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Hunger is the Best Sauce

Hunger is the Best Sauce

Yes, this is the clever little catch phrase my fiance tells me every time I complain of being hungry. My knee jerk reaction is typically to smack him when he says this, my blood sugar being low and all, but I digress. There is a touch of truth to that and it harkens back to a time when recipes and family meals were cherished. 

I was just invited to my best friends Time of Day wedding shower and although I got an evening hour, 9pm, I figured if it had been in the a.m., what could be more lovely than the gift of a vintage cookbook?  My mom still has the Joy of Cooking cook book she got for her wedding, sticky cookie dough coated pages and all. She said the desserts chapter was most soiled, funny, I wonder why? 😉

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At any rate I found a great site that sells vintage cookbooks  here:  I gotta say the best listed item on this site is the “Singers and Swingers in the Kitchen” edition. Buy yours today!

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