M Sibthorpe Photography (+ giveaway!)

We’re absolutely pleased to introduce you to this morning’s sponsor, the lovely M Sibthorpe Photography. A seasoned fine art photographer who is now shooting weddings as well, M Sibthorpe shoots weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area with an artful eye and attention to detail. Her images are clean and unmanipulated, with a keen eye for natural light and authentic moments. We’re also excited to announce her photography giveaway!

San Francisco wedding photography M. Sibthorpe

The beautiful images featured here, are from Jenny and Ethan’s lovely vintage-inspired wedding, at the Huron Substation in Los Angeles. Manali, of M. Sibthorpe Photography, describes Jenny and Ethan’s story as: An adorable little twist on boy meets girl. Jenny and Ethan met in high school, but they were not high school sweethearts since Jenny managed to mask her crush on Ethan until years later when they finally re-met, fell in love and got married!
We just adore that this love story was years in the making. We also adore those teal heels!

I love capturing those adorable moments that happen faster than you know it and weaving them into a story. A bride putting on her dress, a groom waiting to see her, the moments that make you laugh and cry in the ceremony, the kiss! And so much more. I draw on my background as a fine art photographer to document your wedding as an artist, and I draw on my experience of also once being a bride. I know that the photographs are the most tangible memories a couple will take away from their wedding day and I strive to make sure they are everything you could hope for.

San Francisco wedding photography M. Sibthorpe

Be sure to visit M Sibthorpe Photography’s website and Facebook page. Her rates are super affordable, and are sure to fit into anyone’s budget.

Manali is also offering a free engagement shoot to one lucky San Franciso-based couple! Just leave a comment below, letting us know the deets of what or where you envision you e-sesh to be. We will announce the winner tomorrow in our Weekly Wrap Up. Good luck!

  1. Conor and I split our time between the Northern California and Southern California. We’re getting married in Southern California but want to have our engagement photos taken in Northern California to fully reflect our life and our romance with all of the Golden State. We’d love a chance to have M Sibthorpe Photography capture our love and lifestyle in the beauty of our beloved Bay Area.

  2. Since my fiancée and I are getting married in a barn, somewhere rustic and country like would make a great e-sesh for us. Maybe in Petaluma apple picking or a goat farm…tasting cheese, checking out the farm animals, etc.

  3. My fiance and I are both native San Franciscans and the city is a prominent part of our lives and our relationship. Our ceremony will be here in the city next August, in an old San Francisco social club with a very old school vibe. We plan to have a vintage them to our wedding, and I would love to have our engagement photo session here as well, perhaps in some of the old San Francisco landmark areas like the Musee Mechanique and the Palace of Fine Arts. My fiance is currently in Boston for graduate school, but I know he’d be happy to have an excuse to come back home for a couple days.

  4. Wow! This is exciting. I just love M. Sibthorpe’s artful eyes of capturing the moment. We would love to have photos taken around Ferry Building or academy of sciences. 🙂

  5. Can you hear me squealing?! My (very recently acquired) fiancé and I grew up in NJ and Texas respectively, met in Baltimore, then he followed me to San Francisco where I was getting my Masters in Music. We’ve had an unconventional love story, but I would love to celebrate the city where we committed to one another (first by eloping, then by getting engaged), probably with a shoot around City Hall! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. My fiance and I had alot of special moments together in napa and just walking the city. I would love to do an esession near the palace of fine arts because I fell in love with that place when I was a kid and walking around nob hill.. such pretty views!

  7. I love fine art photography! We actually just got married but I recently was given a Vera Wang dress that I wasn’t able to wear. We would love to do a stylish rock-the-dress shoot with it! We’ve been doing long-distance (and still are..even post-wedding) for 3+ years now but San Francisco will be our home so the city has very special significance for us. We’d love for something a little unconventional and definitely stylish!

  8. Tyler and I should have met at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) through our many mutual friends, but didn’t connect until years later at Zeitgeist (of all the places to meet your future husband…) I love the contrast of high class/low class would love to do an artsy shoot in our finery a more unrefined setting like Zeitgeist or Dolores Park. I think that M Sibthorpe Photography could play with the lighting and angles to make beautiful photos in these “alternative” settings.

  9. No matter what we are doing, or where we are chris and I are always laughing. I love spending lazy Sundays with him, exploring different areas of the city. Taking our pup with us on a walk to the Ferry Building farmers market, biking through Chrissy Field and over the GG bridge to Sausalito, or exploring the hidden treasures in GG park. I would love for our engagement pictures to reflect these days. Stopping into a local coffee shop, playing fetch with our dog… Capturing those little moments that give us such joy with the city that we love as our backdrop.

  10. We’re having an outdoor destination wedding next summer, but would love to do a San Francisco engagement session to share a little more of the place we call home with our friends and family. It would be fun to do a series of photos featuring some of our favorite neighborhood spots near our Hayes Valley apartment: our front door stoop, the coffee shop down the street, the record store we frequent, ending up at one of the gorgeous city parks. We’d love to make it contemporary, inspired by our interests and hobbies during this special moment in our lives.

