Make a Conversation Piece with This Modern Terrarium Card Box

Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 01

A dash of moss, a sprinkle of succulents and a decal of definition are all it takes to bring this modern card box to life! Perfect for botanical weddings, “in bloom” baby showers and lots of life events in between, we partnered with Afloral to showcase a modern terrarium that’s multifunctional and just plain pretty.
Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 01

Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 07
Mini bouquet recipe for the terrarium:

Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 05
This mini “greenhouse” bouquet is an easy one to tackle because it only uses a few flowers. Arrange your mini bouquet in an ornamental shape to fit in your terrarium and secure it in place with clear tape against the back glass panel. Camouflage the stems and tape with Spanish moss.
You can also hot glue the leaves too to make it extra secure as guests drop their cards in, though it looks so pretty as is you might want to keep it for decor only!
Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 06
This is a succulent version for a real looking terrarium!
glass terrarium card box
What You’ll Need:

artificial succulent flatlay
glass terrarium card box
It took absolutely no time to create! In fact, Hamburger Helper just might take longer to prepare. Once you’ve gathered your artificial succulents, simply snip them from the stems so they lay flat on your surface. From there, it’s as easy as piling in the Spanish Moss and placing the succulent buds in the order you like. Asymmetry will be your friend here!
glass terrarium card box
artificial succulent flatlay
You can calligraph the terrarium with whatever phrase you’d like, and if you don’t have a cutting machine like the Cameo, a paint marker works too! We created a free SVG file for Silhouette Cameo to use if you want to replicate our “Cards and Well Wishes” decal. Get it here!
Silhouette machine decal project
glass terrarium card box
Bonus reason this project kicks card box butt: it won’t blow away in the wind if you’re having an outdoor wedding! So no need to create a spontaneous paperweight out of pebbles or dirt the day of. If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you’ve probably been recruited for this activity (ha!)
card box diy decal assembly
Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 02
Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 03
Cardbox Terrarium Diyflowers 04
So there you have it! Simple, quick and cost-effective to create, this DIY reaps a beautiful glass terrarium you can use time and time again for the special events in your life. Working perfectly with garden weddings + woodsy fetes, this is just the type of piece we’d want to display forever. If you’re a fan of silk flowers, check out our recent floral frame and dogwood bouquet projects too!

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