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Lucky Star Origami Inspiration with Fred Meyer Jewelers

Lucky Star Origami Inspiration with Fred Meyer Jewelers

Japanese origami is all about symbolism, and one of our favorite origami creations is the Lucky Star. Creating 1 star for your loved one signifies the only one, while 9 stars signifies love for a long time. If you want to go the extra mile, 1314 stars represent a whole eternity of love! Can you imagine a more special (and meaningful) touch to a Valentine’s gift? Fred Meyer Jewelers was the real mvp and put together a step-by-step DIY to teach you how to make your own:

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If every quantity of Lucky Stars has a specific purpose, shouldn’t every detail of your ring too? Understanding the different meanings of rings is key to choosing the right one for you. We’re truly enamored by Fred Meyer Jeweler’s Destiny Diamond, which is embedded across 3 collections that provide a wedding ring and personality blueprint – each in their own way!



If you have a vibrant, extroverted soul (and let’s face it, you love to be the center of attention), the Strength Collection should definitely be a contender. Featuring a strong solitaire as it’s center stone, this striking piece is the kind that people won’t stop talking about. If you’re all about the glitz + glamour, and you tend to light up every room, you’re probably a Harmony gal. We’re talking diamonds on diamonds in a symphony of sparkle. But let’s say you’re more of a traditionalist, and your story together is a dynamic one. The Journey Collection is all about adventure, signifying your past, present and future in various three-stone, anniversary and wedding bands.



Don’t you just love love? Be sure to explore Fred Meyer Jeweler’s new catalog to find out which diamond is your best friend!

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