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We’re delighted to feature the beautiful work and fresh designs of our fantastic, long-time sponsor, Minted. Whether you are in the market for unique save-the-dates, wedding invitations, or holiday cards, Minted has countless fun, creative designs to appeal to every taste.

Let’s be honest, you’ll be hard-pressed to find photographs of yourself as amazing as the day you got married or decided you would spend the rest of your life with one, wonderful person. It would be a shame to let those photos go unseen by friends and loved ones!

If you’re just married then you know that deep, warm and fuzzy feeling you have when all of your loved ones have poured all of their love into the two of you. It’s hard to even put your finger on, but it feels something like true gratitude. One of the best things you can do with that feeling is to stay in touch with the beloved people who were with you when you joined your lives together, and one of the easiest, and also sweetest, ways to do that is through an annual holiday card.

Or perhaps you’re newly engaged; a holiday card is the perfect way to showcase that phenomenal engagement shoot you just did. A festive holiday card will set the stage for an equally festive celebration to come in the New Year. And with Minted’s designs, there’s no reason why a holiday card can’t play double duty as a save the date.

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With Minted’s Yearline™ and Storyboard™ collections, you have the ability to include multiple photos which you can use to tell the story of your first year together! You can include images from your engagement, to your wedding, to nesting in your first apartment or home, as newlyweds!

Minted has hundreds of modern holiday cards, save the date cards and wedding invitations, sourced from indie designers located all over the world. Not only are the designs exceptionally unique, but they’re fully customizable so you can ensure that no one sends the same card, with Minted you can pick a custom color, font, or re-do the greeting entirely.

Ruffled is happy to announce that Minted is offering a 15% discount off all holiday cards to Ruffled readers, now through 11/15/2011, with promo code: RUFFLED2011.

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