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Paula and Brian are a wife + husband team behind Ila Handbags. Using vintage-inspired fabric patterns and fresh design, they handmake the most delectable little clutches right in Minneapolis. They marry modern design with vintage nostalgia so perfectly, there really isn’t a way to resist them. I’m giddy with excitement to announce that they are giving away 8 clutches (4 vintage prints and 4 Frenchies) to some very lucky readers. Pretty phenomenal way to kick off your weekend, wouldn’t you agree?

ila handbags clutch giveaway

To enter, visit Ila Handbags and let us know which bag is your fave and come back here letting us know which one you would choose if you win. Our giveaway is for any Vintage or solid color Frenchie collection bag, so choose away!

ila handbags chic bridal clutches

You can also enter by liking our Facebook page for an additional entry to increase your chances of winning. We will pick 8 random winners and announce them here and on our Facebook page next Wednesday, November 16th. Good luck!

Please note: If a potential winner cannot be reached after a reasonable effort has been exerted within 3 business days from the date of the giveaway drawing, another winner will be picked.

  • Rachel Smith Murrow

    My favorite would have to be the vintage – meg in floret!!

    (also, i liked your facebook page, do i post a second entry on there?)

    • Karen

      Meg floret is super pretty:) I love your creations:)

    • Erin

      My favorite is the Frenchie in Dandelion! I wear a lot of black and feel like that would pair perfectly with it for a pop of color.

  • Kristen

    I love the Frenchie-Warm Gray! Super versatile and cute!

  • Frances F.

    These are so cute! I would pick the Meg Floret – but I love all the vintage patterns!

  • Alexis

    I just love the Meg Lovelace!

  • Shannon Hopper

    I looove the Frenchie in Pale Pink. This is one of my wedding colors and I think it’s so classy! Love the ruffle detail!

  • tough choice… torn between the vintage Annie in Pink Ballet or the Frenchie in Dandelion, Warm Grey, or Charcoal.

  • Leahanne Lockard

    The Vintage Meg-Floret makes me all happy inside. Want want want!

  • Lindy

    I love the Frenchie in warm gray!

  • Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how perfect the powder blue Frenchie would be for my wedding!! Our main color is powder blue, and no one “gets it”! (I think this lovely little bag would help :) Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!!

  • Kirsten

    I love the vintage Annie lovelace! Just gorgeous.

  • Love the Meg – Floret!

  • coasterkim

    I love the Frenchies with brooches but I think I would choose the Black Frenchie for versatility’s sake. So pretty! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Rosaleen

    Wow. All of these are stunning. From the Frenchies I like the classic black and bold colors like Emerald, Berry and Dandelion. And from the vintage bags my absolute favorite is the Meg in Japanese Forest print, but also like the Meg in Lovelace and Floret prints, and the Audrey in the Stems & Blossoms print. Crossing my fingers (and toes) for this one, ’cause this is a good one!

  • Megan

    I love the Meg-Floret! I want this bag :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • wow, is it even possible to pick just one?

    meg-floret for me too :)

    liked you on facebook as well.

  • Jen

    I loveee the Poppy Frenchie!

  • Megan

    I just “liked” you on fbook!!

  • Gillian

    I love the Meg-Japanese Forest! SO beautiful!

  • Leah

    love love the frenchie charcoal!

  • Megan

    Oh wow, these are all so lovely! The Dandelion colored Frenchie would be my top pick. Anything yellow seems to brighten my day!

  • Brittany

    The Frenchie in Charcoal!

  • My favorite is the Frenchie- Warm gray!

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely love the “Annie, Japanese Forest”. It would be perfect to use at our spring forest wedding in Sweden <3

  • Sergio

    The Frenchie in Berry is nice!

  • Jennifer

    I liked you on facebook as well :)

  • Phuong

    I love the Frenchie in warm gray! So cute and versatile!

  • Wow, these bags are gorgeous! Adding them to my Christmas wish list if I don’t win here :) I have many favorites, but I think my #1 pick is the Vintage Annie Lovelace.

  • Taylor

    I love the Frenchie in warm gray. So classy.

  • Teresa

    I love the deep color of Frenchie Marine!

  • Adore the Frenchie in plum! Love the feminine ruffles – so pretty.

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE the Frenchie in warm grey. It would be perfect with my wedding dress!

  • Vanessa

    I loooove the Frenchie in Poppy!

  • Steffane

    As soon as I saw this giveaway I knew I HAD to win! My friend designs bridal gowns. Her collection is called Ila Bean. If she doesn’t need an Ila bag, I don’t know who does!
    I would choose the Frenchie in Pale pink for her. Maybe she’ll let me borrow it someday!? lol

  • Steffane

    I also REALLY like you on Facebook!

  • Holly

    love frenchie in hibiscus!

  • Shauna

    I LOVE the Frenchie-Iris!! It’s the color of my bridesmaids dresses…sooo pretty!!

  • Carly

    My favorite is definitely the Frenchie in Dandelion! Absolutely perfect!

  • Kirsten

    these are gorgeous!! my favorite is the annie lovelace.

  • Danielle Johnson

    I would pick the Frenchie in Dandelion! I love little pops of color in my outfit during the winter!

  • Marlene Jackson

    Hi there!! Wow, thanks for this give away!!! I love the Frenchie with vintage brooch. Thank you!!

  • I like the FRENCHIE – MARINE!
    Hope to be the luckiest!!!


  • Definitely love the Frenchy in Plum – just beautiful!

  • Margaret

    I just adore the Pink Ballet print on the Meg and Annie styles. They are a perfect match for my wedding colors – it would be delightful to call it my own on my wedding day!

  • Amanda

    I LOVE love ila Handbags! They are so great!
    My favourite is Frenchie Vintage Gold Rhinestone Brooch!
    It is so pretty!!

  • Sarah

    I love the Meg in pink ballet. So pretty! Of course they all are gorgeous.

  • Lindsie Bobzien

    I love the Frenchie with Vintage Brooch! I would go beautiful with my winter wedding next January!

  • Linda l

    My favorite is Audrey stems and blossoms, so cute

  • Maggie

    My favorite is the vintage meg in floret :)

  • love the MARLO – WINE & SLATE BLUE!!

  • Louise Bolin

    The Frenchie – Orchid is sublime! It will match the bridesmaid’s dresses perfectly and will pop off my vintage inspired dress!

  • Amanda

    I just love the Frenchie-Parchment handbag!
    So pretty!

  • Michelle McAuley

    I LOVE the Frenchie – Hibiscus!!!!! Gorgeous design, with a fun pop of color!

  • Alexa

    The Frenchie in Dandelion is so cute!!

  • The Frenchie -Dandelion would look ROCKIN’ with my wedding dress for my Dec. 17 wedding! no Christmas red + green for me… this wedding is using yellow!

  • Hannah Yochum

    My fave is the charcoal frenchie.

  • Ashley Floraday

    The Annie Lovelace is my vote!

  • Bailee

    It’s a difficult choice, but I’m drawn to the Frenchie in Hibiscus…what a lovely color!

