We would all love the expert opinion of a personal stylist sometimes, but for most of us that’s not going to be in the cards. This is why we are loving the offerings of this morning’s sponsor. Jewelmint is essentially like having a personal jewelry stylist design & suggest pieces based on your own unique style. It’s a collaboration between style-icon Kate Bosworth & Hollywood stylist, Cher Coulter, to offer affordable, luxury pieces through their member-only jewelry club. Styles are chosen for you based on your fashion personality profile, which you can define by taking their online style quiz.

By becoming a Jewelmint member, you can get personalized jewelry, designed by Kate Bosworth & Cher Coulter for just $29.99. You have access to the latest jewelry trends, that work with your individual style, without breaking the bank, and there are new droll worthy designs added every month. It’s free to join and you only pay the $29.99 a month, if decide to purchase a piece. Especially during the busyness of wedding planning, wouldn’t it be a nice luxury to have a fantastic piece of jewelry, curated to your taste, arrive in the mail each month?

As a special for Ruffled readers, Jewelmint is offering 50% off your first purchased item, for all new Jewelmint customers! Just use discount code RFB50, to take advantage of this offer.

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