We pretty much squealed with delight when we saw the newest designs from our sponsor, Love vs. Design. Their designs are always fresh and unique, not to mention adorable, and the newest additions are no exception. They offer modern vintage wedding stationery and cards, in two different printing options to fit everyone’s budget: Digital Printing and DIY printing. This gives you the freedom to add your own personal touch by changing the color, font and size of your stationery order. They are giving away three $100 gift cards to three lucky readers, so read on for the deets!

modern hipster wedding invitations

yellow wedding invitations

Love vs. Design also offers a series of Printable Templates of items that you can download instantly for free or for a small fee. We’re loving these feather holiday tags and recipe card printables. Check out all of their downloadable templates here.

love vs design

modern hip wedding invitations

bold modern wedding invitations
Love vs. Design is excited to launch their first Featured Artist Program with 10 designers from around the world. To celebrate this launch, they’re giving away three $100 Gift Cards to Ruffled readers. Take a look at the Love vs. Design Website and let us know your favorite design in the comments below. Winners will be announced in our Weekly Wrap Up post on Friday, December 9th.

The Fine Print: If a potential winner cannot be reached after a reasonable effort has been exerted within 3 business days from the date of the giveaway drawing, another winner will be picked.

  • Sandryte

    I’d love to see Paper Rosettes Invitation live! Seems to be my style :)

    • Diana

      Im seriously contemplating having another wedding just to use these perfectly beautiful FLY AWAY invitations! Love it! <3

  • Laura

    Wow, so many great designs to choose from! I would honestly be ecstatic with any one of those invitations. But, if I had to choose…it would be the Cheri invitation!

    Thanks for the great link!

  • Drooling over the simply modern invitation. Love it!

  • Meg S

    My favorite design is the Say Yes invitation!

  • Megan

    The Flora invitation is gorgeous! I’m loving Love vs Design looking forward to the giveaway!

  • Gabi

    Aack! I love all of these SO MUCH. Modern day love and Heart to Heart are gorgeous, and probably a little closer to my actual wedding vibe, but for some reason I can’t get Moonlit out of my head…

  • Katrina

    I really like their Rustic Chic invitations!

  • Karin

    I love love love the “Place to Be” invitation suite. I also love “Full Bloom.” Can’t decide which I like best!

  • Nora

    I absolutely adore all the Love vs. Design creations but I am currently battling between the “Say Yes”, “Heart to Heart” and “The Place to Be.” Thanks for sharing the new designs!

  • I love the CHERI invitation!

  • Audrey

    I thought the ‘Lovely Vintage’ invitation was just perfect. It has a simple elegance and provides some options to really personalize the invite for my wedding!

  • Dianne

    I love the “Postmark” Save the Date but if I was choosing a whole collection I would have to choose the “Place To Be” Invitations. (Even though there were about 3 others that tied for a close second!!) haha

  • Kirsten

    I love the fly away invitations!!

  • Linda

    Heart to Heart and Place to be are my favorites… I think? There are so many amazing ones to choose from!

  • Courtney P

    I love the “love birds” program design, it is simple design, yet fun and cute with the birds and I love the color choice :)

  • Summer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! all of the designs on Love vs. Design so it was difficult for me to choose my MOST favorite. The “heart to heart invitation” is adorable! But I also really like the “in cursive invitation.” I definitely plan to spend more time exploring their site and seeing everything they have to offer.

  • Sam

    I love the “Back to Nature” invitation! Subtle yet striking!

  • Dana

    I love the “rustic chic” save the date – the calendar with the date blacked in. so cute!and simple

  • Liz

    I love the Place to Be invitations! It would be fun to play around with different colors on it.

  • Kristen C.

    I’m loving the Fine Line Invitation. So sweet!

  • Lisa Walters

    I love the “place to be” save the date. It would be perfect since my fiance’s family will be coming in from out of town. I also love the set that it is pictured with above! Great designs, I had a hard time choosing.

  • Heather

    Love the Sweet Elegance Invitation…so cute!

