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Long Beach Glam Loft Wedding

Long Beach Glam Loft Wedding

A wedding day that reflects the couple and ends with one heck of a dance party is the best kind of wedding, and it’s exactly the vision Kylie and Tim were going for on their big day. The brought on the talented Priscila Valentina, LindseyLou Designs, and French Buckets to help glue everything together, and ended up with a wedding full of bits of glam and gold details in a most beautiful loft setting.

Long Beach glam loft wedding - photo by Priscila Valentina

From the bride, Kylie: Two things come to mind when I think back to the wedding planning process: 1. We wanted everyone at our wedding to dance and 2. We wanted both the ceremony and reception to reflect who we are as a couple. Thankfully, I think we accomplished both of those things! Our reception was a blast and the dance floor was packed the whole night. Plus, we had the perfect balance of personal elements intertwined throughout our ceremony and reception that added the perfect personal touch we craved. The style of our wedding kind of created itself as each decision was made. Prior to the planning process I had no idea what I wanted. Shocking as it may seem, I did not have my wedding planned since birth, so beginning the process was a little overwhelming. But, I knew I wanted a romantic, elegant, classic feel and I think each detail perfectly captured these elements. From the candlelit aisle, to the warm color palette, tied together with the perfectly unique venue, each detail complemented each other and aided in creating the overall style of our wedding.

traditional wedding invitations - photo by Priscila Valentina

wedding day accessories - photo by Priscila Valentina

Long Beach glam loft wedding - photo by Priscila Valentina

anemone and dahlia bouquet - photo by Priscila Valentina

powder blue bridesmaid dresses - photo by Priscila Valentina

burgundy bridesmaid bouquet - photo by Priscila Valentina

Because our wedding took place in February, I wanted the color scheme to have a winter vibe. Despite the fact that blush dominated the wedding color world, blush just did not fit the style we wanted. So, as most brides do, I spent hours on Pinterest trying to find a color pallet that caught my eye. Thankfully, I stumbled across a beautiful pallet of Dusty Blue and Cranberry Red. After initially choosing these colors, I decided to bring gold and neutral tones into the mix in order to give the overall look a more balanced feel and accentuate the romanticism the rich blue and red provided. My mom spent hours hand tea-dying old sheet music (Tim is a pianist), which acted as the perfect cover for our lovely wedding programs. We also hand made our table runners.

wedding ceremony setup - photo by Priscila Valentina

ceremony decor - photo by Priscila Valentina

ceremony recessional - photo by Priscila Valentina

Long Beach glam loft wedding - photo by Priscila Valentina

Any advice for couples planning their weddings now? My advice to couples in the process of planning their wedding would first be to focus on the marriage. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress and details of planning for your big day. However, the actual wedding lasts only a few hours, your marriage on the other hand, lasts a lifetime. Focus on the lifelong commitment you are making to you spouse rather than fighting over the cake flavor. My second piece of advice would be to work together to come up with a few things that are most important for you as a couple (i.e. music, venue, food, attire, etc.) Once you have your list, be okay with allowing the things that aren’t on the list to not go as you may have planned. The reality is, there will be aspects of your wedding that may not be exactly the way you want, something may be to expensive, the weather may not allow it, your venue may not allow it, or the flower may not be in season, but, if you have a list of the most important things, it makes navigating through these decisions a lot easier! You can make sure to have the most important things and be flexible on the details that aren’t as important.

Long Beach glam loft wedding - photo by Priscila Valentina

reception tables - photo by Priscila Valentina

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glam sweetheart table - photo by Priscila Valentina

Long Beach glam loft wedding - photo by Priscila Valentina

glam reception details - photo by Priscila Valentina

Long Beach glam loft wedding - photo by Priscila Valentina

Long Beach glam loft wedding - photo by Priscila Valentina

first dances - photo by Priscila Valentina

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Wedding Music:
Bridal Party Processional: “Turning Page (Instrumental Version),” Sleeping at Last
Bridal Processional: Tim Healy (Groom) Original – Tim is a pianist and composed and recorded the song that I walked down the aisle to!
Recessional: “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love),” Natalie Cole
First Dance: “How Does it Feel,” Adam Watts
Father/Daughter Dance: “September,” Earth, Wind & Fire
Mother/Son Dance: “The Way You Look Tonight,” Frank Sinatra

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  • Hey Priscila,
    Such a beautiful wedding photography. very pretty and elegant wedding décor. Here is an advice for cute couples and host, if you plan a wedding, you have to think abut time frame, guest list, decoration, food counter and for that you have to hire a good wedding planner so that they can guide you in a proper way.

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