to everything, but still fun and beautiful. Would be amazing to have one!

  • Stef

    The shooper in black as it’s my mums fave and I could give her it for Christmas :)

  • Rebecca Banfield

    Ooh ooh ooh the floral sash!!! That is absolutely GORGEOUS. I think I’m in love.

  • Angela

    Midnight shopper in Black

  • Raven

    I love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in cream!

  • Renee Tracy

    Love the just bowtiful clutch in blush!Lovely!

  • Cathy

    Just Bowtiful Clutch in cream is simply delightful!! =)

  • Divya

    Love the entire just bowtiful collection, anything in marigold really! The Flora clutch is just darling!

  • Nikki L

    I would love the cream clutch on the bottom picture. So cute and will go will everything.

  • Oooh, I think I love the classic clutch!

  • I love “Just Bowtifull clutch” – the black one…

  • Anna

    I love the Just Bowtiful Clutch – any color!

  • Libby

    Is it too late to enter for this amazing giveaway?! I love the gray clutch. So precious!

  • Marta

    I’ll choose the Red Bowtiful clutch to give a hot twist during winter time!

  • Marta

    I would choose the just bowtiful purse, in marigold!! It would be beautiful for my september wedding!!

  • LOVE these! Truly Love the Classic Flutter Clutch!

  • Amanda K

    I love the “just bowtiful clutch” in cream! I could easily make this incredible oragami bow the running theme in my wedding party.

  • Morgan

    I love the chic little red clutch! The fabric just glistens. <3

  • Carman

    I love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in soft gray. It would look adorable with my maid of honor’s navy dress!

  • The Just Bowtiful clutches are to die for! So much pretty detail! I’m loving it in all the colors, but I think the Marigold would be perfect for our summer wedding!

  • Jeannie

    What a wonderful give-away … and so hard to decide! Love the
    Flora Clutch – can’t decide on marigold, black or dove gray. Well,
    the dove gray wins!

  • Jennifer

    I would love the JustBowtiful purse in Navy, Blush, or Black!

  • Oh my! How awesome are all those bags! Just beautiful! I LOVE the shopper! I can see it holding all my goodies and my camera!!!

  • What cool products! The Chartreuse/Coral Flutter Clutch is amazing. :)

  • Kacey

    As gorgeous as they all are, I don’t think I could ever afford these on my tight budget!…absolutely LOVE the Grey Chevron Handbag!

  • Meghan V.

    I would choose the camel chevron handbag!

  • Katrina

    I would love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in either cream or marigold to have for my wedding day.

  • Crystal Andy

    Hopefully I’m not too late! I LOVE these!!!!!

  • Maureen

    I hope that I am in time.
    I like the Bowtiful clutch

  • Amber

    I love the detail on the Perfectly Petersham clutch…It would go perfectly with my yellow and gray wedding.

  • Katie Bell

    I would pick the chartreuse flutter clutch!

  • Dina k.

    Oh my gracious…. These bowtie bags are so perfect!!!!! My fiancé in a year-round, any occasion bowtie wearer, and has been since before it was trendy. Please!!!! Either a cream, a red, or any shade of gold, copper or brown would be absolutely perfect for our special day!

  • Ricci

    The Classsic clutch is lovely

  • Amie

    The Bowtiful Flora Clutches are amazing! With free shipping, I might just buy one.. or two.

  • I love the purse in grey!

  • Alexis

    I love the Perfectly Petersham clutch and the Shoppers!

  • Rosie

    Classic flutter clutch in cream, please! These are adorable!!!!

  • Claire

    Just Bowtiful in cream, what a dream!

  • Gris

    I’d love the Just Bowtiful Clutch in BLACK!!!

  • Kristina C

    If I won, I would choose the Nelle Classic Clutch in CoralI It’s so pretty!

  • jenni babian

    oh man….i am loving the soft white clutch. talk about perfection in a purse!

  • Love!

  • The Just Bowtiful Clutch in marigold.. or any color really. It’s so adorable!

  • erin mcfadden

    i love the just bowtiful clutch in blush! so cute!

  • April

    Oh! I adore the Just Bowtuiful clutch in either blush or soft white, either would be perfect!

  • Kelsey D

    What a fabulous giveaway! All of these handbags are so lovely, but I think my favorites are the Just Bowtiful Clutch and the Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch. All of the colors are bowtiful! The cream, soft white, or dove grey would fit my sophisticated side, but the marigold or coral would definitely bring that something extra to an ensemble. :)

  • Marlene Jackson

    First of all, let me tell you that I follow your blog everyday. I love weddings, and I have coordinated/planned some weddings for my friends and church brethren who couldn’t afford to have a big wedding so I help them without expecting anything in return. I just so much enjoy the process of planning and decorating, and your blog gives me so much inspiration!

  • Sheena

    I love the clutches!

  • Sarah Poole

    These handbags, clutches and bowties are awesome! But you’re making me pick just one huh? I’d choose… DRUMROLL… the mustard clutch! It’s really REALLY great!

  • Marlene Jackson

    Hello again! Pls. enter my name for the drawing. I love the Just Bowtiful Purse in Marigold. Thank you!!