  • elyse

    I love the Rustic Barn Invitation! It would be perfect with my venue — a rustic barn :P

  • Larissa

    The nautical theme is just darling!

  • Leahanne Lockard

    I love the Vintage Label save the dates! Adorable!

  • One of my nearest and dearest friends is getting married next summer on a strict budget. I would love to be able to give her the Flora Invitations to send to her guests! The blend of modern floral design and unique typography are sending me through the roof!

  • Marthalynn

    I love the Holiday Gift Tags! They’re so pretty and classic. There are so many pretty templates from which to choose, it was hard to pick! Thanks for the giveaway.

    marthalynn16(AT) gmail (cot) com

  • Melissa Cohen

    I like the Cheri invite!

  • I adore the “My Dear” invites.. perhaps because we are getting married at a local gun club!

  • Lisa

    I love the Sweet Elegance invitations! Perfect for the theme/style of my wedding!

  • Alessandra E

    Love the “full bloom” invites. Yellow is our color for next fall! :)

  • Leah

    Heartchery makes my heart flutter! This might have changed my mind about paper invites.

  • Jenny

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Place to Be Wedding Invitations!

  • Jessica H

    Oh My….I have been eyeing these for a while! I adore the “Fresh Breeze” and “Deco Charm” invites. I think they would be perfect for my rustic beach wedding- 10.12.12.

    Thanks! XOXO!

  • Amy

    LOVING the Heartcheri design. Bright green leaves and cute birdies, perfect for my upcoming afternoon BBQ wedding! Beautiful

  • Cassidi Ballou

    I LOVE the new hand draw frame and the place to be invites! I ordered samples from them and they look amazing!!! I am defiantly getting my wedding invites from here.. I just have to figure out what one I like the most!!

  • Jessica Blocker

    The sweet elegance invitations could not be more our style! Great work guys, I love them all!

  • Kate

    What a great company! They have so many designs that are unlike anything I’ve seen elsewhere. I had such a hard time narrowing it down right now, but I really like the “In Cursive” design. It’s really lovely.

  • Aimee

    I love the “Modern Day Love”, “Minimalist”, and “Love Struck” invitations!

  • I love the time card invitation just for parties.. and the “Say Yes” invitations for wedding!

  • tatiana

    LOVING the anchors away style. Totally perfect for my coastal wedding!

  • The love the “Place to Be” save the dates! The designs are just gorgeous!!

  • Caitlin

    The Flora Save the dates are my fav! We live in Colorado and it looks like little mountains across the bottom!

  • Rachel

    I love the full bloom. Those would be more than perfect at our summer wedding in Seattle!

  • Amy W

    I am in love with the bold look of the Zigzags Invitation!

  • Stacia Y

    I can’t imagine better invitations than the Clean Slate invitations. They’re perfect and would go so well with the clean, sleek design of our wedding! Fingers crossed :)

  • Caitlin R

    LOVE the “Say Yes” Invites! Would be perfect for my wedding! Thank you!

  • Emma Converse

    I love the folded Ticket Place cards! Such a different idea! Perfect for any wedding!!!!!!

  • megan

    Fly away is adorable!

  • Jade

    First off, I got totally distracted by the template downloads section and felt like I already won a contest downloading all of these! Yay! I <3 templates!

    Secondly, OMG all these designs are adorable. I was especially drawn to the "In Bloom" ones, though, because it reminded me a lot of Alice in Wonderland. Perfect!

  • Ali Jarman

    i love the keep it simple line!

  • Light as a Feather is GORGEOUS!

  • Ashlee

    Wow! There are so many designs I love! I have to say that I’m finding the “Lovely Vintage” design most charming right now but seriously, amazing work!

  • megan

    i love the place to be invitation. so cute!

  • Andrea

    Sweet elegance for me!! I adore it!

