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Little Dress Book

Little Dress Book

Little Dress Book is your newest best friend. It is a heaven’s sent of a bridal salon directory where you can filter salons that meet your requirements and can fit in your calendar. No need to contact each salon, one by one, to check if they are within your budget or if they even carry the designers you love. With Little Dress Book, you can select your favorite salons and check their calendar for availability — all in one place! No need to call or email salons, one by one. It’s the only site that allows brides to book appointments online at multiple locations.

Each salon has a profile that provides loads of useful information for the bride to see. The bride can view the salon’s calendar and then simply click the desired time to book the appointment.

From Little Dress Book:The frustration I felt during my own wedding planning experience inspired me to start LDB (I just got married a couple of months ago) 🙂 I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a website out there already to help busy brides search and book appointments with vendors! So I decided to build it myself! The website is currently in private beta and focused on salons in Manhattan, but we are already working to expand to other cities and adding new salons!

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So bookmark this site and pass it along ladies, because it really is a handy planning tool. With thousands of things to do for your wedding, Little Dress Book makes one of them a breeze.

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