  • Meg Warker

    I love the Meg Floret which is perfect because it’s my name too!

  • These collections are beautiful. I love the Frenchie in Hibiscus, but my absolute favorite is the “Meg – Florette” (and not just because of the name, hehe)!

  • Meg S

    I love the Audrey – Stems and Blossoms. The Meg too!

  • Sarah

    I love the Frenchie in mint!

  • Allyson L.

    I love the Frenchie with the vintage brooch!

  • Emily Mitchell

    OH My GOODNESS!!! I Can’t even tell you which one is my favorite! I love the bottom two!!! I love the dark Frenchie. But at the same time the white vintage with pink flowers is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  • Alessandra

    I love the meg – japanese forest! will go lovely with my wedding colors next fall!

  • Bekah

    ooo pick me pick me.. l like ANY of the vintage bags.

  • Kristen

    All of the Frenchie’s with the vintage brooches are to.die.for. Or, the Frehnchie in berry to match the bridesmaid’s dresses!

  • Julia

    I would love to enter for the – Frenchie Parchment!
    Thank you So much!

  • love the japanese forest annie!

  • Gavi

    The Frenchie off-white is fabulous! It will be the perfect addition to my bridesmaids’ dresses.

  • The Frenchie in Berry is lovely. My sister is getting married next year, and I’d definitely love to win one for her… though I’d probably let her pick the colour. =)

  • brittany

    i would love a berry frenchie! and i’m from minneapolis as well!

  • Frenchie powder blue!

  • Leslie

    The Frenchie-Warm Gray is my favorite! Oh the places it could go! :)

  • Saraya

    The Annie – Japanese Forest! Gorgeous :)

  • Amy

    These are amazing!!! I would absolutely love the Frenchie in Poppy!!! It would be the perfect accessory for my wedding, which is poppy and aqua! Love, Love, Love.

  • Cassie

    I love the Yellow Nora with a brooch. All the bags are so amazing!

  • maiko

    i’d love the frenchie pale pink!!

  • Christi

    Love love looooove the red one with the ruffles!

  • Emily

    They are all so gorgeous! I have to say that I would pick the Meg-Pink Ballet. All of these are so beautiful!

  • Love the Warm Gray Frenchie!

  • Kipin

    I love the meg-floret bag, it’s so sweet!

  • Tina

    My pick would have to go to the Audrey clutch.

  • I just LOVE the Meg Pink Ballet with a gold chain. Beautiful and stylish, and I am obsessed with vintage looks

  • Katie

    I absolutely adore the Frenchie in Poppy. It’s the perfect red to add a splash of color to my neutral wardrobe this winter.

  • Amber

    Love the Frenchie in warm gray….everything goes with gray!

  • nikole

    I would pick the warm grey Frenchie bag. So cute!

  • Charin Kent

    oh boy… love them all!!! I’d say the Meg Floret is my favorite though, absolutely LOVE the design and colors going on there. Wish the Audrey bags would come back (looks like they are sold out) those are to DIE for!

  • Stefanie

    Though it is hard to pick just one, I would have to go with the Vintage Annie in Pink Ballet. It fits in perfectly with my wedding color scheme of Blush & Grey!

  • Jessica B.

    The vintage Annie – Japanese Forest is a winner in my book

  • Anita Boeira

    I love the warm gray Frenchie! Well, okay, all Frenchies.

  • Bryanne

    I’m in love with the powder blue frenchie!

  • Ashley

    Love the frenchie, in any color! I’m getting married in July and need a clutch!

  • Megan Sparling

    love these bags! i was instantly drawn to the vintage meg-stems and blossoms bag. added bonus- it’s my name! will recommend these bags to my best friend for our bridesmaids bags!

  • Molly

    I love the frenchi ;)

  • Miranda

    I adore the Meg-Floret! The colors are so beautiful.

  • Liz H

    If I would, I’d choose the Frenchie in Navy!! Our wedding colors are navy and pink. I already about my girls their pink clutches and its been so hard finding a fabulous navy clutch for myself!

    If I chose not to pick something for the wedding, I ADORE Meg – Pink Ballet!! That is such a cute, fun clutch!

  • Liz H

    I just entered on Facebook as well by telling you my choices there.

    My Facebook name is Liz Harvey :)

  • Sarah L.

    I love the Frenchie in Poppy!

  • Jonni

    I love the Frenchie in pale pink – so pretty!

  • Samantha

    Oh my… Frenchie in Dandelion! That color is PERFECT!

  • Kari

    I absolutly adore the lovelace!!! I can picture it with several different outfits!

  • Sarah W

    This week has been rough and I think the frenchie purse in slate blue would be just the think to get me out of the blues. Or maybe off white for the wedding. Or maybe black for all the time.

  • Megan R

    Love the Frenchie in Dandelion!

  • Jennifer

    Oh how I love the vintage collection. So cute and shabby chic (which is the style my heart beats for)! The meg-floret is my choice! Good luck ladies!! :)

  • I have to pick just one?! They’re all so lovely. OK, I’d choose the Meg Floret in the vintage collection. It’s so perfectly vintage and chic! LOVE.

  • HK

    The Nora is so lovely. But I adore the Frenchie – Berry equally!

  • Kelli

    I love the Frenchie in Dandelion and in Parchment. So hard to choose!

  • So hard to decide, but I think I love the Frenchie in Warm Gray. I love the color!

  • Lauren P

    Frenchie Poppy please!! Perfect for the festive holiday season, and versatile when the weather turns warm again. And red goes with every little black/gold/white/silver/gray/etc. dress!

  • alison alison

    dandilion frenchie!! it’s ruffled. ;)

  • Katie

    I looove the Frenchie in Mint! Understated, gorgeous color.

  • alison alison

    oops–please correct my misspelling of dandelion! thanks.

  • Sarah Poole

    I LOVE, (extra emphasis on the LOVE)the Meg – Floret. It’s so stinking cute!!!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Annie-Japanese Forest one. Great designs!

  • Kellyann

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Meg- Stems and Blossoms! :)

  • Chelsey

    Annie – Japanese Forest!

  • MBA

    So adorable! I love the frenchie dandelion! Just the right color.

  • Bev

    The Frenchie with Vintage Brooch is gorgeous! This would be such a modern, elegant clutch to use at my wedding!

  • Theresa

    I love both the Meg in pink ballet and the Frenchie in Pear, totally my color for sure!

  • Christi

    Love them all, but think the Frenchie in Pear is particularly “me” :)

  • Hands down…Frenchie is the one!
    Just perfect style for anything! Done!
    Joyce Goeppinger

  • Love all the Frenchies and would choose the Frenchie – Charcoal because I think the color would fit all of my dresses and I’ve searched for a clutch like this for forever but still don’t own a clutch until today! :)

  • Amy

    My bridemaids are wearing Charcoal Grey dresses, so the Frenchie – Charcoal would be a perfect accessory for me to match my girls!

  • Amanda Hughes

    I LOVE the Frenchie in Dandelion! Ila has all of my wedding colors (Dandelion, Mint, Hibiscus, and Warm Gray! I wish I could get each of my bridesmaids one!!!