  • I dig the Antique Chic invitation. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Soo Fan

    It is super tough for me too b/c “Heartchery” really stuck out for a great garden tea party wedding look which is what I’m planning but than my colours are yellow and grey w/ touches of pink so I guess if I had to go with a whole set it would be the “Say Yes” or the “Full Bloom”. Loved the designs!

  • Amie

    I love the “Say Yes,” “Heartchery,” and “Play Vinyl” designs. Or even “Lovely Vintage!”

  • Jessica T

    I have been a Love vs. Design lover for ages! Right now I love the Deco Charm and Keep it Simple :)

  • Margaret

    I love this! I have Love vs. Design bookmarked for my day-of-paper needs :-)

  • Natalie

    So simple and sweet! I absolutely love Deco Charm and Lovely Vintage!!

  • crystal

    So hard to choose a favorite! I’m in love with the Fly Away invitation design though!

  • Kristi MacDonald

    I’m drawn to the Antique Chic one for design – love it! The sea themed ones would be more appropriate, as we’re getting hitched on a lawn on the ocean…I’m torn! They’re all fabulous.

  • Becky

    So hard to choose…I love the “In Cursive” invitation though :)

  • I’m digging both the save the date cards for “Place to be” and “Deco Charm”. The whole set for “Place to be” is nice.

  • Britt

    I love the “Fly Away” Design!

  • Brittany

    Wow, these are all just so beautiful! I think I love “Paper Rosettes” the most, but there are several others that I’ve got my eye on as well!

  • Katie

    I like the “in cursive”!

  • hazel

    moonlight would be perfect for my boho forest wedding!! yes! never seen anything like it!

  • Jenny Tiskus

    The Fly Away invitation is the perfect combination of whimsy and élan. The irregular rope border is funky and the two feathers are romantic without giving me a toothache. These invites would be perfect for our tiny barn wedding in WY!

  • Abby

    I love the save the date with the state on it! It’s modern and vintage at the same time!

  • Emily

    Such a hard decision! I love how classic “Rustic Chic” is. “In Cursive” is darling though.

  • Amanda

    I love the Sweet Antiquity!!!

  • Sweet Elegance is in my wedding colors!

  • Ashley

    There are so many wonderful things!!! But I love the “Heart to Heart” Invitations!

  • Kyle

    I just love invitations and I love all if Love vs Design’s work! My favorites are Full Bloom and In Cursive.

  • rosemariee

    oh how to choose! i love the heart to heart design!

  • Kelly L.

    I stumbled upon Ruffled and Love vs. Design a few weeks ago, and I have to say I love them both! I can’t decide between my favorite designs, though. “Say Yes” and “Heartchery” are neck and neck!

  • Claire

    The record with heart and colours on Play Vinyl Invitation are cute – definitely my have

  • Candice

    My favorites wedding invites- “Cheri” and “Prim and Proper”

  • Sophie

    Love “Minimalist”! It’s so us!

  • Breezy

    I absolutely love these! My favorite would probably be the “In Bloom” invitations. These would be perfect for my September wedding!

  • I think I like the “In Bloom” invitations the best!

  • Heather

    I love the modern romance and the say yes designs both so much!

  • Kerri

    My fave is the “Lovely Vintage” Invitation!

  • Jenny

    I love the moonlit invites. I love the photo/graphic combo and we’re using gem shapes in our decor so it’s a bull’s eye match!

  • Kristen

    I am in love with Antique Chic. We have a Jane Austen inspired theme for our wedding and these would be perfect!

  • Jill Turner

    Wow what a great giveaway! I love the Anchors Away invite. So adorable and perfect for a coastal wedding. XO Jill

  • Sayoko Lynn

    I absolutely love the uniqueness of these designs at Love vs Design. Wedding invites from here would be perfect! There’s so many to choose from, but my favorite has to be the In Cursive Invitation.

  • ann

    I love the “in bloom” invitation!

  • Rachel

    I can see the Back to Nature inspiring every other element of my wedding. Love that one!

  • Alana M.

    I think the “Fly Away” invitation are superb, as well as the “Language of Love”- my FH and I are both language nerds and they would be perfect!

