This engagement session sent by Ozzy Garcia will make you look twice if I told you they were shot in Miami, but I won’t say anything. The images alone are more than sufficient to get a much deserved look. Jen and Scott’s style is insane – hard to believe their effortless looks had no professional styling! Big thanks to Ozzy for sending this session our way!

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  • Linda

    I’m LOVING everything about this shoot! :)

  • Gen

    These images are so beautiful. Amazing job Ozzy.

  • Eric

    hey ozzy congrats and nice work on the photos. You have gotten very talented with the camera and i believe that these are amazing pictures.

  • Lisa

    Love these shots…….great colors! Gorgeous couple!

  • Eric Silva

    congrats on the pictures they look great. you are very talented and artistic with a camera. keep up the great work.

  • Love this but they have to be professional models – they’re gorgeous!

  • @Debbie

    nope, they are a real couple! Jen is a Yoga teacher, but I truly believe she should model for a living :)

  • love the one with them in the water!

  • She has such great style without professional help! If only… haha

  • So beautiful and original . . .

  • I can’t belive I have never seen this shoot before! Love love LOVE!!

  • Larissa

    What park is this?

  • How lovely to see creativity making an engagement session so fun, unique & interesting :D Love it!! I particularly like the photo of Jen sitting cross legged. xoxo