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You might remember Jenn’s couture bridals I featured here a few months ago. Well, she got married and it was nothing short of amazing. They had their ceremony and reception at Freedom Park, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their parents stood up next to them during the ceremony, which I think is the sweetest, most thoughtful thing! Jen’s gorgeous bouquet was made by one of her friends with flowers purchased from The Fresh Market and Bethany from All The Right Grooves played “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers for Brad’s walk down the aisle. Big thanks to Cheyenne Schultz for sharing these with us!

Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
From the bride, Jenn:
“I was 21 years old and I thought I knew who I was. I met you, Jennifer, and I’ve been wrong ever since. It never ceases to amaze me what love can do. I’ve learned that love actually isn’t what makes the world go ’round, but rather, love is what moves us. It’s what drives us to be better people, it’s what allows us to forgive, it’s what wakes us up in the morning, and it’s what we got babe. Jennifer, I take you as my friend, I take you as my lover, I take you as my wife, and all these things I give to you with the simple promise of in a world where you are possible, nothing can go wrong for us.”

These were the vows Brad wrote for me and read that day. I didn’t have anything prepared as far as written down for our vows…I just spoke from the heart. I am a vegan and I spoke briefly about how he snagged me, despite his love for spaghettios from the can. For all those who know us, they understood what a big deal that is! : )
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
Jenn’s father and her walked down the aisle to the musical intro to the song “23” by Jimmy Eat World. Brad and Jenn made our exit to “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Led Zeppelin.
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
I think Brad must have just started a groom’s style revolution. I also haven’t seen a guy look this cool in pleated pants up to this date.
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz
Indie Wedding in Freedom Park Charlotte North Carolina Cheynne Schultz

The groomsmen were asked to wear a dark vest, charcoal pants, white shoes, white belt, and a crazy belt buckle. Brad gave them all their ties, which he drew on the bottoms of. We thought it would be easier to let our bridesmaids and groomsmen choose their own attire so they felt comfortable and didn’t match. We wanted them to look like their own person, not replica of everyone else. The bridesmaids were asked to get a dress that was a grey tone. some opted for short and some for long. (two of them are pregnant so the long was better for them…comfort wise) Other than that, I just asked that they wear black shoes. The dresses came from several different places. (J.Crew, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Davids Bridal)
Brad had his suit custom made. We picked out the fabric and delivered it to a friend of Brad’s who makes suits. She did an amazing job!! He had a hard time finding buttons that he liked though. All were very expensive. He was able to go to a salvation army and purchase an old jacket that he just cut the buttons off of. Genius! I think it only cost him $5!
My dress is a Cymbeline dress. I had it altered into a mermaid fit by having the torso extended and tucked and had part of the train cut off and sewn to make the dress a one shoulder. It turned out just how I had hoped! My hair piece was ordered from Etsy. It is by LoBoheme. This was a last minute purchase that was more than worth it!! It really made the look complete!

During the ceremony we had out dear friend Jay do a reading. He wrote a beautiful poem that moved us both to tears. Jay and his partner Jim also did all of my flowers and bouquet….they were amazing!!!
Brad is a musician and in the band S.O.STEREO. His manager, Bruce, got ordained online and performed the ceremony. This was perfect for us. We wanted to be sure that we had a ceremony with religious roots, but by someone who knew us from the begging of our relationship. It was a beautiful ceremony and we chose to have our parents stand beside us and our wedding party sit in the front rows.

  • LOVE the bridesmaid dresses

  • Love EVERYTHING about this wedding. That groom is seriously cool and I am so diggin’ his outfit, I need to go out and buy something similar for my hubby to wear. Cheyenne’s work is amazing as usual and she got such awesome images! : )

  • Ach, what a gorgeous wedding! I LOVE how the bridal party is dressed. And the groom’s jacket? Killer.

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  • GORGEOUS! Love the light, the passion and the turquoise velvet jacket!

  • I found you through twitter! Wow, the couple–what a pair of totally fashion hipsters–they look amazing! Love both their looks! And love how they gave everyone their own independent way of dressing!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Delicious, every detail is simply delicious.

  • Really awesome couple, and great images. Love the shot of the groomsmen. The bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous…I want one of each!

  • East Hill Events

    LOVE the selections of bridesmaids dresses! Great idea!

  • the different shades of the bridesmaid dresses are glorious

  • the dress is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! the contrasts between the beautiful dress and the groom’s cool style is 100percent perfect!

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  • morgan

    this wedding has really inspired me for my own wedding, i love the colors! thank you so much for sharing! i would love to have a hat designed like that, totally gorgous!

  • Marty

    This is giving me such good ideas of other dresses I can offer in my shop. I’m just beginning to spend time on the wedding sites to see whats in and desirable. I’m lovin’ ruffledblog. Thank you for listing my 1970s Goddess Gown as a wedding possibility. xoxo

  • Lauren S.

    I am in love with her dress! It is stunning! The whole wedding is amazing. Do you know the designer?

  • Jennifer

    Where did the groom buy his jacket? My fiance has been searching through and through, and when we stumbled upon your wedding, we freaked out! We too are from Charlotte :D Freedom Park has been a place where romantics have happened a time or two!

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  • diana

    who took the pictures! great photographer

  • Paul

    Love the groom’s outfit specially the jacket, please tell where to find it or similar!!!! Thanks from the other side of the world!