  • Kristen Owen

    Frenchie in Warm Gray for me! Love all of the ruffles and the neutrals!

  • Erin S.

    I love the Frenchie in Parchment! Sooo pretty!

  • Zoe

    I’m down with the Frenchie-Hibiscus myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Lindsey

    I’m loving the Frenchie in warm grey! So beautiful!

  • Sarah

    The Frenchie in Dandelion! Love it- perfect for my grey and yellow wedding!!

  • Mallory King

    The Frenchie in Clover is beautiful! Such a great color!

  • I’ve been looking for the perfect clutch for my wedding. I lovvvve the Frenchie in warm gray. Would go beautifully with my silver accents on my wedding day and the blue in our wedding. I would use that clutch again and again. I have to say that I love the Meg-Floret for other times.

  • Katie Bell

    Definitely the “parchment” Frenchie!

  • Ali Peek

    I absolutely 1adore the Frenchie in Parchment and Pale Pink. Either one would be perfect for my wedding day

  • I liked Ruffled on FB <3

  • Amanda Murray

    My Favorite is the FRENCHIE – WARM GRAY!!! So Cute!

  • b schwartz photography

    I LOVE the Frenchie – Dandelion and Charcoal and the Annie – Japanese Forest! Fun giveaway!

  • Daniela Gonzalez

    I love the Frenchie in Marine, Powder Blue and Parchment.
    So sweet!

  • Kristin Crooks

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Frenchie in Warm Gray. Gorgeous!

  • Christina

    The leather bags are incredible. Marlo- mustard and copper is my fav!

  • Jessica T

    Wow! The Frenchie bags come in such gorgeous colours! I love the dandelion, powder blue, and pale pink colours! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hi !

    I’m entering to win the Frenchie clutch in “Pale Peach”!
    I absolutely love it, such a tres chic purse! Thanks!!


  • All of the Frenchies are AMAZING! choosing its hard but thinking about my wedding on December 22nd!!!!! maybe the pale pink or parchment will go with my dress and deco!
    Crazy for vintage also! I love everything vintage! and from this collection definitely the Annie stems and blossom! (Hmm that would go perfect with my wedding too!)

    Great Giveaway! Definitely sharing!

  • Alyssa

    So hard to choose! I think the Frenchie bag in Parchment would go with everything though, so if I had to choose just one, that’s what I would get! Can’t wait to check out Ila next time I’m in the Twin Cities!

  • Kelly

    I love the color of the Hibiscus Frenchie – which is awesome, because I love any kind of tea that has Hibiscus in it as well!!!!

  • Sue Struening

    I just LOVE the first one on the page, the Frenchie with an oval rhintestone vintage brooch, in white, but I’d really LOVE it in powder blue!! It would absolutely go with my vintage themed beach wedding!!!

  • Leigh

    I LOVE the Frenchie in slate blue. Liked you on Facebook too, I’m addicted to your blog!!

  • Bethany

    The Frenchie in Navy is so very pretty and chic! My colors are coral, navy, yellow, and light aqua blue. This would be an oh-so-pretty accent.

  • would love the frenchie powder blue!

  • Ali Jarman

    i love the charcoal frenchie!

  • JK

    I just adore the Frenchie Charcoal or the Annie Lovelace! Such a fun giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  • I LOVE the Frenchie in Dandelion! So me!

  • Kelsey

    I love love ila bags! I would definitely choose the Frenchie Dandelion bag. The color is just so stunning!

  • Emily Miller

    I like the frenchie powder blue!

  • Sandryte

    My favourite is Vintage Meg Pink Ballet

  • Sharla

    Loving the Frenchie in Navy! What beautiful little clutches!

  • Sarah

    LOVE the vintage Audrey stems and blossoms is amazing fabric!

  • Carmela M.

    I love the Frenchie with Vintage Star Brooch!

  • Definitely the Meg Pink Ballet. The pattern is so 60’s chic!

  • Katie

    I love the Frenchie- Poppy!

  • Rhian

    My favorite is the Frenchie with the vintage gold and pearl brooch!

  • Carla

    I love the Annie “japanese forest”

  • Rebecca H

    I LOVE all the Frenchies! But Berry is such a beautiful color! It’s like nothing I own and would be so fun!

  • Kristen Farrow

    Love the Frenchi in Warm-Grey!

  • Christianna

    Loved all the Frenchie bags and for my ladies, warm grey is perfect. I love the Meg pink ballet for myself but it doesn’t jive with the wedding day pallet.

  • Christianna

    I also liked you on FB!

  • Madelynne Miller

    HELLO frenchie dandelion, you MUST be mine! She matches my wedding colors perfectly!

  • Brooke

    The Frenchie Parchment is perfect…actually all of the Frenchies are. It’s hard to choose!

  • Sara

    I would love to win the Frenchie in warm gray or powder blue. I love the warm gray for a neutral! Either would go great with my wedding colors!

  • Susanne Amalie

    My favourite is the Meg – Floret! It´s so my style, and it will be perfect with my traditional Saami costume, which I’m getting married in next summer!

    (I liked you on facebook too!)

  • The Frenchie in Berry is to die for! So lovely.

  • Laura

    I love the frenchie in pop floral!

  • Kate

    I love the Frenchie in pale pink

  • Elizabeth

    I love the Annie and Audrey English Garden… they will really make the lavender and pink shades POP at my wedding. Sophisticated and beautiful. Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  • Kim

    I’d love the Frenchie bag in Powder Blue. Gorgeous!

  • I am smitten with Meg in Japanese Forest. Gorgeous.

  • Jen

    Hi! I would love the Frenchie in warm gray!

  • I love the MEG – LOVELACE and the FRENCHIE – DANDELION. I can’t decide. they are both great. I already like you on facebook! I hope i win. too cute!

  • Erin J

    amazing clutches! I love the Frenchie with vintage brooch, romantic with a vintage vibe. I also love the Dandelion clutch… just beautiful…

  • Margaret

    I love the Frenchie in Marine. That shade of blue is perfect… I’m using it with raspberry and purple on my wedding invitations.

  • I am loving the Frenchie handbag in Hibiscus! So amazingly beautiful.

  • Kara

    The frenchies are all SO beautiful. My favourites are the frenchie in parchment and in hibiscus!

  • elyse

    The Frenchie in Dandelion is adorable and would go perfectly with my vintage/recycled yellow and white wedding!

  • It’s hard not to love the Meg – Floret from the Vintage collection. Since my boyfriend and I don’t support marriage until it’s marriage for all, we’re celebrating with friends and family at a big 10th anniversary gathering instead. It’s coming up next year and we’re planning to host everyone at The Shady Dell – a retro trailer park hotel in AZ where each of our guests will get their own private airstream trailer from the 1940-60s. That said, the Meg – or anything from the vintage collection – would be perfect.

    Though the Frenchie with the vintage brooches are super glam and perfect for a wedding…

    Love it all! Great find, Ruffled.

  • ejstafne

    Oh.My.LOVE! The Frenchie in Poppy is DIVINE!!! <3 …with one of my vintage dresses or jeans and heels…it screams romance and sass!