  11. Manali your photos are gorgeous!

    We are not engaged (yet?!), but I would absolutely love to do a couples shoot with my boyfriend. I’m a native San Franciscan (4th generation!) and we met here when he moved for a job three years ago. He has fallen in love with my city and I couldn’t imagine a more perfect back drop for some gorgeous photos. Twin Peaks would be the perfect setting or maybe the Presidio (mere blocks from our apartment!)

  12. WHAT AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY!! Mark and I met 3 years ago when we were both working at USF and just got engaged 2 months ago. Last year, we moved in together and live in the Inner Sunset. I would LOVE and e-sesh in GG Park since our relationship developed and flourished in proximity of the park. Manali seems to beautifully capture the simple joys which is a defining component of our relationship!

  13. My fiancé and I live in Santa Cruz, just south of San Francisco. I think there’s something so romantic about the city streets, the architecture, the energy – i’d love to take some pictures just wandering around the city

  14. My fiancé and are I both musicians and huge vinyl collectors. We would love to have our engagement photos taken in a record shop where we could incorporate some of our favorite albums. I would also like to have a couple of shots with us wearing vintage headphones or listening to records on one of our many vintage turn tables. We also want to be able to get some shots with our French Bulldog pup who we absolutely are in love with!

  15. ooh SO fun! in the early stages of dating, erik and i would head to crissy field as it provided great views, was essentially free and there was always parking. fast forward 7 years and 1 month and erik proposed in the middle of the field. my back was turned but apparently there was a lot of joggers behind us who all cheered as erik was on one knee. so crissy field is absolutely where i’d love photos to be taken. it means so much to us…and i imagine we’ll always consider it a favorite place!

  16. My fiance and I live in SF and are planning our wedding downtown next July. We met at a local Irish bar, The Abbey Tavern, 7 years ago and have been together ever since. We are in the process of buying our first home (we close next week!) and would love to do a session that combines some shots at The Abbey and moving into our new place. We love M Sibthorpe’s style and would be extremely excited to win this giveaway!

  17. I live in San Francisco and just got engaged!!! Winning this would be my dream and would be such a glorious start to my wedding planning

    I’m thinking rustic, fall timing. Imagine all the possibilities… <3

  18. OMG a chance to win an engagement shot in San Francisco would be amazing. My fiancé proposed in Bernal Heights. It would be amazing if we can get photos there. Also would love to take photos at AT&T park home of our beloved World Series champions of 2010! Go Giants! (We’re huge
    fans!) Thank you for a chance to win an awesome prize!

  19. My fiance, Stuart, and I were engaged this past Monday. We moved to the San Francisco area about a year ago from Washington, DC. Our wedding will be in DC, so we’d love to have a “West Coast” SF engagement photo session to act as counterpart to our “East Coast” DC wedding photos. As our east coast photos will have a lot of classic DC monuments and structure, I’d like to do a west coast shoot with similar structural iconic features in SF. Manali, your photos are great and we would love to win the engagement photo session.

  20. I would love to do a “daily life” photo shoot. What we are committing to with a marriage is not a walk through the woods or a ocean beach sunset — what we are doing is spending your LIFE together. The day to day stuff. I would love to do an engagement photo shoot in our adorable, classic, victorian, beautifully lit SF apartment with us just doing the normal stuff we do. I could be brushing my teeth while he’s in the shower. He could be grilling while I tend to the garden. We could be laying on the bed watching Modern Family with a bowl of popcorn. Doing dishes. Flipping pancakes. Reading the paper with a cup of coffee. Knitting. Watching football. Vacuuming… and obviously smiling and giggling all the while.

    Did I mention that we’ve been engaged for 6 days? He’s my best friend and the love of my life. Pick me!

  21. I love Manali’s photo style! It’s so nice to see photos that concentrate on the couple and the place rather than all of the ‘extras’. I love that you see the people rather than the picnic blanket in the middle of the field or the ginormous balloons.

    My honey is from Sweden so it’s likely that some of his friends and family won’t be able to make the trip for the wedding. I’d love to have an engagement shoot that would allow them a little glimpse into our lives here and let them see the amazing place that we live. One of our favorite things about the area is the combination of city with such close proximity to the outdoors. I’d like to do a shoot that incorporates the best of both worlds – maybe a city shoot that finishes up with some outdoor time with the dog in the Presidio or the Marin Headlands.

    Thanks for putting on such a great give-away!

  22. My fiance and I have been together almost ten years. We will probably be having a small intimate wedding and are not sure if we could afford a professional photographer so engagement photos of thevtwo of us would be amazing. I imagine somewhere amongst the redwoods since we both enjoy hiking or just making art.

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