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Modern + Chic Boho Fall Wedding Inspiration

Modern + Chic Boho Fall Wedding Inspiration

Stark white and clean lines tend to be the beginning of a minimalist design, but event designer White Kite Studio and floral designer Anli Wahl Floral Design wanted to add some fine touches to the mix. The boho trend has been catching eyes and hearts and when paired with the modern characteristics of the shoot photographed by Wesley Vorster, the end result created this refined boho look we can’t keep our eyes off of.

white wedding ideas - photo by Wesley Vorster

From the event designer, White Kite Studio: Minimalist design is a massive trend at the moment, and it’s certainly affected the wedding industry too. Many brides would like to go for a cleaner and less cluttered look, however, going too minimalist has the potential to lack some wow-factor. For this shoot we wanted to experiment with a very clean, refined look, while using elements that really shined in character. We wanted to create a soft boho look, with a modern refined edge – You can call it refined boho.

wedding menus - photo by Wesley Vorster

wedding place settings - photo by Wesley Vorster

wedding place settings - photo by Wesley Vorster

This kind of look is for a bride that loves modern clean design, but would love to add some more soul and creativity to the look. The Modern Heirloom fitted out brief perfectly. We wanted a space that was quintessentially modern, but with a bit of a rustic edge to it as well. We loved the clean lines of the venue, modern furniture and brilliant natural light, while the farm and the some aspects of the building gave us that earthiness that we were looking for.

Choose styling elements that are essentially simple in design, but has some special character to them. For instance, the cutlery is super plain in design but the colour makes them special. The bowls are simple too, but their off shapes make them interesting. The napkins are just white, but the tassels makes them a little different.

wedding stationery - photo by Wesley Vorster

peony wedding arrangements - photo by Wesley Vorster

hanging floral arrangements - photo by Wesley Vorster

wedding cake with figs - photo by Wesley Vorster

This is a moist chocolate cake with a 70% dark chocolate ganache and pecan nut praline filling, decorated semi naked with vanilla bean frosting on the outside. The decor of the cake was inspired by the season at the time of the shoot, autumn. The colour of the autumn leaves on the cake styled very well with the deep colour of the fresh figs which again fit in very well with the theme of the shoot.

white wedding tables - photo by Wesley Vorster

gold wedding details - photo by Wesley Vorster

The stationery had to follow the brief of “Refined Boho”. To fit with the colour scheme and theme, I illustrated watercolour flowers and leaves, and layered them to look like a bunch of field flowers put together. In contrast to the boho feel of the illustration, I opted to pair the illustration with a more clean and more typographic layout.

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wedding favors - photo by Wesley Vorster

hanging floral arrangements with leaves - photo by Wesley Vorster

wedding cakes with fruit - photo by Wesley Vorster

wedding cocktails - photo by Wesley Vorster

hanging centerpieces - photo by Wesley Vorster

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