  • Nicole

    I love the Frenchie in Plum. It would work perfect with our color scheme. These are gorgeous bags!

  • Nicole

    I “like” you on Facebook. I am very glad mentioned this because I didn’t realize you were on FB!

  • Michelle

    I LOVE the Frenchie in Dandelion!! So beautiful&bright!

  • Awesome giveaway! I’d choose the “Frenchie – Dandelion”.


  • I’ve just liked the FB page ;).


  • Ashleigh H-J

    I’m so in love with the Frenchie Hibiscus color, its so perfect!!

  • Amanda

    Audrey – English Garden is gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Tiffany Lee

    The Frenchie in Poppy is just devine! I love it!

  • Liz Piccione-Volger

    My absolute fave is Annie – Stems & Blossoms! Really Really Adorable!

  • Katie

    I like Frenchie with Vintage Brooch : )

  • Emily

    FRENCHIE WITH VINTAGE BROOCH! Wedding clutch? Yes please!

  • I’m in love with the Frenchie – Dandelion. It would fit perfect with my weddingdress!

  • What a horribly tough decision! They’re all gorgeous! If it were me, I think I would have to pick the Meg bag in Floret…. I feel like the colors and design would go just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it would a dress.

  • Leslie Elsaifi

    I love the vintage Annie – Japanese Forest!

  • Nicole

    J’adore the Frenchie Mint!

  • Mara

    The Meg Floret is too cute – it would be adorable with my dress, and I could carry it after the day too.

  • Ashley

    I love the vintage Meg – Floret!

  • Lisa Foote

    The Audrey – Stems & Blossoms. Hard to choose just one, they are all so beautiful!

  • Natasha

    Hi guys, thank you for the gorgeous giveaway!
    I love the Annie-Lovelace from the vintage section.

    natashafatah at gmail dot com

  • k8te

    oooh i would love the frenchie in dandelion, would go perfect with our grey color schemes..the perfect bridesmaid gift!

  • Natasha

    I like you guys on Facebook.
    natashafatah at gmail dot com

  • Shayla

    I love the dandelion Frenchie – such a pretty shade of yellow!

  • Amie

    I love the dandelion Frenchie bag.

  • sharon

    My favorite is the vintage meg in floret bag…so bright and fun!

  • janeen

    I love the frenchie in dandelion!!

  • Miranda

    i absolutely adore the Frenchie in charcoal. my b-maids would love them, and it would make a great gift.

  • Stephanie krencicki

    I love the frenchie hibiscus!

  • I love Frenchie in parchment!!

  • Ali

    Definitely would choose the powder blue Frenchie. LOVE!

  • Katie

    Ooh! I love the “Annie – Lovelace” bag!

  • Ellen

    I would definitely choose the Frenchie in navy! It would go perfect with our wedding colors!!

  • Maple

    I love the Frenchie in powder blue or warm grey!

  • Lauren

    I really love the Frenchie Navy, too cute!!

  • I know it’s sold out right now, but the Annie – English Garden handbag is amazing. I love the pattern and how many outfits I could mix or match it with! And the clasp? Yeah, it’s amazing.

  • Tracy Collins

    I have always loved the frenchies (dogs and purses) – and charcoal gray would carry me far beyond I do :).

  • Lauren A

    I LOVE the vintage Annie – Japanese Forest. It’s such a stunning print.

  • emily f.

    The Meg – Japanese Forest clutch is the prettiest print and colors!!! GORGEOUS!!!

  • jess

    The vintage Meg-Floret is AmaZing!!

  • youngji

    frenchie in hibiscus!!

  • Noelia J

    I LOVE the frenchies!!! Especially the peach one! I would love to go with my wedding dress!!

  • Amber

    I love the FRENCHIE in PARCHMENT!!

  • Jennifer Anne

    Oh, I’m such a sucker for anything with ruffes or bows, so I adore the Frenchie clutch! The poppy color is delightful!

  • Marthalynn

    ooohhh…Frenchie Hibiscus is my favorite! So many pretty handbags!

  • I love the Frenchie in Slate Blue or Marine. So cute! (I also live in Minneapolis) I’ll have to go check this shoppe out.


  • My very favorite is the Meg Floret. So whimsical and so perfect.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    xx, Ashley

  • Powder Blue Frenchie all the way!!

  • Lauren


  • I just fell in love with the Vintage Meg Floret. If I don’t win, it’s definitely going on my christmas list!

  • Caroline M

    i’m in love with annie – japanese forest! simply gorgeous!

  • Meaghan P

    FRENCHIE – PALE PINK. :D xoxoxo

  • Stephanie

    I love the Frenchie Plum or Meg Lovelace.

  • Anya

    What beautiful purses! I have been reading ruffled for a long time and this has totally inspired me to comment. I’m all about the Frenchie Peach. What a stunning combination of color, texture, and form.

  • Hope

    Love the Frenchie Mint! So simple, subtle, and beautiful!

  • Shari M.

    ‘Liked” you on Facebook. What a fabulous handbag and it’s so hard to choose one that’s an absolute favorite!

  • the frenchie in charcoal!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE ila bags!

  • Julie Kaz

    It is hard to choose a ‘favorite’ since they are all so amazing. I have to say though, if I ‘have to’ choose one, it would be the Frenchie Berry. It would ‘pop’ with just about anything! I am giddy with the idea of being able to carry it!

  • susan hwang

    annie love lace is quite nice!

  • lisa

    I love the frenchie in dandelion! It would match my wedding shoes perfectly!

  • Cindy

    Head over heels in love with the Frenchie in Parchment, it would pair amazingly with my wedding dress!

  • brittany

    love love love the powder blue frenchie! using this color in my wedding in april!

  • what an amazing giveaway! I would chose the poppy colored frenchie – hands down. I love to make a statement with my bags and this would be perfect paired with a little black dress for the holidays! thanks for offering this chance :)

  • Davonne Head

    I love the FRENCHIE – DANDELION. such a great color and goes with my wedding palate

  • Renee B

    I love, love, love the Frenchie in every color….but Dandelion would be my choice!

  • Claire

    Frenchie in Pale Pink is to die for!

  • Sara P.

    Love the MEG – LOVELACE. So pretty!

  • I love the vintage Meg in Japanese Forest. That would be my first choice, but they are all lovely!

  • Kelly

    I love the Meg-Stems and Blossoms bag! It screams summer to me and would be perfect for my July wedding!

  • Annie Meyer

    Love the Meg- Japanese forest!

  • alexis

    Annie – English Garden! So cute!

  • My Fave is the Frenchie – Warm Gray! These clutches are absolutely adorable :)

  • I love the vintage Meg in pink ballet! How lovely.

  • Tina M


  • I’m already a FB fan, but I’ve been eying the Frenchie in hibiscus :-) So pretty!

  • Marlys

    Oh, how I love the Frenchie in warm gray!

  • Moira

    Its a toss up between Meg in Lovelace and Audrey in Stems and Blossoms — Love the lovelace print but how can you resist a loooong slim cluth like Audrey! Fingers crossed I have to decide!

