This week’s sponsor shout out goes to iWedding Deluxe, the most thorough wedding planning iPhone app around. I downloaded the app myself to try it out and I foresee this little tool being a bride’s best friend. It will walk you through the entire process of planning your wedding, all the way through the honeymoon. Get started by entering your names, budget, and wedding date. The home screen has a countdown clock, so you’ll know just how much time you have left before the big day. There’s also a detail section where you can take notes of all the nitty gritty planning process as well as keep track of potential vendors you are thinking about hiring. The app only costs $9.99, less than traditional planning binders.

iPhone case iWedding Deluxe planning app

More details about the app:

iWedding Deluxe is the wedding planner app that will organize, guide and inspire you while keeping all the vital information at your fingertips. It is feature packed with Todo lists, Budget Planning, Notes, Photos, recording of nearly every business detail imaginable, Guest lists, Seating Plans, Wedding Guides, Inspiration, Blogs and even integration with Social Networks – Twitter and Facebook.

iWedding Deluxe is extremely customizable – we start you off with pink if you are the bride and blue for the groom but you can set the overall theme of the app to any color you wish. You can show/hide the guest and detail’s modules to hide the ones you don’t want to use. You can even create your own detail modules!! All guest list information including seating plans with meal choices are exportable by email.

We’re also giving this iPhone/iPod Touch app to 5 lucky readers! The first 5 readers to leave a comment below will receive a code to download the app for free.

*photo by caterpillar’s Flickr

  • Ashley

    That is a GREAT App! I was looking for one like it the other day because I just got an Iphone! I am excited to use it because my little ratty notebook is not cutting it!

  • maria

    ahh! me me! thank you! :)

  • Erin B

    Great app! Can’t wait to try!

  • Brittany P.


  • ashley

    Oh, that would be a perfect app for me to keep everything all in one place! Currently, everything is split between three different notebooks.

  • Anna-maria o’toole

    Sounds brilliant! And much easier to carry around than a binder.

  • lindsay

    this would be perfect! i have not been great at staying on top of my to-do’s, and i am always on my phone, so why not organize my wedding stuff there? :)

  • Pei Min

    me me me! i would love to have the app! you rock. (:

  • peimin

    sounds lovely! (:

  • Maiko

    it sounds amazing! :) i would love to try this app!

  • laura

    Very cool and just what I need! I have papers and sticky’s and notes everywhere! I am getting married in October and love your website is quite inspiring!


  • Cool app! This would make planning so much easier/more convenient!

  • Michael

    You know, I never even bothered to look and see if this sort of thing was available. It sounds like a great idea!

  • Karen

    My iPhone never leaves my side. I use it for everything wedding related. If this helps, I would LOVE to use it.

  • Shaina

    More reason to keep me glued to my iphone!

  • Holly

    This app sounds amazing!!

  • Erica

    I Need that!!! :)

  • Beth

    Ive searched for iphone wedding apps before and I cant believe I hadnt stumbled across this one! cant wait to check it out!

  • Lindsey

    how neat – there really is an app for everything :)

  • Allison

    Wow! That is SO neat! Great idea!

  • ashley v

    i love the case!!!! where is it from?

  • Kerry

    This sounds great and so useful! Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Ariele

    Great APP! Downloading it now :)

  • The post could use more pictures of the app. At first I thought you will be going to write about the case. Which is lovely by the way!:)

  • Brittany

    This is pure genius!

  • I saw this app last week when I was app browsing and am totally intrigued. I would love to check it out for free!! Thanks!

  • Marni

    What a nifty case! Would love the application as well!

  • sonia

    oooooooo, that case! where i find something similar?

  • barbara halsted

    What a great way of tracking all those to- do lists