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LoveSick Expo Wedding Event

LoveSick Expo Wedding Event

The new year brings with it another exciting round of Lovesick Expo events, this year in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Boston! There is nothing traditional or stuffy about this bridal expo, rather picture an event that features cool couples and wedding artists, a steady flow of local microbrews, a tinge of vintage-inspired nudity, DJs spinning indie-house music, and a whole lot of love! The Lovesick Expo is a concert-like event that unites engaged couples and vendors who typically wince at the thought of attending a bridal expo. It’s a community of the best local, artistic, and under-the-radar wedding talent in the northeast, catering to those looking left of the mainstream to craft the most important day of their lives. In fact, event producers don’t like the term “bridal” expo as Lovesick is very guy-friendly and has a large same-sex couple turnout.

The 2013 events are going to be even bigger than previous years with talent representing every category of wedding vendors. The roster includes trendy men’s fashion from Bonobos, offbeat performances by the Boston Circus Guild, Philly’s ice cream tricycle Little Baby’s, a hand-built vintage-meets-modern photobooth from the Luckystar Photobooth, an array of amazing photographers such as Wren & Field and Photo Pink, plus food samples from Birchtree Catering, Joshua’s, and Betty Brooklyn, all who specialize in local, vegan, or vegetarian fare. Each city is unique, but all are amazing! Lovesick will showcase neo-burlesque performances, non-traditional live bands and DJs, and a bar for those 21+ older. Additionally, an estimated $10,000 in wedding-related products and services will be raffled off with all proceeds benefiting Philadelphia-based non-profit Children Can Shape the Future.

Lovesick Expo is also a green affair through carbon-offsetting, the use of recycled materials, and other eco-friendly practices. Additionally, the office of Lovesick Inc. is based in New Jersey’s first LEED-silver certified home. Tickets and info may be found at For more information, contact Tom Wright at or by phone at 267.908.6162.

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All photo credits are courtesy of Love Me Do Photography

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  • Love ‘n Fresh Flowers LOVES having a booth at the Lovesick Expo. This will be our third year at Philly and it never disappoints. The dudes (“event producers” is way too formal a title) behind this awesome party know how to really bring talent together and you’ll definitely find the cream of the crop of “cool” in the wedding industry in each city. Stop by and say hi!

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