  • Joy

    The Frenchie in Dandelion – Adorable!!

  • Melissa

    LOVE the Frenchie in Dandelion! I will most likely buy it if I don’t win, I LOVE it!!

  • Samantha

    I love the Frenchie in any color! They are too cute for words!!!

  • Megan

    I’d pick the Frenchie with Vintage Brooch!

  • KC

    Oh…I would LOVE a Meg in Lovelace. It’s so gorgeous!

  • KC

    I liked your facebook page!

  • I love Jane in Red and Wine, but if I won I’d definitely go with Frenchie in Dandelion…or Pear!

  • I adore the Meg – Floret bag…it reminds me of antique wallpaper!

  • Angela Staples

    Frenchie Dandelion! Absolutly adorable!

  • Emily B

    I would choose the Meg floret! So cute!

  • Amanda

    Frenchie Warm Grey For sure!

  • Amber

    Frenchie Charcol just sleek! Love it!

  • Cathy

    I love the Frenchie handbags. They’re so classy and stylish. I can’t decide between Parchment or Warm Grey!

  • Stephanie B

    The berry Frenchie is divine and perfectly matches all of my bridesmaid dresses.

  • Stephanie

    I love the Frenchie in parchment. So pretty!

  • Kathleen

    Love the Meg in Floret! So cute!

  • Lori Azzarello

    I love the Frenchie in warm grey!!!!

  • Sarah

    So hard to choose, but Annie Stems and Blossoms!

  • afton

    audrey – english garden!

  • Tracy Jayne

    Jane- metal and copper! My name is Jayne and it’s totally a bag I’d carry for ages!

  • Erin

    I am loving the vintage Annie – Lovelace, so cute!

  • Kelsey B.

    I absolutely ADORE all of the Ila handbags, but my favorite has to be the Frenchie – Peach. It matches my colors perfectly and has a little bit of that romantic, vintage flair I’m hoping to create on my wedding day!

  • Kelsey B.

    I absolutely ADORE all of the Ila handbags, but my favorite has to be the Frenchie – Peach. It matches my colors perfectly and has a little bit of that romantic, vintage flair I’m hoping to create on my wedding day!

  • Amber

    I love the Frenchie in either plum or pale pink! These clutches are lovely!

  • sarah

    I love the frenchie – dandelion. Its so cute and summery, and the perfect burst of colour for my wedding outfit.

  • Nikki J

    Frenchie in warm gray, please and thank you <3

  • Molly H

    I love the Vintage Meg – Floret bag! So cute!

  • Kristie

    Frenchie – Berry! This will match perfectly with my handpainted wedding shoes on our special day.. and would make a lovely bridesmaid gift xx

  • Annie Pink Ballet is to die for! Fingers crossed that I somehow win it <3

  • So, so, so pretty!

    I love the Frenchie but so hard to choose a color! Um… dandelion or parchment or pear or…

  • Rodixeca

    Oh MG! These are gorgeous! But I love the Frenchie – Plum most!

  • Stacey

    So hard to choose! It might take another week for me to make up my mind, but I’m totally dying between the Audrey – Stems & Blossoms clutch or the Frenchie one in mint.

  • Stacey

    I totally love you on FB!

  • Jamie Borota

    I would love the FRENCHIE – CHARCOAL bag. So cute!

  • kat

    i adore the frenchie in warm gray. so pretty!

  • Andrea

    They are oh so lovely! But considering my serious love for yummy green I have to say the Frenchie Clover would look awfully cute in my wardrobe/by my side!


  • rosemariee

    i love the pale pink and the plum frenchie! too many choices!

  • rosemariee

    i liked you on facebook as well!

  • Amy K

    I love the vintage Meg – Lovelace! I have been searching for a handbag that goes with my wedding colours (bright red & aqua) and this is the first I have found that I really like!

  • Lauren M.

    Wow! Beautiful bags! I just love them! They are so simple, but also very refined and elegant.
    I love the Frenchie style, in powder blue. If I win, this will be my “something blue”. I am wearing a champagne gown!

  • Oscar

    I think the Frenchie Charcoal would be a wonderful addition for my love on the wedding day!

  • That Dandelion Frenchie is tooooo perfect.

  • Skye Melessa

    I have big plans for a Parchment colored Frenchie. BIG plans. :)

  • Karen

    The Frenchie Bag in Marine is absolutely stunning!

  • Samira

    Lovely giveaway. I love the Annie Pink Ballet!

  • Lindsay

    Definitely Vintage: Meg – Floret. She’s a beauty!

  • Haley G.

    All of them are fabulous!

  • Kelli Corscadden

    Wow. They are all so beautiful but I think the Meg Lovelace one is super fun.

  • Jamie

    I would love the Frenchie in “warm gray”! super cute!

  • Shelly Keeler

    Am loving the ruffles and that dreamy shade of Marine – Frenchie. I’m in need of something blue to go with my something borrowed and new. This purse is gorgous.

  • Magali M

    I love theFrenchie Warm Grey (well, all the colors are beautiful anyway!) These are all so pretty!

  • Amanda Champness

    Wowzers! How would you choose??? The floral or block colours?! I’d be happy with any one of these in my hands!!!

  • i just fell in love with the meg – pink ballet one!

  • i just fell in love with the meg – pink ballet one (from the vintage collection)!


  • and I’m a fan on FB ! or… I’ve liked a long time ago….

  • Abie

    I love the Frenchie Orchid clutch! That’s one of my wedding colors. :)

  • Carina Gaspar

    That Frenchie pale pink is looking right at me, and I like that fact.

  • I simply ADORE the Frenchie with the vintage broach (the gold seashell like one.) This would compliment our theme perfectly- we will be having a 40s inspired wedding with golds and champagne accents. I fell in love with the brooch, however, for it reminds me of a seashell, and my family has grown up going to the beach every summer, and it would be the perfect touch. I would love love to carry this with me on my special day.

  • Amanda

    I love the Frenchie Orchid. So pretty!

  • Megan

    I love, love, LOVE the Frenchie in Parchment. It would perfectly compliment my wedding dress, but also be able to be used again and again afterwards! Thanks for the giveway Ila!

  • Corissa Huibregtse

    So pretty! I love the Frenchie in Hibiscus.

  • ayesha

    I love the Frenchie with vintage broach! Major swoon!

  • Megan Drummond

    I love the Meg clutches, not just because it’s my name :) in pink ballet and floret.

  • Lauren

    I love the Annie Stems & Blossoms!

  • Sara Wexler

    They are all so lovely! I loove the Annie-Japanese Forest!

  • Jessica

    I love the Vintage Annie in pink ballet, but I’m also drawn to the Frenchie in off-white, powder blue, parchment, or warm gray.

  • I love the Frenchie Pear!

  • Kelly

    I love love love the Meg Floret!!! Truly divine!

  • Dane

    My fiance would really love the Meg Floret. It would be a great surprise to treat her with!

  • LindseyP

    I LOVE the Dandelion Frenchie… Simply the perfect color to go with my nautical wedding theme! I also love that the giveaway is from a company right where I live!

