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Local Wedding Guide: New York

Local Wedding Guide: New York

We’re back with our Local Wedding Guide installments, and we’re ready to tackle our Blue Label vendors in the Big City! With some of the most talented vendors the wedding world has to offer, get ready to take in some seriously gorg eye candy and find some great local resources for your upcoming nuptials! As always, fear not if you’re not in the New York area — everyone here loves to travel!

New York:

Katie Osgood Photography

Ryan & Heidi Studio

Chelo Keys Photography

Cmostr Photography

Weddings by Joshua Brown

Alexandra Meseke

1. Art Beauty Life: Jenny Ebert Photography

Planners + Stylists:

Private Receptions

Firefly Events



Millcrest Vintage


Violet and Verde

Blade NYC

Check out the videos below!

McKenzie Miller Films

Kiss the Bride Films

If you are a vendor and would like to be considered in our vendor guide, please click HERE to apply. If you would like to recommend additional local resources to this list, please email us. We’d love to hear from you!

View all New York weddings and check out our entire directory of pros!

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  • The picture that was taken of the couple walking in the woods through a shower of sunlight by Ryan & Heidi Studio is may favorite. That pic of the couple is breath taking. I can smell the earth tones and feel the sun on my skin just looking at that picture. Great shot!

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