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Intimate Wedding with 40 Guests at Castello di Meleto in Tuscany

Intimate Wedding with 40 Guests at Castello di Meleto in Tuscany

Tuscany Samesex Wedding

Castello di Meleto in Tuscany played host to Matt and Tim’s intimate wedding with 40 guests of their loved ones, and boy was it romantic. With panoramic views of the rolling hills below, they shared their first moments as newlyweds in a fresh herb garden with an ancient Italian castle in the background. Alessia B Weddings designed a rustic chic reception to follow, complete with a family-style table beneath string lights. If it’s a destination wedding in Italy you’re after, grab a glass of chianti, play your favorite crooners playlist and peruse this gallery from Stefano Santuccibelow.

Wedding with 40 Guests

From Alessia, the wedding planner: Matt and Tim infinitely love Florence and Chianti and couldn’t have imagined any other place to celebrate their wonderful wedding in Tuscany.

This beautiful couple celebrated their wedding surrounded by the affection of their closest friends and relatives at the Castello di Meleto. At the top of a hill, Tim and Matt held their ceremony with a breathtaking view of the vineyards and the majestic castle.

The welcoming aperitif was held in the aromatic herb garden where the buffet table served locally farmed cured meats and cheeses. A cocktail bar impeccably decorated with fruit and flowers sat beside the table while a server passed around bright orange spritz cocktails for the guests to enjoy while mingling.

Having an Intimate Wedding with 40 Guests

Dinner was held in the beautiful panoramic garden in front of the castle. The table was adorned with a long green festoon, dark red, and white flowers with perfectly matched candles and blue napkins that made the tables pop.

Tuscany Samesex Wedding

It was an intimate wedding with about 40 guests who danced and celebrated until the dawn. A true celebration of love!

From the couple: We met via online dating. Tim travels a lot for work, so we actually spent a few weeks talking on the phone before we met. By the time we met, we found ourselves talking constantly throughout the day, getting to know each other really well.

Tuscany Samesex Wedding

Matt: I was attracted to Tim’s intelligence, confidence, and kindness. I knew from the way he spoke about his family that he had a good heart. When we had our first date, I can still remember exactly he suit he was wearing, and he was incredibly handsome and had great style!

Wedding with 40 Guests in Italy

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Wedding with 40 Guests

Tim: I was also attracted to my intelligence, confidence and kindness. Just kidding! I also remember the fall night when we first met. I was very excited; I had flown back to Boston earlier in the evening. I rushed home to freshen up and then head to the restaurant where we planned to meet. I was ready and arrived first, which, as it turns out, became a very common theme. But I didn’t and don’t mind waiting for Matt. I remember when he walked in, I was struck by how handsome he was. He had also come from work, wearing his trademark sweater. We had planned to meet for a drink, but one drink became several, and then we ordered dinner and before I knew it, hours had passed. It is one of the happiest nights of my life.

Tuscany Samesex Wedding

Photo: Stefano Santucci

Planning and Design: Alessia B Weddings

Venue:  Castello di Meleto

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Floral: Stiatii Fiori

Caterer:  Guidi Lenci

Stationery:  Rafaella Oddo

Lighting: GB Audio

DJ: Matthew DJ Music: Chiara Trallori

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