  • frenchie peach!

  • Susannah

    LOVE frenchie in warm gray!!

  • Ann

    Frenchie in Navy!

  • leigha

    I LOVE the Frenchie handbags. The ivory with the vintage brooch would be perfect for me, and the other gorgeous Frenchie ruffled bags would be perfect for my bridesmaids and my mothers’ gifts. :)

  • I really like the Audrey shape but I just LOVE the Floret pattern, so I’d probably get the Meg Floret.

  • Marta

    I love the Hibiscus Frenchie!!! great with all outfits!

  • paige

    I like the Meg- Floret!

  • Bendy Brasher

    I am in absolute love with Annie – Japanese Forrest. It would be a dream to win this one!

  • Jessica

    Oh the lovely choices! I would l.o.v.e. Annie Lovelace because it would be such a great accessory and pop of color on my wedding day and everyday after!!! Thanks Ruffled & ila–so beautiful!

  • Liz Hunt


  • I would love to win “Annie – Lovelace”!

  • Amber

    Charcol frenchie!

  • Sarah Legowski

    It’s so hard to choose! I think, ultimately, that I’d go with the Frenchie in Iris: it would go best with the wedding AND would match my favorite purple ballet flats!

  • Amanda

    I would die for the warm grey Frenchie!

  • Angela

    Dandilion Frenchie! So Flippin’ cute!

  • Amanda Zadroga

    I want all the Frenchies! But to start my collection, peach.

  • Ash

    The Powder Blue Frenchie handbag would accent my wedding attire perfectly! I would love to have this bag for my big day!

  • Jamie

    I love the Audrey Stems and Blossoms, such a clean, classic design!

  • Jennifer Benner

    The Frenchie in peach is beautiful! And totally my third wedding color! Love!

  • Jess F

    I would choose the Pear colored Frenchie clutch. Great colors to choose from!

  • Breezy

    I absolutely love the Annie Stems and Blossoms. So simple and cute.

  • melissa

    frenchie in dandelion. oh yes!

  • The frenchie in warm grey is the perfect neutral with a feminine ruffle flair for fall!;)

  • megan

    i love the frenchie in orchid! so pretty.

  • Katherine

    The Frenchie in Powder Blue is my favorite! It is gorgeous!

  • Oh my gosh, they are all so pretty! I would choose the Meg Floret or the Frenchie with Vintage Brooch. I love them all! :) Good luck everyone.

  • Susana Vera

    Im in love with the Frenchie Warm Grey is so ruffled!

  • Denise

    I’m a big fan of the Vintage Meg – Floret! (Crossing my fingers!)

  • Jessica H

    Love the Powder Blue. Perfect for my something blue <3

  • Jessica Nabil

    Frenchie Pale Pink; Would be perfect with my lace gown for my summer vintage wedding <3

  • Ana R.

    The Meg-lovelace(it’s so pretty)it would be used often when going out on date with my husband.

  • Kelly

    So hard to choose just one! I think I love the Frenchie bag in Parchment best

  • Liza

    I would adore and cherish the pear green frenchie!

  • They’re all so pretty! Love them all, but the frenchies are really special!

  • Jessica Blocker

    I love the Annie – Lovelace bag! The pretty water color effect and the vintage fabric are just my style!

  • Ellen W.

    The vintage Annie in Pink Ballet! OR the vintage Annie in Stems & Blossoms; it’s so hard to choose!

  • Dee Kidd

    I’m loving the Frenchie in Pear!

  • Bit

    Frenchie- Dandelion! I love it!

  • Cathy

    I adore the frenchie in danelion!

  • Tiffanie

    I love the Frenchie Hibiscus! It’s so fun and vibrant–the perfect way to add a pop of color to my wedding day!

  • Irma Espinoza

    My favorite is Meg Floret!! They were all so pretty!

  • Morgan Rose

    loving the vintage meg-lovelace! perfection

  • Meghan Vogt

    I would love to have the Frenchie Pop Floral!

  • I adore the frenchie parchment! so so so soooooooo much!

  • also i liked your facebook page!

  • Jessica

    The frenchie in dandelion is stunningly beautiful.

  • Rachelle

    Meg – Floret is divine. Enough said.

  • Elaine R

    I would choose Meg-Floret,so pretty!

  • Tori Anne

    IM IN LOVE! Frenchie-Charcoal! Yes Please:]

  • Tori Anne

    I liked on facebook!

  • The Frenchie in Marine blue is to die for!!

  • Amanda

    Audrey in stems and blossoms-it is so lovely!

  • Monica

    The vintage Annie – Stems and Blossoms and the vintage Meg -Floret are adorable and chic at the same time! They are feminine and sassy and would give a lovely pop of color to any blushing bride’s or lovely bridesmaid’s emsemble.

  • Veronica

    I have been drooling over all of them for the past 15 minutes, but if I had to make a Sophie’s Choice, it’d definitely be the Frenchie in emerald. Not only does it scream classic glamour, it also will go perfectly with my bridesmaid ensemble in May! Fingers crossed!

  • Love the Frenchie style, and so many gorgeous colours to choose from! But I’d have to go with Parchment – a great neutral summer colour that can be used again and again.
    And I already ‘like’ you on Facebook (through my blog’s Facebook page, Act on Inspiration).
    Thanks! Ashleigh.

  • amy w

    Annie in Japanese harvest is beautiful!

  • Kristen

    Frenchie in Parchment! <3

  • Jennie Pitts

    The Frenchie Dandelion . . . so sweet!

  • AAAHHH! I’m in love with the Frenchie Marine! What a gorgeous shade of blue.

  • Cassie


    these are gorgeous.

    I love this one – frenchie with a brooch

  • Cassie

    i like you on fbk!! (kimberly graham)

  • mia

    Vintage Meg-Japanese Forest

  • AnnaS

    I just love the Frenchie powder blue -bag. And I love also your blog!

  • Meg lovelace for the zestes of colorfulness and the delicacy of the name

  • Sara

    The Frenchie in charcoal is fantastic!

  • Ariella

    Wow these are all so pretty!
    I love the Frenchie in Dandelion

  • I love the “Dandelion”, from Frenchie collection. :)

    The link:

  • lisa

    I love the Meg in pink ballet.

  • Omera Begum

    Meg-Stems and Blossoms is my favorite!!!!

    PS. I liked this on Facebook :)

  • Maggie Gates

    I love the Frenchie in Dandelion!
    (and the Meg-Pink Ballet, too!)

  • Kristin Bassett

    Love the Frenchie-Powder Blue. It’s absolutely lovely!

  • Kristin Bassett

    Liked RuffledBlog on Facebook!

  • The pale pink Frenchie!

  • I like Ruffled on Facebook!

  • Lockell

    The Frenchie in Dandelion would be perfect for my wedding next year!

  • Eleanor

    The Frenchie in poppy, definitely – gorgeous bag and exactly the colour of my bridesmaids’ dresses!

  • Karina

    I adore the Frenchie Marine! too cute!

  • Mary

    Love the Annie-Stems and Blossoms clutch!

