Nothing better than a beyond gorgeous engagement session to officially kick off the Valentine’s Day season! Megan and Seth’s session is just a glorious teaser of what we have lined up for you this week. How much do you love Megan’s black lace dress? I’d say it’s a pretty strong contender against the queen color of all wedding dresses, no?

black lace wedding dress

chic engagement session

black wedding dress hipster

hipster bride and groom

black lace mono sleeve wedding dress

black lace wedding dress

chic black wedding dress

Photos courtesy of Angi Welsch. You can see more on Angi’s blog.


Comments (17):

  • Layla on January 13, 2012

    Very serene, love the setting!
  • Luke Stanton on May 17, 2011

    some of the best engagement photographs I've ever seen! I love all the empty space in the last image especially
  • Laura Leslie on March 31, 2011

    Those tones in the B&W are killer! Nice shots.
  • Sana on February 1, 2011

    Wow, I love her dress!
  • Megan on February 1, 2011

    Hi... I am Megan, the bride! That amazing dress actually belongs to one of my dear friend's mother. It actually has a very different neckline, but i folded it down for the pictures because I have a thing for one strapped dresses. It is a vintage dress. Sorry if that isn't a help! Angi Welsch truly is amazing. I had all of the styling ideas in my head and her work made it all turn out better than I could have expected. Also, about that last photo, we loved it too... so we used if for our save the dates!
  • sarah on January 31, 2011

    WOW. these images are so stunning! i love the styling too!
  • colleenmariep on January 31, 2011

    Wow, love the last picture especially! Love the B&W!
  • Brancoprata on January 31, 2011

    This is an amazing shoot, Amanda! So beautiful, the styling is perfect!! And that dress.... love!
  • Emily Heizer Photography on January 31, 2011

    That dress! Wow, wow wow! Amazing! I have a girlfriend who wants a black wedding dress (not goth or anything, she just wants something sophisticated and against the norm) and this would be an AMAZING fit for her! If the bride stops by and is reading these comments let me kow where you got that dress! My friend would LOVE to know. Excellent taste, beautiful hair'do, I just love everything about it! I'm gushing I know, but it is well deserved! I am bookmarking this one! :D
  • Erica Ann Photography on January 31, 2011

    I love the contrast of their formal wear and the casual setting. She will be a beautiful bride!
  • Gina Marie on January 31, 2011

    Oh my goodness! These photos are beautiful, I've seen other work done by this photographer and she never ceases to amaze!
  • Kathie on January 31, 2011

    Love the black and white
  • Emily on January 31, 2011

    Amazing shoot! Such a talented photographer!
  • Rachel - theWeddingVine on January 31, 2011

    What an amazing engagement shoot! I love the black lace dress! Stunning!
  • JESSICA DEFINE on January 31, 2011

    these two really outdid the conventional engagements. ridiculously good.
  • Christie O. {Hindsight Bride} on January 31, 2011

    I love that feast shot. It reminds me of the American Gothic--very cool; very tongue-in-cheek!
  • Thadshiga Jayaseelan on January 31, 2011

    Adore the black dress and Seth's well-fitted tux. A fabulous photo shoot. Sexy and cute. Love the backdrop of the trees.


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