  • I’ve been in love with Love vs. Design for a while!!! What a great giveaway. I’m torn between Antique Chic and Rustic Chic. They’re both so lovely.

  • Amanda

    I love Love vs. Design! I’m torn between the Place To Be and Modern Day Love invitations. Both are beautiful and unique.

  • Christianna

    I like that this website lets you add your own image to the back of your inviation or card. I haven’t seen a website that has that option do user friendly. Very nice layout.

  • Mary Bullard

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! I am torn between Rustic Chic and Deco Charm…so many great options!

  • Brittany

    I love the Rustic Chic set. So classy!

  • Nicole Andrick

    Love Love rustic chic!

  • madelynne miller

    The place to be invitation is so perfect! It will match my chevron grey and yellow theme FABULOUSLY well!

  • I love the green trees and notecard save the dates. So sweet!

  • Melissa

    I love the heartchery design.

  • Deebs

    I love the heart to heart design! love “love vs. design”!!

  • alexandra holliday

    the “place to be” invite makes my heart smile. we have family and friends coming from all over the nation and at that moment our wedding literally will be the place to be to have a good time. there are so many amazing options… such great designs!

  • Samantha

    Love the Deco Charm invite!

  • Jennifer Lynn

    Sweet Antiquity is absolutely adorable! I would love to snag one of the gift cards! Will be bookmarking their site. Thanks so much!

  • kirsten manick

    what a wonderful giveaway!!! love the moonlit invitation!

  • Camryn

    I am SO excited you are featuring these- I JUST bookmarked the Place To Be Invitations last week!! So beautiful and fun!

  • amanda

    i was looking mostly at the amazing invitations since i’m currently in the market for some, and i love the simply modern or travel in style. i like the clean modern style they both represent!

  • Holly

    The Refined Type Invitation is gorgeous!

  • Frances B.

    My favorite is the “Place to Be” invitation – love the colors! And what a fun design!

  • JennyT

    Absolutely love the fly away design!!

  • Falon

    So, how am I supposed to pick a favorite? I love so many of them, but especially Heart to Heart, Place to Be, and In Bloom. :)

  • Sarah R

    In Bloom!

  • Megan

    I am completely in looove with the antique chic invitation. It would be perfect for our vintage backyard wedding. We are trying to keep formality instead of making it a casual backyard wedding and this invite would set that tone.

  • Kirstin

    The Rustic Chic design is my favorite. I love the whimsical font and cute little heart with the couple’s initials. It would be the perfect compliment to our outdoor rustic wedding at the historic Sutherland Estate & Gardens!

  • Nikki

    LOVEEEEE!!! I want all!!!! Ok, i’ll go with ‘Say Yes’ as my absolute fav :)

  • Kaelea

    We love the Refined Type Invitation!!! :-)

  • Kerryday

    He asked she said yes. They’re super… plus; i’m using the downloadable flags in my wedding so, Thanks!

  • Margaret

    So I really don’t use the word ‘love’ lightly, but I am in love with the Say Yes Save the Date. :-) Thank you SO much for this lovely giveaway.

  • Bea

    It’s so hard to pick which one I like the best, but a couple that I love the most are Rustic Chic and Refined Type.

  • Ella

    the collector & simply modern are just exquisite!

  • Megan R

    Love Rustic Barn and Place to Be!

  • Kat Borden

    It’s a tie between Say Yes and Heart to Heart. Love these!

  • Meghan M.

    I LOVE the Anchors Away wedding invitation design! It’s perfect for my beach wedding =) Thanks for sharing this great design website!

  • Lots of fun designs! I really like the “Travel in Style” one! :D

  • abby

    I adore the Flora design! It reminds me of the succulent walls at our venue! Thank you!!

  • Amy N

    i love the rustic barn and place to be (and back to nature!) invitations, but my favorite would have to be in bloom! so pretty :)

  • TK

    The Love Struck program is my favorite design. I love most of them though!