  • Eve

    I love love love ‘annie lovelace’ (liked on facebook) Thank You x

  • Liz

    These bags are SOO adorable!!
    I love the Frenchie – Orchid. :)

  • Elyse

    I love all of them, but the colors on ANNIE – JAPANESE FOREST as so pretty. Hard to pick just one.

  • Elena Pizano

    The Frenchie in Parchment is gorgeous!

  • jessie

    Hi I love the frenchie in – parchment, pale pink & peach.
    Would look beautiful with my bridesmaid dresses!

  • jessie B

    Hi I love the frenchie in – parchment, pale pink & peach.
    Would look beautiful with my bridesmaid dresses!

  • Alissa Hale

    I love the Frenchie Hibiscus bag! And I liked Ruffled on Facebook!

  • Cara

    My favorite is the Meg in Japanese Forest. But honestly, they’re all beautiful.

  • Melissa Christofferson

    I like the vintage meg – japanese forest :)

  • Jynnibelle (Jen Buck)

    I liked Ruffled on FB!

  • Jynnibelle (Jen Buck)

    I love the Frenchie in Charcoal!

  • Amy Fitzpatrick

    I love the Frenchie in warm grey!

  • Sophie

    Eeep! These are *so* beautiful! I heart the Frenchie with the Vintage Brooch. <3

  • Kristy

    I love love love frenchie. Dandelion, poppy and hibiscus. Gorgeous!

  • kris

    Love the frenchie dandelion and hibiscus. And poppy too!

  • Sophie

    Also liked your page on facebook!

  • Maeve

    Completely smitten with the Frenchie in Navy because:
    – the design is a perfectly elegant nod to my twenties style gown’s pleating and scalloped lace;
    – my fiance’s suit is a classy navy blue and it would be great to pick up on that, but til now I couldn’t find anything in this colour that didn’t scream matronly
    – we’re getting hitched in a port town in Western Australia so now we can both have a little sailor blue on the day
    – it’s my something blue!

  • My fave is the vintage Meg-Floret!

  • Melanie

    Vintage Annie–Japanese Forest has my name all over it!!!

  • Lindsey Muller

    love the frenchie- maybe grey!?! and liked the Facebook page :)

  • Melissa Mattson

    I love the powder blue Frenchie. it’s so fresh and lovely.

  • I am loving the Warm Gray Frenchie!!! This would be the perfect handbag to go with my BHLDN dress that I plan on wearing to one of my company Christmas parties.

  • MelissaM

    Love the Vintage Meg-Floret!

  • Emily

    I love the Leather Jane – Copper & Wine!

    From the bridal collection, I love the Frenchie Warm Gray!

  • MeganM

    Oh, the Meg in modern mum is so sweet!!

  • Robbie

    I love the nora with yellow brooch bag. Sooo beautiful!

  • Kelli

    I would choose the warm grey Frenchie. It’s gorgeous.

  • Chelsea

    I absolutely adore the FRENCHIE WITH VINTAGE BROOCH!
    It would go perfectly with my dress for my vintage inspired wedding!

  • Rebecca

    I adore the Frenchie in Warm Grey. SO sweet.

  • Isabel Heblich

    I love all the Frenchies, but particularly powder blue. It would match my bridal shoes!!

  • Alex

    Love love the Annie – Tea Room :} Too pretty!

  • Roxanne Dolores

    MEG stems & blossoms is magnificent! So simple, yet demure and classic!

  • Alissa Chase

    I like you on face book!!

  • Alissa Chase

    I LOVE the Annie Lovelace bag!!!

  • Sarah B.

    I LOVE the Frenchie in hibiscus or dandelion! I love bright accessories and they’re both beautiful!

  • Michelle

    Frenchie-Marine, all the way!

  • Jen L

    I love the black frenchie bag! darling!

  • Janelle

    What an awesome giveaway! I love the frenchie with the vintage flower brooch :)

  • Anna

    Oh, my, goodness. How fantastic. I am so torn between the romance of the pale pink and the poppy-ness of the dandelion, but I think the serenity and elegance of the powder blue is my favorite!

  • Vanessa

    frenchie in pal pink is so adorable!

  • Andrea

    My favorite is the Audrey – Stems and Blossoms!

  • Laura

    The Frenchie, Poppy color is my favorite. Classic, simple, and elegant.

  • Briana

    I love any of the Frenchie colors. My fav color would be the warm gray!
    Love your blog!

  • Kirsten

    Frenchie in dandelion… Adorable!

  • M. Foley

    Love all the Ila bags, but the Frenchie in Dandelion is my fave. Would be perfect for my wedding next June. Fingers crossed!

  • Vanessa

    if I won, I would definitely pick the Annie – Japanese Forest handbag. It’s so beautiful and unique!

  • Abby

    love love love the meg floret.

  • Margaret

    Mmm these bags are so gorgeous… the Meg Floret is my fav! :)

  • Elizabeth

    I liked RuffledBlog on Facebook!

  • Elizabeth

    The Frenchie Peach bag is gorgeous!

  • Kristin

    I love the Vintage Annie- Lovelace or the Frenchie in pale blue!

  • April

    Frenchie in peach :)

  • I gotta get me that Annie – Pink Ballet! <3 <3

  • Jen Blindenbach

    *LOVE* the Frenchie in Powder Blue….so dainty & divine!

  • Jen Blindenbach

    *Love* the Frenchie in Powder Blue…so dainty & divine!

  • Lee

    I really like the Frenchie in Powder Blue or Charcoal.

  • Christine Carriveau

    I love the Frenchie -Iris. love soft lines and purple rocks!~!!!!

  • I am absolutley in love with the Meg – Lovelace model.

  • Anna Deuchar

    I love the Audrey stems & blossom! beautiful!
    From Anna, Exeter, UK

  • Sarah

    The Frenchie in Marine Blue just stole my heart… thought the one in warm grey is a close second!

  • I love the Frenchie berry clutch!

  • Charlotte

    The powder blue Frenchie is perfect!

  • MaggieS

    I adore ila Handbags! The Frenchie parchment is just beautiful, I couldn’t ask for something more perfect for my wedding day.

  • Jae Dollason

    The opening image bag is what got me. That is just so beautiful. I adore teal<3

  • Love the Frenchie Pear!

  • Lindsay

    I love the Frenchie with Vintage Brooch!

  • Tori

    I adore the Frenchie in Powder Blue or Mint…but they’re all so pretty!

  • I like the Frenchie in Pear!

  • Alison

    The dandelion color is so lovely and would complement a navy dress beautifully: Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • Heather

    I love the MEG – FLORET!

  • Caitlin

    FRENCHIE in pale pink!

  • Jennifer

    I LOVE the Frenchie in pale pink or powder blue…both will be an equally amazing accessory for my special day.

  • The Frenchie in hibiscus is darling! That’s the color I’m using in my wedding, and the ruffles would coordinate excellently with my dress!

  • clara

    I would love to have the solid coral color Frenchie collection bag!

  • Nichelle

    Frenchie in dandelion is just gorgeous!