  • Becca Bailey

    The classic bowtiful clutch would be a fabulous touch to any bridesmaid dress! If I would be so lucky to win, I would go with either the gray or the cream. The style of the bag goes with the style of my wedding very well :-)

  • Jennifer Benner

    These are all gorgeous! But if I had to choose, I would pick a bowtiful clutch, no question!

  • Megan Bush

    I think that the Just Bowtiful Clutch is fab!! Not only are the cream, soft white, and blush perfect colors for a fashionable bride, the other colors would compliment almost any outfit! Thanks for a great collection, Nelle!

  • Justine

    I love the clutches!

  • Jamie

    I love the just bowtiful clutch in dove gray, although it looks like that color might not be available anymore, in which case I’d go for marigold!

  • Melissa

    A great clutch makes any outfit! It’s about a great accessory or two!

  • I adore the Just Bowful Clutch in Marigold! Anything that reminds me of sunshine is a great addition to my wardrobe up here in Seattle! Thanks for considering me! ;)

  • Jordan

    I just love the bowtiful clutches in grey or white :) They are so adorable!

  • Definitely the bow clutch or belt! So charming!

  • Jackie

    Just Bowtiful Clutch in Marigold! Adorable!

  • the clutch is darling! thanks for the chance to win!

  • Court

    The bowtiful clutch in blush! Matches my wedding colors!

  • Julia

    If I won the giveaway, I would love the Just Bowtiful Clutch! The coral, yellow, and gray colors are my favorite. =)

  • Jane S.

    I love the bowtiful clutch in coral! so cute!

  • Ashley

    I would choose the Just Bowtiful Clutch in Blush


  • Sephora

    I love the just bowtiful clutch in marigold! That pop of color would make it an adorable accessory to have!

  • latonya r

    Just Bowtiful Flora Clutch would be great for my upcoming holiday parties in marigold or white.

  • Marit

    I looooove the Just Bowtiful clutch! So cute and classic.

  • Christina

    Oh, they’re so cute and unique! I love any that have the Bowtiful bow detail.. especially the Bowtiful Clutch in APPLE!! Mmm.. FAB color & with the bow.. it’s sure to grab attention!

  • Kendall

    I love all of them! but i think my favorite is the Classic Flutter Clutch in black…witha colored flower. I hope i win!!! thanks

  • Jaime

    Ooh! So pretty. I would choose the grey clutch as shown in the last picture in this post. SO cute!

  • tara

    love the bowtiful clutch!

  • Amy

    The Perfectly Petersham Clutch is amazing! What a gorgeous sophisticated design!

  • I love them all!!! I would have to pick the classic clutch.

  • April

    Lovely, all! I’d love the bowtiful clutch in Dove Grey.

  • Rachel

    I love, love, LOVE all the pretty Just Bowtiful clutches! They are so unique and have such a sweet, vintage charm. Very Audrey Hepburn.

  • Karina

    These are gorgeous!!! i love the bowtiful clutch–too cute!!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, pretty please be mine! I love the Bowtiful Purse in marigold. Just happens to fit my wedding colors perfectly – our bridesmaids will be wearing that honey sweet yellow and we will be incorporating the shade in our flowers and venue. What a great giveaway!

  • Marisa

    The bowtiful clutches are adorable.

  • I love the Just Bowtiful clutch!! (And yes, I cut it our of Martha Stewart and pasted it in my scrapbook). It’s so hard to pick a color, but I think I would go with blush!

  • Bev

    If the Perfectly Petersham Clutch is part of the collection, that is definitely my favorite. Otherwise, my choice would be the Just Bowtiful Clutch. It is so feminine and lovely.

  • Mary Anne

    The bowtie box purse is so fun!! I especially love the sunshine “gold-yellow” and “blue” bird colored purses. The gold-yellow can bring more cheer to your day especially if it’s a gloomy day and the blue can represent your “something blue” – it’s the perfect size for the honeymoon dance or to keep your wedding day accessories in!

  • I adore the Tuxedo Cherub Clutch: Night in the lovely, girly coral. Feminine, classic, and the pink ends on the ribbons are just swoon-worthy!

    I wish I may, I wish I might, have this astounding clutch to carry by night… :)

  • Laura Cutress

    The ‘Just Bowtiful Clutch’ in grey is amazing! It looks like a piece of art/origami :)

  • Natasha

    I LOVE LOVE the “just bowtiful clutch” … in Blush or Navy… Or Gold….pretty much love all the colours and bags, not gonna lie – EEK!!!

  • Sarah

    I Looove the PERFECTLY PETERSHAM CLUTCH. SO architectural and chic.

  • Jenni

    I LOVE the classic clutch — simple and gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    I love love love the clutch! So cute!

  • Brett

    Loving them all but gotta say the clutch takes the cake!

  • Holly

    Wow. So hard to choose!!! I gotta go with the gold clutch!

  • Katelyn

    I love the clutches in the third picture! Perfect to go with my bridesmaid dress for a friend’s wedding!

  • Tracy Collins

    That’s a toughie…gotta go with the bowtiful clutches tho – totes adorbs!!!

  • Jennie Pitts

    Love the Just Bowtiful Clutch!

  • I love the bowtiful clutch! So cute and the colors are perfect!