Love at First Bite!

Carolina Cup Camden, SC

My darling fiance and I met at the College of Charleston in October 2005 at the first Senior Class BBQ…I like to think of it as love at first bite.  However, we were just friends for quite awhile before it developed into anything serious.  By the time graduation rolled around I was talking about moving to Ireland to travel and work different jobs when Daniel asked me if maybe I would consider staying in Charleston to be with him. This was just after he’d bought me a Guide to Ireland book, so I was completely torn!


Middleton Place Plantation

As it turns out travel and adventure aren’t nearly as much fun without the one you love. I stayed and we ended up spending two weeks backpacking around Quebec and two years in Charleston. We’ve been all over the southeast visiting historic sites, as Daniel is a history major with a teaching degree in secondary education.  

This past April 23, just three days before my twenty-fifth birthday, Daniel surprised me with dinner at Middleton Plantation (where he was working as an historical interpreter). Well at least I thought it was dinner. When I arrived he said our reservation was delayed so we should take a walk in the lovely gardens. It was absolutely beautiful and as we rounded a corner overlooking the terraces I looked up and saw the most amazing rainbow, when I looked down Daniel was on his knee next to a lovely picnic. And that’s where he proposed!

Daniel relieved post proposal

He’s from Midlothian, VA and I’m from Yakima, WA, and we’re currently living in Burlington, VT while Daniel finishes his graduate degree in history from UVM, so the wedding will be in Charleston at McCrady’s Restaurant (where George Washington once dined!). We’re flying back to Charlseton next week to do some major wedding planning so I’ll post more pictures then. For now, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


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