  • Jessica

    I adore the Frenchie in warm gray and love all the ones with the vintage brooch for my wedding!

  • Cassie Ferguson

    No doubt…I would choose the Meg Floret! Frenchie in Peach is also incredibly lovely! Gorgeous bags!

  • TK

    The Meg in Floret. Love the vintage fabric!

  • erin mcfadden

    i LOVE marlo in mustard & copper!

  • The Frenchie in Hibiscus!! love the pop of color when I wear jeans and a t-shirt! These purses are so beautiful and timeless!! LOVE!

  • I ? the Frenchie – Plum…& Warm Gray!!! :)

  • Cynthia

    I love the Annie Lovelace or the Frenchie Parchment!

  • Caitlin

    I love EVERY. SINGLE. COLOR. of the solid bags!! In fact, the colors that appear on the first page of the site so perfectly match the colors I’m incorporating in to my own wedding, that I’ve been directing people to that link to understand what I mean by my “antiquey/vintage/multi-colored palette” – as that description apparently leaves a little too much to the imagination. :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  • I would love the Frenchie with Vintage Brooch or the Frenchie Dandelion. I hope I win.

  • Abigail

    I love love love the Meg in Floret! Although the Meg in Japanese Forest is a pretty close second!

  • Mia

    I love the frenchie in navy or poppy, and the Meg Japanese Forest. They are all so cute!

  • Janet p

    Frenchy in poppy I love

  • Alysha Ragusa

    LOOOOVE the frenchie in yellow. Too cute.

  • Love love love the Annie-Stems & Blossoms bag. So Betty from Mad Men.

  • Erinn

    I love the dandelion colored Frenchie bag. How pretty!

  • Ashley Somers

    I love the Frenchie in Dandelion. Very pretty.

  • I love the charcoal Frenchie Purse

  • I “Like” your facebook page as well

  • Kelly

    I love the Frenchie in hibiscus. And those broaches are to die for! Especially the star one :)

    Love these designs and if I don’t win, they will definitely be on my Christmas list!

  • Hannah

    I would love to own the MEG – LOVELACE!!! :)) Its super cute! :)

  • My favorite is definitely Frenchie Dandelion!! xx

  • Lisa

    I love the yellow frenchie one. Its my favorite color and I like the design of it.

  • Nicole Danielle

    I love love LOVE the Meg- Floret! I think the bags are absolutely gorgeous! :)

  • Rebekah

    All the bags are adorable!! It was soo hard to choose!! buut.. I had to make a decision… I absolutely adore the Meg – Pink Ballet :D

  • amity

    frenchie in parchment or pale pink! both are so pretty and can’t decide!

  • Karli

    My goodness…so hard to choose, but I think my favourite is Frenchie – warm grey, as it will go with anything! x

  • Sarah Chun

    I would love the vintage style Meg Japanese Forest clutch – it’s such a beauty! Thanks for the opportunity, Ruffled!

  • Denise Mayer

    I love the Frenchie powder blue. So perfect!

  • simona

    Beautiful bag! I love the vintage Meg – Japanese Forest.
    Fingers crossed.

  • Katie Alexander

    I absolutely love the powder blue frenchie. It may be blue, but it is still so feminine!

  • Sephora

    I love all of them! They are all beautiful..but my favorite would have to be the frenchie in warm gray!

  • amanda

    i’ve been dying to find a bag for my wedding day and these would be MORE than perfect!! i’m torn between going with the simple off-white or going bold with hibiscus.. i love them both!! eek!!

  • I liked you on facebook!

  • I visited there sight and I LOVE the MARLO – OLIVE & MINERAL

  • jen

    i liked you on facebook.

    love! these bags. the frenchie in powder blue is the perfect lil something blue for anyone’s big day.

  • Brooke

    I love the Powder Blue Frenchie! It could be the perfect “something blue” for my wedding day!

  • MG

    Definitely the Dandelion Frenchie. Gorgeous.

  • Cherie

    I love the MEG – FLORET bag! :)

  • Cherie

    and I like Ruffled Blog on facebook :)

  • Stephanie

    The Ila Handbags are incredibly modern! As a bride with 7 bridesmaids winning all of my bridal party a clutch would be a tremendous beneficial! I have been searching on Etsy for the perfect clutch and none have been “the one.”

    I am looking for a clutch that can be worn to a wedding and out on a casual night in the city. The Frenchie With Vintage Brooch is exactly that!

  • Angela

    dandilion Frenchie!

  • Amanda

    Warm grey Frenchie!

  • Amber

    Charcol frenchie is just gorgeous!

  • Kathryn

    Frenchie-Powder Blue!! I love it!!

  • I adore the frenchie in Powder Blue!

  • Kristina C

    The FRENCHIE PALE PINK is just so beautiful! it would go perfect with my vintage themed wedding. If I won, that’s the one I’d choose. Love love love it! makes me excited just looking at the picture!!

  • i love the ruffled one… IN EVERY COLOR IMAGINABLE

  • Kristina C

    I just “liked” you on facebook for my second entry! :) thank you.

  • Katie

    Oh these are just so adorable, i’ve been wanting a romantic and whimsical clutch but haven’t found the perfect one…this is it! I hope I’m not too late. I love the frenchies, especially in mint or parchment!

  • Kristin

    SUPER-cute bags!!!! LOVING the Nora (Yellow with brooch) and Meg-floret!

  • Jo-Anne McRae

    The frenchie with a broach is my absolute favorite

  • Amber

    SO cute! I adore the Frenchie in either Hibiscus, Dandelion, or Orchid. Thanks! :)

  • Amber

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  • These bags are adorable. If I had to chose one ( which is way to hard) it would be the Frenchie parchment paper. It makes accessorizing easier with it’s color and style. ( Sorry Fashion Design Major right here….hehe…so busted I knoe) Please choose me!!!!!!!!!!! I would <3 to get one of these bags. I could see myself at the senior fashion show with it and graduation. Another cute one is the Meg- Stems and blossoms <3 the colors are so bright and cheery ;) BTW I love your site I'm always on it since I want to go into bridal design :D Great Job on the site!!! it's Beautiful!

  • Lucy

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  • Michelle

    I adore Stems and Blossoms! Fingers are crossed!

  • Michelle

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  • Mariana Rodrigues

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  • Larissa

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  • Sadie

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  • Ricci

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  • The Frenchie in warm gray- DELICIOUS!

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  • Cláudia Carvalho de Oliveira

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  • Melissa

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    I love the Frenchie in both Dandelion and Emerald (ahem, GO DUCKS!).

    If I had one, it would definitely accompany me on my engagement photo shoot.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Nicki Smith

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    OooooOoooHhhh!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the frenchie in dandelion, mint, or pale pink! Also, I love the Annie Lovelace…wishing, hoping , prayin!! xoxoxo

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    The vintage gold frenchie with pearl brooch is my favourite

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    P.S. I like your facebook page!

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    My favorite handbag is a tie between two, both I would love to have if I won as well, the black Frenchie (very classic) or the first Frenchie with a broach shown (135.00) Both are gorgeous and timeless and perfect. I love them all tho so it was hard to decide!

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