  • Angela

    I love all the Save the Date options. We are probably not going to send them to save some money, but winning them would allow me to do it!

  • Cheryl D

    Full bloom and Flora invitations!

  • cam

    I really like the High Contrast Invitation

  • Katelyn

    Ooo! My favorite is either “Cheri” or “Prim and Proper”.

  • Tiffany Jen

    I love the heartchery invite!!! so cute!!!

  • gionna

    Love the place to be invitation or the anchors away!

  • mariah

    <3 anchors away.

  • Amelia

    Love the Antique Chic Invitation. Would be great for my garden wedding!

  • Megan F

    I think the Lovely Vintage is simple and beautiful!

  • Hope

    I love the feel of the Union Bliss, Clean and Classic, Deco Charm, Note Card, and Stitched designs! My favorite would have to be the Subtle Elegance though! It suits my personality and our wedding! Every one I look at is so fun!!

  • Amy

    Great designs! My favorite is either Back to Nature or In the Garden!

  • Halie

    The Rustic Barn design would go amazingly well with my barn wedding!

  • I love the Sweet Antiquity Thank you card style. SO cute!!!

  • Kristin Montalvo

    Heartchery, Green Trees, and Flora…OH MY!! Too many gorgeous choices!

  • Jenni

    I think my favorite is “Lovely Vintage,” but it’s hard to decide!

  • Tina

    LOVE them all! My favorite (and this was TOUGH to decide) has to be the new “Modern Day Love”.

  • Caroline M

    I absolutely love “Place To Be” – it’s exactly what I’m looking for!

  • Jami F

    I’m a big fan of the “Place To Be”.

  • nick

    travel in style. my fiance would like it and i do too!

  • Alysha Ragusa

    The Heart to Heart invites are so dang cute! Love it!

  • Frances F.

    I love the Antique Chic Invitation…the crossed keys and the lilly of the valley are so dear. This design would be perfect for our vintage-inspired wedding which will be held at an old Victorian house in Virgina.

  • What a hard decision to chose a fav! I must say ‘Flora Invitation’ is very ‘our wedding theme’, but could totally theme a party around each and every invite on that page! Xx

  • Stefanaé

    The heart to heart invitation is my hubby and my favorite.

  • Kellie Denison

    I love love love love the Full Bloom invite! I have already had my eye on it for sometime, Oh please Ruffled, make it mine!

    Love vs. Design is marvelous!

  • Jennie Pitts

    I really like the “Postmark” and the “Full Bloom” save the date cards. Super stylie!

  • Tori

    I really love both the rustic chic and subtle elegance invitations! I am just starting the process of wedding invitations and so far I am smitten with this website!!!

  • LisaP

    I love the “In The garden” design. Simple yet really attention grabbing. This design would work wonderfully with our wedding theme!

  • Lori

    Prim and Proper I love it

  • Becca campbell

    Love the all I would choose something to do with a boat theme like anchors away

  • Heather D

    Say yes invite So cute

  • Maria

    We love the Deco Charm design!

  • Samira

    Wow, thanks for sharing this website. I love the Place to Be and Deco Charm.

  • Kelsey B.

    I absolutely adore the Heart to Heart invitations! They’re simple, yet very romantic which would be very fitting for the style of our upcoming August wedding. Fingers crossed!

  • emily

    I’m actually a big fan of Love vs. Design. I saw them at a wedding fair and have been their stalker ever since! ;) I’m in love with the Light as Feather Invitation. Elegant!!!

  • Wow…I don’t think I’ve been on a stationary/paper website where every design was interesting and appealing to me! Since feathers are so big right now, the Light As a Feather design is speaking to me!

  • Iohanna

    Love the hear to heart invitation!! So cute! Finger cross now!

  • I’m a huge fan of the concept behind love vs design (not to mention their name), but the invitation I’m just loving at the moment is the Moonlight invite. it’s totally unique and i haven’t seen anything like it!

  • Jennifer H

    I am loving a few of them but my favorite is probably the flora invitation!