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Lucile’s Old Market Wedding

Lucile’s Old Market Wedding

Today’s bride and groom implemented what’s sure to be a new favorite activity into their wedding ceremony — potting their first plant as newlyweds. Bride Chelle is an organic gardener, so it makes sense that the couple’s wedding day would be full of warm tones, lush greenery, and beautiful flowers from I Bloom. Thanks to Mullers Photography for capturing the wedding day!

Lucile's Old Market wedding - photo by Mullers Photography

From the bride, Chelle: I love gardening and we love being out of doors, so we wanted to have a very organic bright feeling. My bouquet was at least half edible plant based (apples, chamomile, kale, berries, etc) by request, and I basically left the specific color choices up to I Bloom. I just said warm colors, and gave a few flower/plant suggestions. My mom painted the figures for the guest table and cake toppers from scratch, and we got a handmade guest book for people to do the Polaroids. The table name cards were Polaroid themed as well. The theme was mainly just making memories and having a very organic, warm, comfortable feel to the day. I always wanted to marry outside, preferably in a garden. Lucile’s was the first and only place I visited, and the courtyard garden, and elegant inside space, was perfect. I am an organic gardener, and wanted the ceremony to have that kind of warm, welcoming and bright feeling. I also wanted to have a “old” feeling to the event, not necessarily vintage but just a feeling that this was part of a long tradition. The cobblestone and ivy colored brick walls outside really embodied that tone.

Luciles Old Market wedding - photo by Mullers Photography

lace wedding dress - photo by Mullers Photography

lace wedding gown - photo by Mullers Photography

garden bouquet - photo by Mullers Photography
Bouquet recipe: Roses, Dahlias, Amaranth, Chamomile, Zinnias, Poppy pods, Poppies, Snapdragon, Pea pods, Allium, Raspberries, Apples, Nigella, Lacinato Kale.

guest book ideas - photo by Mullers Photography

bride and groom - photo by Mullers Photography

red groom ties - photo by Mullers Photography

I didn’t really have a traditional color scheme planned, it kind of just pieced itself together. I wanted warm colors for the bouquet, peaches, pinks, reds, purples. I knew that I wanted bright green napkins for the table to go with the stained glass, and also green’s my favorite color. The week before the wedding Jerrod decided he wanted a red tie, so we bought red bow ties as well for the boys. I know it sounds crazy, but I kind of went about all this organically as things came up! One thing that definitely was planned, was the guest book idea – to buy a polaroid and have people take photos of themselves along with the notes. They ended up taking a lot of other ones too, and we pasted those into the book – the perfect keepsake. Also, the wooden figurines for the guest table and the cake were painted by my mother.

wedding ceremony - photo by Mullers Photography

wedding ceremonies - photo by Mullers Photography

ceremony recessionals - photo by Mullers Photography

bride and groom - photo by Mullers Photography

place setting ideas - photo by Mullers Photography

elegant receptions - photo by Mullers Photography

Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? Keep an eye out for ideas, but take your time. I had almost zero stress because two big decisions were made well and early on – location and photographers. Focus on these two, and your florist and after that it’s really just about having fun. I planned a few key things for the event from the beginning, as I had them already in mind for some time, but other than that everything just unfolded gradually. Even things like Jerrod’s tie, and the boys’ bow ties, or the polaroid name cards were only planned a week out from the wedding date, and on an unrelated errand I ran over the weekend. So one example, is that I had no idea what to use for the place cards, and nothing had felt right so far. I was at Target and happened to see a set of polaroid blank cards on clearance for a few bucks. They were beautiful and perfect for our polaroid guest book theme! If you have an open mind, and aren’t too rigid about your requirements, there will be so many things that present themselves to you. Just trust your gut!

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Luciles Old Market wedding - photo by Mullers Photography

green wedding reception - photo by Mullers Photography

wedding day figurines - photo by Mullers Photography

wedding cake - photo by Mullers Photography

Luciles Old Market wedding - photo by Mullers Photography

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Wedding Music:
Processional: Debussey Arabesque No 1 in E Major
The recessional was cheering and flower petal throwing by our family… 😀
First Dance: “What We Do,” Troubled Hubble
Father/Daughter Dance: “Sea of Love,” Cat Power
Mother/Son Dance: “Mother & Child Reunion,” Paul Simon

Wedding Location: Omaha, NE / Photographer: Mullers Photography / Flowers: I Bloom / Venue: Lucile’s Old Market / Wedding Dress and Veil: David’s Bridal / Wedding Shoes: Bloom / Dress Hanger: AntoArts / Hair: Lexi Lanka / Makeup: Ashley Gaa / Groom’s Suit: Indochino / Caterer: Hap Abraham Catering / Wedding Cake: Whole Foods

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